Tuesday, February 16, 2010

French Fries are Made out of Potatoes! Who Knew!

Hey Did you guys know that Potatoes are the main ingredient in French Fries... :S Ha!

So I was just thinking about Timmins and how badly I want to go... But then I remembered That last night I did hang out with Mike Wright, always interesting, I also Briefly Saw Nate, Tyylor, and Thomas. And hopefully that should hold me over till our next Timmins trip! On another note the reason they are in town is for an Improve thing. Now that might not mean much to every one but to me it Means the World. Last time Timmins tried Improve in Sudbury well it Kinda LOST at Life, I just remember back to the SYC #10 and well all I can Say to That Is "OPA!" and try changing Careers for like ever Because According to the SYC you guys are no good at Improve. But I will give you credit for having an unforgettable skit, but the Only reason that "Skit" will ever be remember is because of how funny it was for not being funny at all! Sorry! :P

Well that was pretty much my rant for the day...

Nolan Out!

Well if it's anything like Timmins Improve it's prolly not a very good restaurant...

P.S. Boogers are Gross, Especially the Bloody ones... :O

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