Friday, December 31, 2010

Best Of this Year!

Mike Made That ^^^

As I sit here on the Eve of the New Year I am excited, I've gots lots of things planned for tonight. But Nothing is as exciting as the Launch of Awesome 2.0! Thats right TONIGHT at 12:00am! I know right! Super Awesome, so make sure you are waiting at Because its gonna be BIG!

But just to hold you over till Midnight here are some blasts from the past!

Here are my Favorite 6 posts of the Year!

Welcome to the Weekend

My Fellow Citizens

How to Become a Blogger

Hurtful words make for hurting hearts

Mans Best Friend

Nolan's 6 Steps to dating

And there you have it!

And remember Be at at 12am

Nolan Out!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Old News


I had been thinking of posting this for some time now. It's a pretty strange story. Anyway way back on June 3rd, 2009, I decided to go on an over-night camping trip in the bush near my house. This is back when I was home schooled. :P So the plan was to spend one night in preparation for a longer trip. The idea was to sort of copy Survivor Man so fortunately I filmed it all. After building a little shelter I went looking for firewood. Instead I found something much more interesting and I got a video of opening the box that contained it:
To make a long story short, my dad called the police and I lead an officer out there to look at it. They sent in the bomb squad or whatever it's called and took care of it. On June 5th, I phoned the Daily Press and the reporter Aaron Pickard went out there with me to look at it. He took some pictures and then we went back to my house. He interviewed me and I showed him the videos I got. The next day the story was on the cover of the weekend Daily Press on my birthday. You can read the story on their website. Another cool thing you may have noticed about the paper is that, coincidentally, Breanna Broughton and Brian Scott are also on the front page. I didn't know either of them at the time. The pictures above clockwise from the top left are: the trail leading to the site, the police officer, a pillow pack of explosives, and me at the spot where I found them.

To my knowledge the police have not given any information about who placed it there or how long it sat there. One can only speculate. Perhaps it has some connection to the large stash of weapons found in South Porcupine? Most likely not, but either way, this is one of my all-time favorite stories. And just incase you're wondering, NO I did not keep any of it!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Scientific evidence against the existence of Santa Claus


Sorry to be such a Scrooge but someone had to say it! Does Santa Claus really exist?

  • No known species of a reindeer can fly. BUT there are 300 000 species of living organisms, which have yet to be classified. And although these are mostly insects and bacteria, this may not exclude flying reindeer, which were only seen by Santa so far.

  • There are around 2 billion children (people under 18) in this world. BUT Santa seems not to deliver to Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or Buddhists. This reduces his work to approximately 15% of the total - 378 million children (according to census). An average of 3.5 children per household yields 91.8 million houses. We assume that in every house lives at least one good child.

  • If Santa Claus is travelling from East to West, he has a 31-hour-Christmas Day, allowed by the several time zones (which seems to be logical). Therefore you have 822.6 visits per second. Consequently, for every Christian household with good children Santa has 1/1 000 seconds for his work: park, jump out of his sleigh, come down the chimney, fill the socks, distribute the remaining presents under the Christmas Tree, exterminate the leftover of the Christmas meal, climb up the chimney again and fly to the next house. Assume that each of these 91.8 million stops around the world are equal (which of course, we know, is wrong, but for fundamental calculation we will accept this), so we get a 1.3 Km distance between households, an overall distance of 120.8 million Km, not including the things which everyone of us has to do at least once in 31 hours, plus getting a meal, etc. This means, that Santa's sleigh flies at 1 040 Km per second, 3 000 times the speed of sound. For comparison: the fastest man made vehicle in the world, the Ulysses Space Probe, travels with a ridiculous speed of 43.8 Km per second. An ordinary reindeer travels at speeds of up to 24 Km per HOUR.

  • The freight of the sleigh leads to another interesting effect. Assume that every child gets no more than a medium-sized Lego-Set (approximately 1 Kg), then the sleigh has a weight of 378 000 tons, not including Santa, who to everyone's knowledge is an overweight man. An ordinary reindeer cannot carry more than 175 Kg. Even if we assume, that a "flying reindeer" (according to (1)) can carry the ten-fold weight, not eight or even nine reindeer are be used for the sleigh. 216 000 reindeer are used. This raises the weight - not included the sleigh itself - to 410 400 tons. Again, to compare, this is more than the fourfold weight of [the ship] Queen Elisabeth.

  • 410 400 tons travelling at a speed of 1 040 Km/s produces a huge air resistance - thus the reindeer will burn up, like a space craft entering the earth's atmosphere. The foremost pair of reindeer must then absorb 16.6 TRILLION Joules of energy. Every second. Otherwise they will go up in flames practically instantaneously, the next pair of reindeer will be exposed to the air opposition, and a deafening bang will be produced. The whole team of reindeer will be vaporised within 5 thousandths of a second. In the meantime Santa will be exposed to an acceleration 17 500 times that of the earth's gravity. A 120 Kg Santa Claus (which is ridiculously light after the description) would be nailed to the end of his sleigh - with a force of 20.6 million Newton.

Nolan Out!

Hark the Herald Angels Sing


I was flipping through my Bible the other day, and I came across this. I thought it was pretty cool, and I got to draw a picture that went along with it!


"He has put his angels in charge of you to watch over you wherever you go. They will catch you in their hands so that you will not hit your foot on a rock. " (Psalm 91:11-12)

A lot of people seem to be confused about angels. They like the idea of angels, their protection and presence, but they havent paid much attention to the commander of angels. We wear angel pins, read angel books, and hang little angels on everything. Maybe it's just easier to believe in them than in God. They don't ask you for a commitment. They don't convict you of sin. But here's the kicker... Angels cant save you either. Angels belong to God. And God uses angels to protect His believers. He can deploy them at any time to defend His followers. They do as they are commanded by Him. So rest secure, knowing that angels hover around those who love God... but loving God is the key.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mr. MeatClaws & Meatmas

Once a Year
And only once a Year
On the day before Meatmas
Mr. MeatClaws makes a trip around
This wonderful celestial ball that is floating in space
Looking for all the good little boys and girls
And gives them all the most wonderful kinds of Meat
Pork, Beef, Ham, Hot Rods, Jerky, Salami, Turkey
And many other types of meat that you can't even Imagen
And the most important one of all, Bacon!
And remember Bacon is the reason For Meatmas!

Merry Meatmas

Now here are four tips to having a Wonderful Christmas:

  • Jesus
Jesus is the reason for the season! Keep this in mind and you can't go wrong!

  • Family
Spend time with your family. Just stop everything, Stop texting, Stop Facebooking, Stop MSNing, Stop Blogging(I know, I'm a hypocrite!) and go play a game or chill with your Family! Just remember you can't choose your family so you might as well have a good attitude about having to hang with them!

  • Food
Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Pie, Ice Cream. Multiply that list by about 6 and you'll be good! (Turkey+ Stuffing + Mashed Potatoes + Gravy + (Pie + Cake) + Ice Cream X 6 = Christmas)

  • Gifts
Maybe a Gift or two might be nice as well but this is just a Side note! Oh! SNAP! I should go Christmas Shopping! :S

Merry Christmas!
Nolan Out!

P.s. Santa Doesn't exist

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Break

Christmas Break has begun For Nolan Sarlo!
I guess I should go Christmas shopping now, eh?
And I am off to visit the grandparents for a week!

Have a Merry Christmas!
And eat lots of food!
And sleep in!
And get cool Gifts!
And remember Jesus is the reason for the season!

Nolan Out!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Guy's! I'm demanding at least the next 0.3 minutes of your attention!
I woke up this morning (Horridly early I might add... Who's bright idea was it to make early church services a tradition?) and realized that I pretty much had the most awesome dream ever. Or maybe the second most awesome. There was no Chuck Norris in it.

But let me take the next few moments to retell it! I'll embellish it a bit for the sake of story telling and keeping your sanity intact, but this is pretty much how it happened if it was written in Novel form

My earliest memory finds me somewhere in a desert country, wastelands and desert is about all that I can see around me with the exception of a massive building that looks suspiciously like the Burwash Prison. I'm with a group of people... A para-military unit of some kind, and i'm talking to their leader, who is Ben Davey... Except wearing middle eastern garb and with a giant unkempt beard (Ben, you don't look good with a giant unkempt beard. Just sayin.) While we were talking however, armed guards on Camels rode up and took all of us Prisoner!
Next thing I know, I'm in a giant open court, with Armed guards blocking the only way out, and my younger brother right beside me... All around me are weird idols and symbols... At this point I realize that the worst case scenario has happened. i've been captured by a cult. (Probably a Camel Cult. I hate those guys.) I know that I need to escape before they get around to torturing me, dissolving me, converting me into their ranks or something horrific like that. So of course I forget about my younger brother, and plan my escape.
First, I climb up on top of a sign hanging by a doorway, and wait for a guard to pass by. Which happened instantly, thankfully. And since, in my dreams, I am obviously as strong and skilled as Batman, I pull the guard up to the ledge beside me, and change into his Uniform. Why I stood on top of a sign and changed into a guards uniform in broad daylight in public is beyond me, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Carefully now, I approach the exit dressed as a cultist. As expected, when I approached the door the nearby guards demanded to know where I was going.
"Let me pass! I have urgent matters to attend to outside".
The guards, obviously idiots, as all guards are, are perplexed, and go to get their superior to sort out the situation.
And so the person that manages the underground, Angela I think her name was? Comes out, and demands to know why I left my post.
Thinking quick, I start crying.
"I can't believe what just happened!" I say, distraught, "I was standing right beside him... And he just pulls out his gun and shoots himself right there.", I then break into sobbing.
"His family asked me to bring him the news" (Does that make sense to anybody else?)
Angela-Officer-Cultist-Person then asks if I have my ID
I take a gamble and respond: "You know they don't let us keep our ID after a raid"
This seems to satisfy the nearby guards, but Angela then asks me... "I suppose you'll be missing todays Intermural sports?"
"Sadly yes" I reply.
But it was all a trap! i realize right then that there cant be intermural sports at a Cultist prison! They tricked me into identifying myself! Thinking fast like the true Batman-Wannabee that I am in my dreams, I dash into a nearby hallway, with them in hot pursuit. I run from hall to hall, but cant find any obvious exit... Finally, I get a moment where it looks like I lost them, and so I duck into a room beside me...
But it turns out that the room is full of 4 guards!
"Don't make a Sound or I'll kill all 4 of you right now" I say, kinda bluntly.
Guards are such pushovers. It worked, but my pursuers were right behind me. And so with no choice left, I run to the nearby window and jump out, shattering the glass pane and realizing only at the last moment that I had somehow ended up about 6 stories up.
But! Rather then turning into one of those awful falling nightmares, Time slows down, and I reach up to grab a overhanging sign (Those things are always there when you need them!), Spin around to the nearby wall, and slide down the side of the building, jumping off the side at the last second in order to break my fall.

If I had to breathe in my dreams, I would probably be catching my breath right now. Finally, I turn back, look at the Cultist prison of Burwash, and think to myself, as my dream ends and I wake up "Man i'm awesome."

Regrettably, I was devoured by angry children when I awoke. I am typing this through a passing astral traveller's body. I think he's Mexican.


I'm back!


So after a prolonged absence I have decided that I really should post. I would just like to begin with a funny little story. 

My mom, Grandma and I were in the car and they decided that they needed something at the store. My mom said, "I'll hurry", and then ran into the store. Quickly she came out of the store and got back into the car. "Was that fast enough?" she asked. The funny thing is that she couldn't find the gear shifter or clutch of our standard car. The mats were different and the seat was in a different position. This is when my mom looked over at my grandma. Some guy, who was sitting in the passenger's said, " That was fast enough but you're in the wrong car." It was quite funny. 

Anyway these days I've been spending way too much time on homework rather than on more important things such as this blog. :P but with the Christmas break coming ya'll can expect some more potato gun videos as well as possibly something more explosive. :D

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Butterflies & Skateboards!


Nolan Out!


Nolan Out!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Live from the Underground I arise from the dead!

Coming to you live from The Underground is everybody's favorite long lost blogger... No! Not Abe Lincoln! It is I, Mike Daoust, returning from my Exam induced Grave to let you all know that, yes, I do exist, and No, you aren't about to spontaneously combust from sheer excitement at my return no matter how worried you might be about it.

So a word from my personal life before I delve into some blog related issues...
I failed Calculus and Discreet Math this year... I'm still trying to figure out how to recover from that both next semester, and the year coming.
I never imagined University to be so harsh, but it really is... People who are far smarter then me are dropping out all the time.

But I intend to graduate... Might be a bit more then 4 years at this rate, but eventually I want to get that degree.

Right! Moving along to other matters... The Blog is going into overdrive now as we get everything set up for Awesome week... And were also getting a big equipment and tech upgrade in the form of Christmas! Santa appreciates the blog too!

Well thanks for taking the time to read this far loyal underling. As a reward, I will treat you to a small tidbit of info that not even the other bloggers know yet...
Next Tuesday... A new Blogger will be posting! It's exciting stuff... I'll tell you all this much: You know him well!

Later Plebians!

Back When...

Remember Back When This Blog had more the one guy posting?
I do!
Those where Great times!
I didn't even have to post everyday to make things interesting!
Remember When I sucked at making Vlogs?
I wonder if I still do?

Thats Was Not A Rhetorical question!

So there was this other time me and Sam went to the Gym
The parking lot was clear of snow
Except for that one spot!
Sam, Being Sam, decided he wanted to Park in the Snow anyways
Me, being Logical, Told him we would get stuck!
But he did it anyways!
After we worked out
we went back to the car
got in tried to drive away.
That didn't work!
Good Job Sam!
After about 15 minutes
of pushing the car
It started to move
I had to hold it up for a while
Sam jumped back in
and we drove away!

Moral to this story
Don't drive into snow banks!

Nolan Out!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Awesome To Not Share!


Nolan Out!

Word of the Day!

Okay guys I am here today
To Introduce to you
A new weekly series I will be starting!
Of the Written variety!


Once a Week I will be posting a new Word of the week.
I will also be using it in some sentences.
Which I will make from my Imagination.
I mean I need it to be creative some how.
No one wants just a Dictionary Definition.

SO basically
I was at work today and I heard a Co-Worker use this word.
I then burst into laughter!
I hope it makes you smile...
Like it made me smile!

So with out anymore random babbling
Nolan's Words of the Day!

"Really?! Her Insides Erupted?"
"Ouch! I just Erupted in the Washroom"
"If I work out anymore my Mussels are going to Erupt"
"Ohh! Im sorry did I interErupt you?"
"Nolan is just Erupting with Awesome"

This next part funnier is you keep in mind my sentences!

Dictionary Definitions:
  • To burst forth: Molten lava erupted from the top of the volcano.
  • To eject matter.
  • To break out of a pent-up state, usually in a sudden and violent manner: Words of anger erupted from her.
  • To break out in a skin rash: Hives erupted all over his face and hands.
  • To release violently; burst forth with: She erupted angry words.

Notice how both times it talks about being Angry
It uses Women as the example... Just sayin'
Now Go my Children and tell the world how to Erupt!

Nolan Out!



Nolan Out!

Waiting Game

So as I sit here
I'm waiting for my next video to upload
Gosh! Why does YouTube take so long
They should make it faster
So that I don't have to wait all night
for it to go live!

So the other day Ben wanted me to make a Poop Camp Story using the moon

Poop Camp Story time!
So this one time at poop camp there was a boy named Bungee. All of Bungee's growing up years he always wanted to be an astronaut and to explore other plants and such, the moon to be exact. But he didn't think he would ever get to go to the moon. He didn't have much money, the only thing he did have has an amazing bowel system! So one day he devised him self a plan that would be the envy of most any man. He bought a Space-Suit from Wal-Mart and then headed off to the washroom! After arriving he then farted such a big fart he blew himself to the moon! Bungee had now completed his childhood dream. 10 years later he opened up his very own poop camp and taught the kids who attended how to fart themselves to the moon and back. Evey one thought Bungee was the greatest. 5 years after starting his own Poop Camp he ended up winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Released 3 music albums, became the worlds riches man, and had a coffee with Chuck Norris, and built the 1st house on the moon!

Moral to this story is: Better The Bowel, Bigger the Benefits!

And just remember kids Pooping on the Wall is not cool!

Well thats all I got for now!
Tomorrow I will be posting a Video!

Nolan Out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Vegetables I Eat!

Graph For the Meatatarian:

Nolan Out!

Beard Time!

Dear All the Orphans in the Whole World!
I want to tell you something!

Today I decided to grow a beard!
Yes a Beard!
I know I can't really grow one.
But its the thought that counts, Right?
My beard is more of an extensive 5 O'clock shadow.
In other words,
Give me like 4 months.
And my "Beard" might look like a beard!


Did you guys know that if you are in St. Louis it is
To drink beer out of a bucket while sitting on curb.
This law just makes me wonder.
Do they really need this law?
Like for real?
I don't often see people sitting on the curb.
I don't often see these same people,
Drinking anything out of buckets.
Especially Beer!

Now to hold you over till the next bit of Internet food is released
Here are some weird facts:

The sloth (a mammal) moves so slowly that green algae can grow undisturbed on its fur!

Cat urine glows under a black-light! I know someone who has a mustache that glows under black light!

The world's termites outweigh the world's humans 10 to 1! Thats a lot of Fat Bugs!

The electric chair was invented by a dentist! This fact is dedicated to Ben!

Windmills always turn counter-clockwise. Except for the windmills in Ireland! What? I ask myself, why?

A hedgehog's heart beats 300 times a minute on average! Boom Boom Pow!

Well thats all I got today!
Nolan Out!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another One Joins the Ranks?

So as many of you may or may not know I have needed a job for some time now. Well its happened, that's right I have joined the workforce. Well wait until you hear where.

drum roll please.....




Thats right folks!
I am now a co-worker of Nolan
wow I think that might have just sunk in....weird
Anyway, its a job and I'll be making money which is a good thing for me, and the blog.

Anyway, going to see the third installment of Narnia tonight should be a good time full of awesome. If it be as I suspect, I shall be sure to let you know.

So in conclusion be happy in knowing that the blog is devoted to making your life more awesome. Also know that approximately 40% of the blog is supported by fast food......just sayin.


Merry Christmas Guys


Nolan Made Another Vlog...?!?

So this is just a quick video I threw together. It was quick and kinda scattered so please don't hate it to much! I am hoping to being making a few more vlogs, Better then my 1st attempt at Vlogs, because they sucked!

Anywho... Enjoy

P.S. I personal enjoyed the conversation about Menopause, Just Sayin'

Nolan Out!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Soviet Automobile Fuel Efficiency


I'm sorry I haven't been posting but I've been so busy! Busy doing homework. Monday was a snow day and Brandon and I spent about 9 hours on this video for chemistry class. We presented it today and it went quite well. I just hope you readers think it's good too! :D

Monday, December 6, 2010


Okay Guys here is the Challenge...


Beat that game I will be your friend forever! No joke!
But I must warn you this game will make you angry.
I would also like to point out that My record is a solid 70 meters!

Good luck champions! Win That race!

Nolan Out!

Gearing up for Awesome 2.0!


I Miss Poop Camp!


I seriously miss poop camp!
Yes Its a camp about poop!
It can't get much better!
So I am going to tell you all another Poop Camp Story!

So this one time at poop camp... Yes I know they all start this way, its kinda the way its gotta be!

So as I was saying...
This one time at Poop camp there was this boy. This boys name was Ginger. Ginger did not have any pooping skillz, he was a very bad pooper, and to make it all worse he had no soul. All the "cool" kids at poop camp made fun of him, he was the social outcast because he was not a very good pooper. All the kids would call him names like "Souless-Poo" or say that he pooped out his soul! This made Ginger a very, VERY sad Ginger. So sad that one day at poop camp Ginger stole the camp shot gun and started shooting trees. Ginger wouldn't shoot people. So as Ginger was walking through the forest shoot random trees he met a bear! Now most kids in the situation would run, but Ginger had nothing to live for because he could not poop very well, so he started to talk to the bear. Now the twist to this story is that the Bear started talking to Ginger. So after a good long talk Ginger and the Bear became good friends and the bear, who just happened to be and expert pooper(Have you ever seen a bear poop? Majestical!) and this bear taught Ginger how to be the best Pooper of the year at poop camp! And ever year after that Ginger was known as the cool kid, He even dyed his hair black and bought a "Pre-Blessed Artificial Soul" so now he is even ALMOST a real person!

And they all lived happily ever after!


If you guys have any good Poop Camp stories please Tell me! :D

Nolan Out!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Out of Body Experience

What a weekend! well I guess that technically its not over yet, but whatever.

Anyway, this weekend has been full of awesome things. Yesterday we spent a good portion of the day constructing an "out of body experience" what does this mean?.....hehehe You will know very soon.

Christmas is approaching.... less than three weeks :s
Pretty intense right? Get on that Christmas shopping the malls are only getting crazier and crazier. I went on Friday before school was even out and it was crazy!
Also, a side note to you guys out there, bring your girlfriend, or wife, or heck bring your sister! they are better at shopping than you are. Its just a fact of life.
For the first time ever, I got like 90% of my shopping done in one trip :)
Hopefully there will be more Christmas oriented posts, but most of the other bloggers are somewhat of scrooges.
Anyway, that's my skater brained post for my skater brained weekend


Friday, December 3, 2010

Goodbye World!

Sorry all. It's back. The blogs a thing of the past now. Bye!

Tay Zonday

Guys have you ever had a song stuck in your head?

So all day I have been singing a song over and over in my head. Now just in case you didn't have a song stuck in your head I think I should be a nice guy and get this said song stuck in your head!

Nolan Out!

I hate POLLock fish.

Wow... how much more desperate are these puns going to get before I just run out of ideas?

Moving back on topic...
Hello and welcome to the weekly recount! As always I'm your incredibly dashing host Mike Daoust. Today we are going to once again feed you information so irrelevant, so random, so pointless, that your very brain cells are now quivering at their little sub-atomic roots! Or at the very least I have you marginally amused. One of the two.

So last week's poll finished up like so:

If your life was in danger, and you could push someone/something in front of you to save your life, who/what would it be?

Lauren Woods - 3 Votes (12%)
Double Rainbows - 4 Votes (14%)
Justin Bieber - 11 Votes (38%)
Your Mom - 0 Votes (0%)
A New Flatscreen TV - 3 Votes (12%)
Quebec - 7 Votes (24%)

Those are some intense numbers.
Anywho, here's the vital intel we can draw from all this:

  • Exactly 4 people are dead now. You silly, silly people. Double Rainbows are simply optical phenomenon caused by light passing through water. Aaaand last I checked, optical phenomenon don't stop bullets/hurtful objects. KNOW YOUR SCIENCE!
  • The minute I made Justin Bieber an option, I kinda knew which one would come out on top this time.
  • The same amount of people chose to make a bullet shield from a Flatscreen TV as Lauren Woods I guess this implies if those were the only two options then it would be a really hard call... Hmmm
    Losing an expensive TV set... vs Losing a rival at Tetris...
  • I missed class to write this post.
  • "Your Mom" has become one of the VERY few poll options ever to get 0 votes... Way to go Mom-type-people!
  • We had a whopping 28 votes this time around! Yeee.

Also, because I want to follow the trend of having ridiculously long posts that nobody really wants to read, today I will be treating you all to some stats about the blog:

Pageviews today - 61
Pageviews yesterday - 143
Pageviews last month - 4,006
Pageviews all time history - Unknown (Blogger only recently started tracking page views)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Implosion

What happens when you take every kind of movie and combine it into one movie?
Well you get a small implosion that is generally awesome.


What would happen if you were to take every type of movie and combine them with about 20 different video games?

Perhaps a fail?
about 4 hours ago I might have agreed with you.

However, this is no longer the case, no indeed it is not.

I would like to present to you Scott Pilgrim vs. The World!

Its basically about a guy who starts dating this girl, but! he finds out that she has several evil and somewhat psycho ex-boyfriends. Sounds like a chick flick right? WRONG!!
Everything turns into a video game, its rather hard to explain other than that pretty much every fight has some obvious reference to a video game. These references range from an obvious Zelda reference with ocarina music and a mysterious girl that for a short while resembles sheik. Or the fact that at least one of the fights involves a girl using a sword that resembles the sword of Ivy from Soul caliber. And I mean come on, if every time I beat a bad guy, a voice came out of nowhere and said K.O.!!! just like out of super smash brothers, life would be pretty awesome.

Anyway I could try and tell you every game that I picked out a reference to, but I will just put a list of the games. If you have seen it then perhaps you could add to this list.

Super Mario
SSX Tricky
Rock Band
Tony Hawk
Dance Dance Revolution
Soul Caliber

These are only a small amount of the ones I can remember off the top of my head. I know there are several that are from games I have never played and someone like our own game nut Mike would be able to pick out in a heart beat.

The movie is also for the most part clean aside from a couple select scenes, and the language isn't too bad either. Thay actually mute the F word out and put one of those black squares over the persons mouth, how awesome is that?

Anyway thats all I got


The Movie Trifecta

Do Double Rainbows ever get old... I THINK NOT!

So in the last three days I have gone to the movies three times
Yes that is right three times!
I am lacking a life THAT much!

I watched Faster on Sunday.
Staring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
That man is a big man!
And that is an understatement!
It was a good movie
But surprisingly it kinda lacked the amount of action I was hoping for.
In the Words of Sam Desrosiers:
"it was a movie with action in it. Not an action movie"
And really there is no better way to explain it.
He killed some people.
There were nice cars.

It was Good!

On Monday I watched Unstoppable
It was Zach's(My Brothers) birthday party
When it was over we all went and saw Unstoppable
It was a FANTASTIC movie!
It was about trains.
It is like Thomas the Tank Engine for grown ups
It was funny
It was intense
It had explosions
It had Guns
It had a Red Neck
And if thats not enough its based on a true story!
So if you haven't already...
Now Go Right Now And watch this movie!
This is an order
Not an option!

Cheap Night, Or as some call it, Tuesday I went and saw Tangled
I went and saw a Kids movie?
I don't ever wanna grow up!
This movie was funny, Cleaver, Awesome!
I don't know what else to say about it!
and you should all go and see it!
I don't care how old you are
Or if you think you are "To Cool" for Animation
This Movie was GREAT!
5 Outta 5 stars!

I have news!
Green Screen...
Ohh Yeah!
Thats Right!
Its like super awesome!
Like A green screen of super awesomeness!

On another note they have started playing Christmas music at work
Yes I am not a fan of Christmas music
And by not a fan I mean it should only be played on about 3 days of the year
Christmas Eve
Boxing day
But some of you like it
And if you really like it then I guess you could listen to it for 1 week
And thats the week of Christmas
No more!

But I do have a confession to make!
I like this Christmas song
Click Here

Opps! I mean this one
Click Here!
Actually I like most of the Christmas songs by Relient K

Other then That!
Nolan Out!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Global Warming!

Today in the greater city of Sudbury Global warming finally hit.
It rained all day, and its still raining!
Now I don't like rain!
But when it is washing away the snow its my best friend!


I hate snow!
Now once and a while Its kinda cool
Yes Pun intended!
But on the whole I hate it!
I don't like the cold
Therefore I do not like snow!

Now on to happier things!

Like Candy!
Like Unicorns!
Like Poo!
Like Flowers!
Like Clouds!
Like Double Rainbows!
Like Old Spice!

Well Thats all I got for tonight!
Nolan Out!

In Our Hearts


"We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God not from ourselves." 2 Corinthians 4:7

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Post So Good its Like Double Rainbows

So I haven't made a post in a very long time. Now I would like to say that I haven't had time, but the reality is that I just haven't been in the mood. MY BAD!!!!! Or maybe its the fact I get so many fails....See what I did I put some of the blame on you.

So I am fat.
Thats right I am fat
Its been way too long since I have done much of anything worth mentioning in the way of physical activity. Anyway its making me feel fat.
I thought you would like to know that.
I also haven't made a video in a long time, this I can blame on Nolan. He keeps stealing my camera!! So if I ever get it back I might actually make one.

Double rainbows......
If you don't know what I'm saying you need to go and watch this ---->

after you have watched that you need to go and watch this ---->

If this does not make you happy and feel somewhat like a hippy you are a bad person. Seriously if we could only enjoy the simple things like double rainbows the way this guy can....The whole world would be a fairytale. One full of rainbows!! So next time your depressed just think of double rainbows. Or if its three in the morning, that's a good time to think of double rainbows as well.

Double rainbows have become so epic that they are being used instead of certain words.

Here are some examples provided by The Urban Dictionary of how you can use double rainbows to make your life better:

Unofficial meanings of a double rainbow:

-ecstatically wonderful

-joyfully amazing

-wondrous beyond compare

Double rainbow may used in sentences in such ways as these:

That video is so vivid, it's Double Rainbow all the way!

Its amazing! its like a double rainbow!

The food was so good you would think it was made with a double rainbow!

Your better than double rainbows!

Anyway that's all I got on double rainbows, so until next time I bid thee well

especially you internet stalkers

we know who you are.....

Updates from a Daoust

Greetings Denizens of the interwebs!
I have come from a full weekend of social interactivityness, Sarlos, manifestations of my total lack of self esteem, Cookies, and not getting things done! Hurray for not getting things done! We salute you irresponsibility!

Anyhow, I'm currently sitting here at home; which is now more or less an empty shell around my computer desk, and I decided that I should probably start working on a blog post before I inevitably hit my "mid-sunday-evening" depression phase...
For those of you who don't know it involves Crying for 7 hours non stop, Running through my apartment complex on a murderous rampage against anybody who happens to get in my way, A brief shootout with the cops, A sudden emotional breakdown, a sincere and heartfelt apology to both the cops and the family of my victims, and finally a farewell to all the officers; which normally goes like: "Yeahhhhh, again I'm really sorry about that... Hopefully you can find those replacements... See you all later! Same time next week?"

But seriously! Every Sunday it's the same thing... I get back from church after a long weekend of what normally amounts to "Awesome in an uncompressed format" and the most I can do is sit here, kinda sleep and watch Stargate and just generally feel really awful and depressed. Like a miniature scale version of what you feel like after coming back from Youth Camp... Only without the severe cold!

Meh. I'll go feel sad later, for now I just want to make sure you all know that: yeah, we realize the blog has seen better days...
And yeah, we aren't really doing a whole lot right now that could even passably be called awesome...
And maybe we cant even get our act together enough to properly announce the release of Awesome 2.0 (FOR THE RECORD: Right now you could be watching a video showing off how awesome the new site is going to be... But noooooooo Ben had to go all Sam Desrosier on us and not show up. Thanks Ben!)

But we havnt abandoned you yet!
I mean... not all of you at least.
Er, I mean to say... We dont hate all of you...

Friday, November 26, 2010


One Benjamin Davey wrote:
Hey, just a quick reminder, when you put up the nest poll could you put Lauren Woods in it? I said that whoever did the best on my little movie trivia would get into the next poll. And maybe try and make her have a positive position in the poll, we want to encourage people to participate :P

And of course, I'm obliged to do just that! But first, this week's Poll recount!

Yes - 11 Votes (42%)
No - 4 Votes (15%)
42 - 11 Votes (42%)

 Before I go into the "What we have learned" shenanigans, id just like to point out that I am REALLY upset with you people. 11 of you were boring enough to answer yes to this poll! Seriously! Bah...

  • 11 people are absolutely true in every imaginable way
  • It may CLAIM that we got 26 votes on this poll, but really we had 42.
  • 4 People don't exist... I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!
  • 11 people are boring.

Enjoy the new poll plebeians! Especially you Lauren!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Half way to a Grand time!

We Just Broke 500 posts!

Okay since this is the 501th post I thought I would make a post about the state of the blog!

So here it is!

So we have been kinda slow lately!
We are planning lots and not getting much done!
Are Youtube empire is soon to get a move on!

Now a Blogger update

Nolan: Posts more then everyone else... But they kinda suck!

Mike: Doesn't post, He makes drafts and I read them! Just Sayin'... But on the bright side he is still a Genius when it comes to Computer things! AND NO HE WONT FIX YOUR COMPUTER!

Ben: Anyone seen Ben? I think he may have died?


Jesse: Needs to make another video with explosions! BOOM! And his posts have also been very good!

So there you have it my friends!
This is Nolan's Take on how the Blog is doing!

Have a Happy American Thanksgiving!

Nolan Out!

Science Olympics

So I'm sitting in school right now. Room 210 actually. I'm practicing the "sport" of cupstacking which, in my opinion is hardly what one would consider a sport. The goal is to up-stack and down-stack plastic cups as fast as possible in a certain pattern. My best time is 20.42 seconds which is pretty far off the world record of 5.93 seconds. It's part of an event called science Olympics. By joining this I not only get to answer science questions but I also get to avoid playing basketball in gym class. Anyway this post is mostly pointless but at least now I can say I made a blog post during class. :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

River of Life

Life is like a river. The flowing water moves on like time. Each wave and ripple are seconds in life that lap over each other. Every minute and hour travel together in harmony. All the time in the world flowing in a single river.
Sometimes you feel like a rock in the river. You feel heavy and weighed down. So instead of joining the flow of life you stand by and watch as everything else passes you by. It isn't like you choose to live like this, its just you feel as though you have been frozen in place; frozen in time. And as everything else progresses in life, you waste the precious time that has been given to you and stay put.
Other times you may feel like a twig on the water. You go with the flow of life, but you have no control of where it takes you. Sometimes you move quickly and everything goes well, but other times the river pulls you into dark currents. You get scraped over rocks and fall down waterfalls. Sometimes it doesn't pay to just go with the flow.
Maybe your like a fish. You have the companion of other fish, and you all work together to swim the river. You feel safe and secure with a big group. But maybe down the river of time you'll fall behind, get injured, or lose yourself. Then you find who your real friends are when your hurt, afraid, and alone.
Life can't just waste away down a river. You don't have to be stuck in time, lost in the current, or mislead. All this time you may have been swimming without an anchor, with your eyes and heart closed to the truth that was in front of you the whole time. You only needed to open your eyes and see with your heart the deep love from God that was waiting for you. That with this you are safe, loved, and never alone. You'll never be afraid to swim in the river again because He is holding your hand... No matter what.

Just a different way to see.

Have a great day readers!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Okay guys!
I have been sitting, sitting, sitting on my Couch for the past 4-5 hours!

The events of my day:
I went to work.
I got off work.
I Came home.
I Took a shower, because I smelt REALLY bad.
I sat on my couch.

And I have been staring at my computer screen ever since then!
Exciting day I know!
You are jealous.
But don't worry...
One day you might have a life...
As exciting as mine!

Well thats all I got for today
Nolan Out!

Tape Ball!


In the last few years that I've been playing hockey, I've taken the clear tape off of my shin pads and and the tape off my stick and added it to a tape ball. Other guys on my team also added their tape. The first ball we made had the misfortune of falling into a toilet. . . and that was the end of it. But we did not give up! No. We started a new tape ball. This one grew and grew. The ball currently weighs 3.5 kg and has a circumference of 67 cm. 

A new roll of hockey tape weighs approximately 71 g. This means that the ball contains around 49 rolls of tape. An average roll of tape costs $2.99. Multiply that by 49 and the value of the tape ball equals $146.51 before taxes. Factoring in tax... just kidding. That's enough math for a snow day! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sudbury Youth Conference Variety Knight

Here is the intro video for the Variety Night, Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Nolan Out!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

So this one time in Sudbury...


Dear World
Why do you spin?
Why are you round and not flat?
If you were flat, people could fall off...
And that would be SO entertaining to watch!
Love Nolan!

Am I the only person who brings his phone into the bathroom...
And sets it beside the shower...
So that when I receive a text I can read it?

Have you ever talked to some one?
Have you ever talked on the phone to some one?
Have you ever talked on the phone to some one while sitting on the toilet?
If you answers yes to the last question, you are a creep!
The "Poop and talk" is just weird...

Person on Phone: Hey what was that plopping sound?
Guy on Toilet: Ohh! Don't worry about it!

So there you have it three random thoughts for this wonderful Saturday morning!

I love you all!
Especially you!
Nolan Out!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday Blog!


Guys Im 19...
Man I hate getting older...
I never ever wanna be mature...

So yesterday for my Birthday I went to a party...
But the twist in the story is...
It wasn't my Birthday party...

I would just like to take this spot to wish the following people:

Happy Birthday guys!

But before I leave I have a few more things to say!

Guys, Facebook on your birthday is a time where people feel popular...
I mean people all say "Happy Birthday" to you...
Remember before you had Facebook...
When no one ever knew when it was your Birthday...
Yeahhhh, Those were the good old days...

Now for a Short story about a boy and his friend named Papa...
This Boy and his friend Papa did EVERYTHING together...
Then one day they were eating Lunch ...
When all of a sudden they saw this Girl...
Her name has Spicy Mama...
And she was the best thing that ever happened to this boy...
But sadly she was only a "Limited time offer"...

If you don't get this story then go to the nearest A&W and buy a Spicy Mama and then you'll see what I mean!

Haha! Thats all I got to say!
Nolan Out!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lots of fun

I've had a pretty busy week! But that is no excuse not to be writing a post. I meant to put up a picture I drew, but I'm having technical difficulties loading it on. So it may be a little while before I post a drawing.

For your information, I have not been in a small hole in the ground that is covered by hungry carnivorous roaches. Because I am still very much breathing!! Unless I am some how undead... how are you to tell.

So this weekend consisted of me hanging with two of my best friends that came to visit. The kind of friends that you don't see too often so its special when you do. We even skipped church so we'd have more time with only us (don't judge!). We did have our own bible study, which was on not arguing or complaining. So the rest of the day we spent trying not to do either (which is surprisingly difficult). Apparently complaining is a sin. I think of all the times I spent complaining about stupid stuff, and I feel bad.
We did our own photo shoot that day. You know the kind, where you do crazy make-up and pick out an outfit that is too cool. One of my friends has a super awesome camera. So all the pictures came out really nice. Lots of fun!
Of course, we did go to the youth conference! But it was only for the Saturday. It was great stuff! It was crazy cool because I got to meet some people that I hadn't seen in a while, and got to spent time with a bunch of my friends. The guys did a great job in planning it!

Have a great day readers!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


These are the poll results:

The Blog Drama Song - 0 Votes (0%)
The Speargun of Super Awesomeness - 4 Votes (24%)
Ben's Vlog on Couples - 6 Votes (35%)
How the Blog ended WW2 - 4 Votes (24%)
Me being Toothpaste - 3 Votes (18)

We can learn:
  • Irrelevant facts
  • Pointless banter
  • Idiotic comparison
  • Inside Reference.

Thankyou for bearing with me throughout this massive elaborate block of text.

Monday, November 15, 2010

One Long/Awesome Weekend

So as many of you know this weekend was the Sudbury Youth Conference. Now this was different from all the other conferences I have ever been to for a couple reasons.

The first reason was....well it was the sudbury youth conference which = soooo much awesome, and so many awesome people in one place. Seriously I'm surprised the place didn't explode!

The second reason is that I was helping with the organization and running of the conference. It was incredible, from the time put into making the host wars video, to the time spent cleaning tables, it was all awesome.

The third reason was that yours truly was the host! Aha believe it or not I hosted variety night. It was incredible and I nearly pooped myself the whole time hahahaha.

All in all it was a great new experience and I now have so much more respect for people who organize these things on a regular basis.

Anyway, with the conference behind us, you can now expect the blog to be put into full throttle!!

Until next time

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho Its back to work I go!

Yes its true!
The renovations at A&W are complete...
This means I am no longer a lifeless individual...
And I have to wake up early...
Make money...
And do profitable stuff...
Like Eating!

But enough about today lets talk about my weekend!

Now I think over this weekend I saw ever person I have ever met in my entire life!
This is because of the SYC or Sudbury Youth Conference.
And if you weren't there this makes you a bad person!
But like seriously I enjoyed Ron Hampton, he was the speaker by the way...
He spoke on Relationships but not just the Boy-2-Girl Relationships...

Friday Night of the SYC I think was like the greatest night of my life!
We totally went to all the Really Sketchy parts of Sudbury and walked around...
It was great!
I am also surprised we didn't run into the cops...
With my track record we should have!

But all in all it was the greatest weekend of my Life...
Well maybe not... But it was still AWESOME!

Now all I have to do is get over this bad case of "Post Conference Depression"

Well Thats all for now folks!
Nolan Out!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Lest we forget people like my Grandpa.

John 15:13

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can I have my results Pollease and Thankyou?

Hey? Guess what?
It's that time of week again!
And no, not the one where we get to burn small people of different ethnicities. That's 2 Fridays from now.

Today we recount the polls! And rather then go on a long tangent about something you really dont care about, this week I'm going to skip straight to the... jacket? (NTS: Stop taking vocabulary suggestions from Nolan)

Keep doing an awesome job - 5 Votes (21%)
Start drawing artwork for her posts - 6 Votes (25%)
Make Sandwhiches for everybody! - 9 Votes (38%)
Make a blog Comic - 1 Vote (4%)
Burn and die in a small hole in the ground that is covered by hungry carnivourous roaches. - 3 Votes (13%)

And the facts we can gather from the still smoking corpse of this once alive and healthy poll:

  • 3 whole people either don't like Adelle, or don't like roaches being hungry.
  • Somehow I doubt the Blog will be getting a comic anytime soon... In fact, it looks like Adelle will be eaten by carnivorous roaches before that happens.
  • I personally like Sliced Turkey in my sandwhiches. Keep that in mind.
  • Nolan wants me to be nice in this bullet. Why would I do that?
  • Artwork. Now.

Later Plebians!


So I had one of those days yesterday.
You know which ones i'm talking about... those really horrible ones that leave you depressed
even though nothing really bad actually happened.

Well the best way I could think of to get you all to see exactly why yesterday was like that,
was to make a BLOODY TERRIBLE flash animation about it.

Once again Ipod people are excluded here. GO USE A REAL COMPUTER!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Underwater Potato Gun


Well here is the next video blog. Sorry there was such a long time between them. Anyway for the Week of Awesome, I hope to have a new video that will be much more awesome than the ones I made before. It may or may not involve a large volume of propane. . . For those who are wondering, it will be done in a safe and controlled environment.

!1 Random Facts

Okay here are 1! random facts about my younger life!

  1. Challenged my Brother in the grand sport of Diaper tossing when I was younger. This sport is as simple as taking a "used" Diaper and putting it in a grocery bag and tossing it into the attic, who ever gets the most in wins!
  2. I was a fort dweller, and it was a pretty sick fort if I do say so my self. It was fashioned with traps and a big tree and a Mud whole. Yes It was that cool!
  3. I was short and rather chubby! Yes I know its hard to believe that this insanely muscular body was chubby at one time.
  4. I built a giant elastic gun and had elastic wars with my Brother in my bed room, This is just as awesome as it sounds!
  5. I was an artist when it came to painting the inside of the garage with mud, lets just say my parents didn't quite agree with me when I told them it looked good!
  6. I went to Homeschool Co-op. For those who know what I'm talking about I salute you!
  7. I played Runescape, yes I was one of those kids who did nothing all day and played Runescape. But I was a Level 80 so I could PWN noobs!
  8. I used to live in the middle of nowhere and I hated it!
  9. Hamster-dance was my favorite song
  10. I used to own a NES and Super Mario 3, Thus still being one of the greatest games and game consoles of all times!
  11. Throw rocks at cars that drove by until one day this guy stopped and got mad at me.
There you now know 11 things about me that you didn't know before!

Nolan Out!


Okay so as you may or may not know I am HUGE Owl City fan!

And I just found this song that he sung, And Like its is one of my Favorite "Camp Songs" as I call it!

Anyways Just watch it!

Hope this Brightens your day as much as it did mine!

Nolan Out!

The Storm Aproaches + Movies

Its Monday, only a few days until the Sudbury Youth Conference. Yes be excited! For several weeks now the bloggers have been busy bees preparing for this great event. So don't for one second think that the Blog is slowing or becoming less awesome. This weekend will be one of the best you have ever experienced. If your thinking of not coming, just remember that there are children in Africa with no SYC to go to.

In the mean time I would like to leave you with something a little different. Lets test your movie knowledge and see if you can't guess some of these:

1."I'll be back!"

2. "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain"

3. "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse"

4. "My precious"

5. "Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take away our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!"

6."Say hello to my Little Friend"

7."Just a flesh wound"

8."Houston, we have a problem"

9."What we do in life echoes in eternity"


These are all from famous movies and some of them should be super easy. If you can name the movie, and the actor or character played you will mentioned as a superbly AWESOME person in my next vlog and who knows you might even get put into a poll. If not, well the closest to getting them all will be awesome and get the reward. Good luck! I'll be posting the answers in a few days.

Hello Ladies!

This is a post!
Its true Im not lying!

Have you ever sat in your basement in front of a computer for a whole weekend working on something that is just so awesome you can't explain how awesome it is with words because it contains just to much pure awesomeness for the English language to be able to write a cohesive sentence about the previously stated awesomeness?

Yeah I didn't think you did! You guys aren't that Awesome.


Some people are mean, why? I don't know they just are?
Some people are stupid, why? I couldn't tell you...
Some people are obnoxious, why? Who Knows?!
Some people are jerks, why? No comment!

But what I can tell you is that I have found the cure for the previously listed mental disorders.

A good punch or slap to the face and/or a swift kick to the groin, yes these medical treatments are gender specific.

*NOTE: If you are a guy never hit a girl get another girl to hit the girls for you.

Nolan Out!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Physic, Portal and Pizza


So it appears that I am now a blogger! This has actually been a dream of mine ever since I heard about the blog and how awesome it is. When I was asked to make video blogs I thought that was great but now to be able to make written posts as well is even better! Thanks for adding me to the team!

Anyway I would just like to tell you a little bit about what happened yesterday. In physics class we had a robotics presentation from some students from the university of Ottawa. About five minutes into their presentation, the person who was presenting looked at me and said, "you look really excited about robotics" or something to that effect. This took me quite by surprise so without thinking I apologized. The result of this comment was everyone in the class turning around and laughing at me. I admit it was pretty funny. Gotta love Physics. :D

After school, Brandon Powers and I went to my neighbors house and played Portal for about four hours or so. We beat the game and had pizza for supper. Sadly, the cake was a lie. After this, Brandon and I went to Jeff's house and went in his hot tub. We ordered more pizza but instead of getting one medium pizza, somehow we got two. That was awesome.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stop there! POLLice!

The above title may or may not actually be a really blatent and lame attempt to continue making Poll puns in titles.

Eitherway! I welcome you, ladies, gents and aliens from that other plane of existence where they have more than 5 genders, I welcome you to yet another day of the tallying of the polls! Here, we personally guarantee you that unlike in some countries I could name our polls will never ask you to sign your soul away to a political party.
We do, however encourage heated debates and/or violence when talking about the polls amongst your friends. Also, please record that. We could all use a good laugh.

Yesterweeks poll was incredibly one sided... especially considering one of the options had to do with the concept category of "Poop and Toilets", which historically has always been popular here. (I suspect sometimes that it may just have been Nolan voting on a ton of computers...) But without any further meanderings, here's the results!

  • Proper Washroom Techniques - 4 Votes (18%)
  • Dating and Relationships - 10 Votes (45%)
  • Our Biggest Fails - 5 Votes (23%)
  • Things that are Gay - 3 Votes (14%) 

And as always, the facts we can learn from them:

  • Dating is popular?
  • People really don't want to hear us talk about gay things... like Soccer.
  • For the first time ever, a stupid potty humor joke didn't win! I'd like to pretend to think that your all becoming more respectable! (But I also know i'm deluding myself)
  • More people are interested in learning about the worst failures in our lives then are interested in learning how to take a dump. This proves once and for all that our primary audience is NOT people aged 0-4.
  • I'm way too tired and distracted by a looming test to actually write something decent in this bullet.

I hope you're all still alive next week!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Doo (Adelle's Post)

So until we get Adelle up as a blogger she will be posting her posts through me.
Here's her second post,


So apparently I am a blogger. Not just a blogger, but also a new blogger! I have never done anything like this before so this is all very new to me. That being said, I shall try to write about interesting things that you can all relate to. I am also going to be posting any cool pictures that I draw. I am really happy that Nolan, Ben, and all the other bloggers added me to their super awesome team!

New Doo

Getting a new hair cut is like changing your identity. Well, not quite that severe, but it is definitely a good way to change your appearance. I find I sometimes get bored of the same cut, and it is time for a change. Colouring your hair is a great way to do this. Like one summer, I really wanted to do something crazy, and wild. So I dyed a piece of my front bangs a very bright red! It was great, because it really went with my summer wardrobe. You know, bright colours and funky styles.

My latest hair do is straight across bangs. I haven’t done that since I was very little, so it is a very strange feeling to have them again. I keep trying to pull them back to one side, but then realize they are suppose to be across like that. I really like it, though. I find it suits my personality.

It’s funny how the slightest difference, like bangs, can change your appearance. When I got home my oldest brother couldn’t get over how different I looked. I thought it was really hilarious, and a small change like that was just what I wanted. Hair has a big impact on our appearance!

Just Like the Good Old Days!

So remember those times when you were in elementary school and you had to act like molecules in science class?(excluding homeschoolers, for us it was at science north). Well as entertaining as that was and indeed it was entertaining. I had the the honor of reliving one of these moments at school today.

For our theory class, which usually is drab and boring. My teacher decided we should play a little game. We were all going to be various sensors in a vehicle. As certain conditions arose we were to take appropriate action. This ranged from running around the class, to tapping your hand on the table, to staring at each other(to simulate communication) or just standing up or sitting down. I got the honor of being the ECU, in other words I would decide whether other people were cool or hot hahaha I know I know. Anyway, I took nothing productive away from the whole thing and I think it was more of something to do because my teacher was bored. Either way it definitely brought back some memories of my early childhood.

School was otherwise uneventful and boring aha


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nolan's 6 Steps to Dating!

This is a step-by-step guide how to make a happy and enjoyable dating experience all the time!

And the only reason I am writing this is because of that dang pole... So here goes!

Step 1: Don't Date.
Simple and yet effective, this technique is very helpful and by not getting into a relationship you will save money and time on which you will be able to spend and use very irresponsibly! On a side note you may feel lonely. But not to fear you are probably a loner anyways...

Step 2: Dump Her
I would just like to point out that If you have failed to accomplish Step 1 for what ever reason you are a bad person. And now instead of being just lonely you will also have a heart broken Girl to deal with and feel awkward around, because you have to Dump her. Don't be mad, as I said this is a guide on how to make "Dating Enjoyable all the time" and the only way to do that would be to follow Step 1.

You Foolish person? Why did you Fail to accomplish Step 1 & 2?
I guess at this point I better start giving you REAL advice because you are stuck in a relationship now.

Step 3: Be You
Okay So I guess this is probably the best thing to do since this person you are dating is going to be around a lot and it is going to be hard to pretend to be some else ALL the time, So just be your self. But if you can't be yourself around this special person go back to Step 2 and try to accomplish it this time you Noob!

Step 4: Respect Her
Come on use your heads on this one you twits! It shouldn't be that hard to treat some one you like with respect, but you guys are dumb sometimes! And if you can't do this Step... Go to Step 1 and never move past it till you learn how to! Shesh!

Step 5: Don't...
Don't Forget her birthday, Duh!
Don't Forget about the Date you planned, If you do she'll think you went back to Step 2!
Don't Eat Garlic, Unless you think she is a vampire!
Don't Be killing people, It just always ruins the mood!
Don't Be Gay, it is always a bad way to end a relationship!

Step 6: Do...
Do Bring her to nice places
Do Spend time with her
Do Buy her stuff
Do Be Awesome for her

Follow these 6 Steps and you should Have an enjoyable and happy dating experience
Nolan Out!

Curse you responsibility!

It looks as though responsibility has conquered us all like the foreign oppressor it truly is! Even the blog has to succumb to its overpowering demands of servitude every now and then...

We've all been really busy over here preparing for the SYC, doing school stuffs, Making videos of fire shooting out of peoples eyes, working on Awesome 2.0 studying, and otherwise wasting our time on non-important things which are unrelated to the blog. (It should be noted that in Nolan's case, he's just busy being a nobody in his parent's basement... And I'm sure that's very time consuming)

At any rate, we do have a LOT of stuff on the go, so I'm really sorry to say you all won't be seeing anything over-the-top amazing for a little while...
Yes, you ARE in fact allowed to beat us with large sticks now.

However: There will be MORE AWESOME THINGS coming up at the SYC! I promise! Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long Drives and Free Candy

I went on a road trip to Timmins, and since most of are readers are from Timmins, you most likely already knew this!
Driving for 3 and a half hours isn't really a long drive but come on I am like super hyper and all I could do is sit there and steer...!

Things I did to keep my self Entertained:
1. Screamed, Like Hardcore Scream! Kinda like a Barbarian or something along those lines!
2. Sang, I just got the new Taylor Swift album! And if you haven't got it yet it makes you a bad person
3. Cried, Seriously I forced myself to cry because it started snowing! I HATE SNOW!
4. Talked To Myself, I'm weird like that!
5. I stopped at the watershed truck stop! TRUCK STOPS FTW!
6. And last but not least I ate McDoubles to keep myself awake!


Sorry! Sudden out burst, but our house keeps getting strange midgets dressed up as random things knocking on my door asking for candy!

Halloween: A time of year were little kids dress up and walk around neighborhoods asking for candy from strangers(A.K.A Pedophile Day!)?!

Halloween: A time of year where teemagers eat are they younger siblings candy and regret it the next day because they break out?!

Halloween: A time of year when parents let there kids dress up as dead people, murderers and other things that are inappropriate!?

Halloween: A time of year when Parents buy candy for everyone else's kids?!

Halloween: A time of year when you decorate your house like a grave yard!?

Halloween: A time of year where you can get Free Candy!


Nolan Out!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learning The Social Graces... WITH MIKE!


Give it some time to load... Also: Sorry Iphone people, but this post was made in flash!

The Day After.

So you know those days, or should I say nights. When you stay up to a ridiculous hour just hangin out? Yeah you know! Well they are awesome! Aha another thing that is awesome, the day after. Now this all depends on what you have going on the next day. For those that have to get up and work *blegh* sucks to be you! However, for some people such as me, its a sleep in until noon then get up and do nothing all day.

Nothing to do all day = unproductive day.

Unproductive day + a lot of movies and video games = awesome :D

Plus its a Saturday, can't go wrong with a Saturday.

I might also add tomorrow is Halloween....this is bad for me...why? Well because I live in a neighborhood swarming with small children. This means:

a. a lot of small children knocking on my door in a continuous wave for several hours

b. Those small children asking for candy, a lot of candy

c. me not having any candy, and getting beaten by the small children.

However, I have a solution to this problem. Not be home!!
That's right I need to leave home for tomorrow night, I need somewhere to go for Sunday night. Or I shall shall surely be killed.

to everyone else out there, good luck!