Thursday, February 18, 2010

Triple Header Random Rant

Thing's to Rant about:
Veggie Burger
Cold Bathrooms

Well I'll start with the Veggie Burger. So today at work I was there doing my thing, Making Burgers, when all of a sudden I see an order pop up on the screen. It was a Veggie Burger. Well as some of you know it takes about 10 Mins to make a Veggie burger, and it's annoying, but the Best part of this special Veggie Burger is that the Dude, he wanted Extra Bacon??!? Like DUDE Come On, are you a vegetarian or not? You can't be both! So I shot him... Kidding, I didn't shoot him

Jeff: Jeff is DUMB, Nuff said! okay I wanna say more... Jeff is a Poo Crack! Jeff decided to pull the Old Spam and blame on this blog today.
P.S. I apologize for Blaming Beatrice :D

Cold Bathrooms, okay the bathroom at work is like the coldest bathroom in the world, I was using it on my break today and saw that my Pee was steaming, it is that cold, and well don't eve try to sit down because you'll prolly freeze your bum to the seat!

Well that is My triple header Rant of the Day!

Nolan Out!

P.S. Veggie Burger!


  1. The rants turn to potty humor. Plus you misspelled a certain anatomical area. Plus the veggie burger looks slightly fecal...