Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Day!

So today was an awesome day... Well except for the fact that Ben left for a week of skiing with out me... :( A whole week with out Ben in Sudbury, How am I going to Survive. But before he left town I went with him to his Spar-a-thon and watched him fight to the death! Okay not quite to the death but just watch the video below

Wanna see more of Ben Fighting Search my YouTube channel "oolism"

So that was the 1st part of my day after that Ben dropped me off at home we had our sad farewells then I went into the house. After that, even though Ben isn't in town, my day still just got better, I went sliding with my church and man it was intense. There was this jump and well it as big to say the least... Just watch the video below

so it isn't the best video, but it's the only one I have I'll be putting more on YouTube tonight, But my shoulder is KILLING me because I landed on it bad in the crash, then the GT hit me in the face so I am not feeling to good right now! :D

haha! well thats all the blabbering I've got for tonight... I might put some more Videos up on YouTube as I said before...

Nolan Out!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Umimportant Talk About Nothing Important

So I had something very Cool to post on here... BUT... while I was walking home I forgot what it was that I was going to write on here. So that means you will just get some kinda of Picture! :P Haha! MY BAD

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


All I have to say is congratulations to John Montgomery for winning Canada Gold! But That isn't the point of this blog post.... John Montgomery Is a younger Verison of Chuck Norris -- Check it Out!!


And now it hit's you... HE IS A YOUNGER VERSION OF CHUCK NORRIS... and that is why he won Gold...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Some Random Babbling


So I think most you of you know I was in Da Soo for the Weekend, and if not get stalking me more!! Since I was in the Soo this means that I got to hang out with my family for the weekend! while I was there a few things happened,on Saturday we hung out(DUH)I also downloaded The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majorhs(sp?) Mask FOR MY COMPUTER. I know It has to be the best thing that has even happened to me, okay so that is a bit of a exaggeration, but hey, that doesn't matter! We also played old school Balderdash and that was awesome. Hey whats the opposite of Balderdash? "Hairerwalk" okay bad joke. Then on Sunday we went to Bethel Bible Chapel now there are to cool things about this place, 1: I am related to like half of the population of this church NO JOKE! and 2: It used to be a Bingo Hall, Babaha! After that we came home and I went and saw a movie with Ben! So that was my weekend.

P.S. In response to Miley Cyrus question "Don't you wish that you could be a Fly on the wall?" My Answer:NO, Why would I want to be a very small flying bug that people try to kill? So there!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Triple Header Random Rant

Thing's to Rant about:
Veggie Burger
Cold Bathrooms

Well I'll start with the Veggie Burger. So today at work I was there doing my thing, Making Burgers, when all of a sudden I see an order pop up on the screen. It was a Veggie Burger. Well as some of you know it takes about 10 Mins to make a Veggie burger, and it's annoying, but the Best part of this special Veggie Burger is that the Dude, he wanted Extra Bacon??!? Like DUDE Come On, are you a vegetarian or not? You can't be both! So I shot him... Kidding, I didn't shoot him

Jeff: Jeff is DUMB, Nuff said! okay I wanna say more... Jeff is a Poo Crack! Jeff decided to pull the Old Spam and blame on this blog today.
P.S. I apologize for Blaming Beatrice :D

Cold Bathrooms, okay the bathroom at work is like the coldest bathroom in the world, I was using it on my break today and saw that my Pee was steaming, it is that cold, and well don't eve try to sit down because you'll prolly freeze your bum to the seat!

Well that is My triple header Rant of the Day!

Nolan Out!

P.S. Veggie Burger!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday the 17th of Febuary 2000 and 10...

Well today was like most any other day... Kinda

Well I woke up and went to work like most other people. After work I got to walk home, that's twice in 2 days. It is only a 2 hour walk so don't feel too bad for me. On my way home I got to walk past a Dead Skunk, that was gross to say the least, after that I found a full package of "Viagra" and I don't even wanna know what was going on there!! Well after that I got home and ate the weirdest meal ever, A plate half full of French Fries, the other half was full of Pea's, and to top that of I had three hot dogs and some chips! Mmmmm! Yummy!

And tonight I am looking forward to Prayer meeting and then sneaking into Adanac to GT...! :D Wootz!

Nolan Out!

Roll Model

Find out who your role model is. Don't scroll down yet. Just
do the simple math and then scroll down.

No peeking!

1. Pick your favourite whole number between 1 and 9

2. Multiply by 3

3. Add 3

4. Multiply by 3 again (I'll wait while you get the Calculator)

5. You'll get a 2- or 3-digit number

6. Add the digits together

Now scroll down...

Keep Going...

With that number, see who your role model is from the list below:

1. Einstein
2. Mother Teresa
3. Prince Charles
4. Queen Elizabeth
5. Bill Gates
6. Gandhi
7. Ronald Regan
8. Elvis Presley
9. Nolan Sarlo
10. John F. Kennedy

New Blog

So just in case no one noticed we kinda updated the whole blog system we had... :d So there! First blog post on our new Blog! :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Awesome weekend!!

So, went to Timmins this weekend, and wow it was epicness in the extreme. First of all we told no one that we were coming and pulled a nice little prank on Beatrice which pretty much made my night. The conference was extremely well done, my hats off to Joel for a job well done. However, half the fun was after the conference was over. After picking up several people from South Porcupine we pretty much just drove around like idiots and listened to loud music. We also did some hot tubing at Jeff's...twice:) and went to the Broughton's. Now the night at the Broughton's was awesome, but unfortunately ended with both of their living room couches being broken. I am still stumped as to how 4 people sitting on the couch caused it to break...heck Nolan was the only fat one on the couch too. Anyway, brea got in a bit of trouble, but hopefully not to much. So yeah there were a couple misfortunes, but for the most part an unforgetable weekend.

PS. video blog will be posted in the next few days :)

Rough Night!!!

So wow, last night was a rough night. Came home from the Super Bowl party only to find out that our furnace had stopped working. This caused me much distress as I was already in the process of trying to get over a cold. However, the excitement is over and the furnace is now working again. So yeah that was my excitement for the day anywho. Also finally got back to kickboxing today and geez you leave for more than a couple days and your like crap I'm out of practice. Anywho test tomorrow and i havent even started to study for it yet haha.

peace out!


So work continues on blog as we try to make it at least somewhat worthy of some rather experienced website makers. Although its rather unlikely that it will ever achieve such a status. Anywho, today was rather interesting hung out with my sister for a couple hours and chilled with nolan at the mall for about 10 minutes before it closed. I can't figure out why the mall closes early on saturday, isn't it the day that most people have the most time to go shopping? I don't know, its a mystery to me.

In other news, already missing road trips can't wait for the next one. Not sure when we will be going, but hopefully not to long cause that would suck uberly...haha don't worry timmins people we will come soon:)

Saturday Morning....or afternoon

So turns out I was to sick to go to sparring last night which kinda sucked. Still sick today, although thats probably because I didn't go to bed until 5:30 this morning:P. Watched Smokin aces all night aha. Hopefuly will be up to going for a visit with my sister while shes in town. So yeah that was basically my day yesterday, anywho thats about it for now.

peace out! :)

Ben's 1st Blog

Soooooo.....seriously confused as to exactly how this works. Still under some serious construction, but in time should be a sweet blog. So where to bigin on your first blog...? Well I'm sick, it sucketh muchly, it seems my body does not like no food, no sleep school and several hours of gym every day. Hopfully will be in better shape for sparring tomorrow. So yeah thats my first blog :) WOOP! WOOP!

Our first documented road trip. We traveled to Guelph to stay at Ben's parents house. Cruised around Kitchener and Guelph on Friday and went to Toronto on Saturday. Found a sweet Quick Silver store and went to the Yorkdale Mall. All in all an awesome trip!

Back to Reality!

Okay Depression is almost past and Now time to get excited for Winter Blitz!

Okay so I am watching figure skating with Ben... And yes those guys need to put some more manly clothes on, like come on, puts some Jeans and maybe even a normal shirt. They are gay. Well I also got to watch Maelle Ricker win Gold for Canada, she Owned the Competition, or lack of Competition! WOOTZ!

Nolan Out!

Back in the Bury!

I'm depressed... Cuz I'm not in Timmins With some of the coolest peeps ever!

Nolan Out!


Hey Guys Remember that time we went to Timmins and didn't tell anyone...! :P

So we are in Timmins right now and so far the trip has been awesome... and are entrance was EPIC... we'll be posting the videos here soon. So I'm really tired and don't have much to say, Shocking I know!


Nolan Ou.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Sleepy time


Hey Guys Remember that time we went to Timmins and didn't tell anyone...! :P

So we are in Timmins right now and so far the trip has been awesome... and are entrance was EPIC... we'll be posting the videos here soon. So I'm really tired and don't have much to say, Shocking I know!


Nolan Ou.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Sleepy time

French Fries are Made out of Potatoes! Who Knew!

Hey Did you guys know that Potatoes are the main ingredient in French Fries... :S Ha!

So I was just thinking about Timmins and how badly I want to go... But then I remembered That last night I did hang out with Mike Wright, always interesting, I also Briefly Saw Nate, Tyylor, and Thomas. And hopefully that should hold me over till our next Timmins trip! On another note the reason they are in town is for an Improve thing. Now that might not mean much to every one but to me it Means the World. Last time Timmins tried Improve in Sudbury well it Kinda LOST at Life, I just remember back to the SYC #10 and well all I can Say to That Is "OPA!" and try changing Careers for like ever Because According to the SYC you guys are no good at Improve. But I will give you credit for having an unforgettable skit, but the Only reason that "Skit" will ever be remember is because of how funny it was for not being funny at all! Sorry! :P

Well that was pretty much my rant for the day...

Nolan Out!

Well if it's anything like Timmins Improve it's prolly not a very good restaurant...

P.S. Boogers are Gross, Especially the Bloody ones... :O


Sorry to anyone looking for a blog update yesterday I'm Just lazy!

So yesterday was fun I went to work, went home, went to gym, went to bed... With a few details in between! :P haha! I think I may have played some Runescape in there somewhere as well... all in all yesterday was really boring! :P haha!

And today I hope is going to be Better... okay so the 1st little bit was better Work, gym, Home... but Now I am about to go to Prayer meeting then I am going to hang out with Ben. And if I am lucky I will be hanging with some peeps from Timmins that are in town! :D So I hope that works out...

Anywho that was my last two days!

Nolan Out!
P.S. Here is an Epic Picture!


Okay so today was quite fun!

Well for starters I got off work about an hour early, so that made he very happy! plus I needed to go to the chapel to decorate since I was the on in charge of Kids Club at church today... and knowing me the theme was "Super Bowl Monday"... and was prolly the Best special EVER! I mean it was just plan Epic! And as of now I am going to spend the rest of my night doing nothing but sit at this computer and use Facebook or maybe Runescape(So I'm a big Nerd).

Well I would have gotten another picture for my blog But I'm to Lazy, so you'll have to wait till next time...

Nolan Out!

Today is the Day...

And I'm Here!

OKay so last night I went to bed late and this morning I woke up early... BAD Idea... since church was in the morning, So I was fighting the sleep Monster all morning. But is other News James Edwards was at chapel, and for those of you who don't know, he used to be my old youth leader, so that was a good time. I also very much enjoy the message he gave...

Now On to less important matters...
My Schedule for today:
Church 9:30-12:15
Lunch 1:30- 2:30
Nap Time 2:30-6:00
Church 6:30- 7:30

Now for the part of my day that I have been look forward to for a while now!

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! 8:00 Till the End... We are recording it so PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THE SCORE... Haha

well It's Lunch Now So I better get going!

Nolan Out!

P.S. James Edwards you owe my a Giant Chocolate Bar!
Well my day is coming to a close... since it's 12 I guess its ended and I've started a new one... and I should go to bed since I've got church in the Morning...

And to hold you over till my next post.. here is a picture that gives a whole new meaning to the term "Stealth Jet"...


Ok so this is much later for me, the next day...

Okay so between yesterday and today I've hung out at Ben's house with Ben and Sam, and now its about time to go home and do a bunch of chores and eat food! Wootz! Then Later tonight I'll be heading off to C&C's! Double Wootz!

Oh and here is a Cool Ad I found that made me laugh...!

Nolan Out!


So today was much better then yesterday.

Yesterday at work it felt like everything went wrong and today everything went right! it was awesome! So now its on to youth to hang and maybe even play some Plunger Hockey! then after youth its off to Ben's And I might write a Longer post at Bens later tonight(MUCH LATER) and play some fairy tail fights!!

Nolan Out!

Day 2

So I just got off work and am now home, Hence I'm writing in the blog...

Well today at work was once of the weirdest days ever. Breakfast was busy which sucks because it means that we get nothing done(Like in getting ready for the lunch rush) and during Lunch Stuff kept on breaking so we had to get the repair guy in and we almost ran out of Buns and Ect. and now after supper I'm going to that place that people go to work out.... It's going to hurt tomorrow!


Nolan Out!

P.S. Going to show Ben how to work the blog today...

1st Blog Post

Figured I'd Write something in here just for the Heck of it...!

So Right now My Legs Hurt and my upper body hurts and I've realized that the gym is a Cruel place filled with Cruel people, and not only that, I have to pay to go there, Whats up with that! Anywho I guess getting ripped is why I go, but I figured with a guy like me that prolly wont happen! haha!

Nolan Out!