Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Work Work

(The title is said like an Orc peon And MUST BE READ AS SUCH MENTALLY)

Have I ever complained to you all about how I don't have enough to do?


Well that's because I have plenty. Which means I can complain about THAT instead!

First of all, I have a longstanding PHP project worth between $500-900 that I've been at for a week now. Its alot harder then even I had anticipated, but soon I will be victorious over the evil that is an SQL Database.

Next Up, I've got to make a car powerd only by a mousetrap for Tech Design at school... Its going... interestingly, but it needs to be done for tomorrow morning, so I have alot to do tonight for sure. YOU IN THE BACK, STOP YOUR SMIRKY COMMENTS ABOUT ME PUTTING THINGS TILL THE LAST MOMENT.

There's also this special effects stuff I need to do for Sam Desrosier... But uhm, thats a later thing. Much Later.

Last of all, I've got to make a instruction manual for some water dispenser used in the mines... This is worth about $200-400. Nothing too hard here, but it could be a bit of work to make sure everything necessary gets put in there.

So in other words, I'm not finishing Final Fantasy any time soon.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't be Touching Them Monkeys

So I am here to make you laugh today, and I don't really feel like typing. So Shut Up and Watch this Video!

Here is another One for those Football Fans out there!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Jumping Over the Underside of the bridge


So I was talking to Keegan on MSN today and he said the funniest thing EVER, Here is what he Said "I see... said the blind man as he peed into the wind - It's all coming back to me now!" He basically made my day!

So that statement got me thinking... What are the biggest "Random Objects" ever made?

Google here I come!


Current record is 122 ft. 8 inches in diameter done in Norwood, South Africa on December 8, 1990. There ingredients were 9,920 lbs of flour, 198 lbs of salt, 3968 lbs of cheese and 1984 lbs of tomato puree.

Biggest Ball of Twine:

The Twine Ball story began in 1953, when farmer Frank Stoeber, like thousands of his rural brethren, found it tidy and efficient to roll spare bits of sisal twine into a small ball in his barn. But over the years, instead of re-using or disposing of the twine, Frank kept rolling. By 1957, his twine ball weighed 2 1/2 tons and stood 8-ft. tall. By 1961, when he turned it over to the town, Stoeber had over 1,600,000 feet of twine rolled into a sphere 11 feet in diameter.

Longest Car:

this is the longest Limousine in the world - 100 ft long, with 26 wheels. 1980 Cadillac with less than 10,000 miles.

Well That was Fun and Boring all at the Same time :P

Hope you Enjoyed
Nolan Out!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sundays are like a Rich Man's Wallet

Day began normally enough, with me waking up at an absurdly late hour as per my habit, and working on a Law Essay... But, then it all took a turn for the better when I shipped out of my abode and traveld to the land of Sudbury for some football. That went well, I traded in my usual ability to run past anything for the uncanny trait of catching shots that were just not meant to be caught. It was fun, but once again there's so many ways I need to improve. Went home, then straight off to my friend Sharayah's place because she stole all of my Law study notes... After spending an hour or so studying Law there, I came home and just kinda didint do anything until I was so bored I created this article in hopes that I could somehow share this boredom by making you all bored by reading it.
Did that work?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't Click On the Link Below!

I am just hoping that No one clicked that link, I mean I told you not to...


So I am now playing COD4, Old School I know, with Joel and he doesn't really have any COD4 skillz he just told me to say that so I did. Now he wont invite me into his game! He Didn't give me long enough time to create a class! Okay I didn't join the game with Joel, Now I'm in a game with him! JOEL SUCKS AT COD4 he just went 1-8. Someones has to be a bad player right?! So Joel isn't very good at COD4! Joel just told me a verse he memorized, "In the beginning was the word, and the word was COD..."

Well I hope you all enjoyed my narrative on my Game of COD4!

Nolan Out!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Maybe making a Comic wasnt the best of ideas

Well, I can honestly say I ATTEMPTED to start making a weekly comic for this place...
Story goes like this:

One day i'm sitting here programming a PHP-MySQL script, minding my own buisness when my mind goes and says:
"Mike, you need to make a Comic now. People will love you and you will be popular"
I say: "Mind, your a conceited fool, but I like this idea, so lets make a comic"

Soo, I power up flash and start drawing around...

But, problem is, I fail at drawing, and I cant for the life of me come up with a half decent drawing style.

So, the first Comic will need to be simply my excursions into trying to draw Nolan!

Seems Matt outdid me once again:

I used to think that I was too into WoW...

I guess there's always somebody out there who can top you as far as Video Game drama goes... I found this little question on a WoW news site, apparently this "Troubled Tank" is asking for relationship advice from a... WoW news column?
I'll leave you all to form your own opinions, but I for one think this is pretty sad.

"Dearest Editors, This warrior finds himself in the prickliest of predicaments. On the server Earth, my main is a pretty normal dude; what is relevant is that he is in a relationship. My alt in Azeroth is getting him into trouble, however.

Viewed as objectively as possible, my main relationship is a good one. However, it leaves me feeling unsatisfied. The problems of the relationship, which do not bear additional mentioning, are primarily external to the relationship. That is, if whoever runs the Earth server would nerf various things, it would be rather good. However, context and circumstance delegate it to a troublesome bore.

Enter my alt's crush on a guildie. She is beautiful, charming, funny, intelligent and never bugs, scolds or annoys me. O would that she would reside in my zone, or one neighbouring mine! Yet alas, she resides on a foreign coast. She who is of relationship ilevel 277 is beyond my reach. Nonetheless, I daresay she adores me. Though as a warrior my Intellect is low, even I can tell she is my perfect match.

What's worse, my guildie crush is unaware that I am seeing someone. Our friendship started innocently enough, but soon it was clear that we fit like a tank and a healer. My Earth server girlfriend and I are like two DPS, laboring in a 30-minute queue. My alt's heart's desire completes my set bonus.

I have not the Eagle Eyes to know what the Light would have me do. On the one hand, my Earth relationship is not a total train wreck and may be worth salvaging; furthermore, it would take many moons (even astride my epic mount) to even reach the place where my Azerothian flower sets her hearthstone. All the same, my Earth counterpart does not make me feel like a credit to the raid, whereas my Azerotherian dearest, in her sublime grace, drains my rage bar even when it is at its fullest.

I am between a kobold and a hard place. I don't want to give up on IRL girl because it is only external circumstances which stand between us, but I would gladly roll a 1 on every Need roll until the end of time to be with my Azerothian partner. Furthering the difficulty is the fact that I know my Azerothian lady is ignorant of my Earth relationship, and I fear -- a fear so strong it may be broken by neither Berserker Rage nor trinket -- that she will, contra my pure intentions, feel misled if I inform her that I am already soulbound. What's worse, enmity between us might cause drama amongst the guild. Light forbid it! I know not what course to take."

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am a very content individual.

I woke up today... And after painfully falling out of bed, then lieing on the ground for the next 30 minutes half asleep but mostly just miserable, I did what I normally do and started to get changed...

But... Then...

I put on my pants and they are TOO SMALL!

I have gained weight! I weigh more then -13 lbs now! Maybe I've even gone into the POSITIVES and I can stop floating around because of being lighter then air!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Omniscient Insane

Date 11:43, March 24th, 2010

Mission: The Omnsicient Insane

Additional Information: Tired morning; School is mean; Guitar hurts the left hand; Scary paper customers; Collecting generalizied abuse; Hot peppers on the side; Driving rules!; Blasted Democrats!; Adventures in Odessy is for all ages; The kinds of Agnostics; Mmm Pepsi; Blogging at my grandparents house.


Good morning,

Tired morning actually...Ever noticed how that when you get a good (long) sleep, you're always more tired in the morning then when you have a bad (short) sleep? No? Shut up. It happens! Trust me.

School is mean. Very mean. It is mean because it forces you to work even it if it IS for your own good. Sure this is what will make sure you don't spend your life frying roadkill on a stolen skillet on a rail car thats going to Alaska, but really, its MEAN! Goodness.

After the cruel school (rhymism FTW), there is guitar (at least on Wednesdays) lesson. At a guitar lesson, you learn about guitar and talk about the cosmos (and technology). Also, at guitar, your left hand will start to ache due to excess tension in previously stated left hand. This is bad. This means your hand is tense and will DIE! Maybe...

After guitar, you must deliver your papers and rip the money from the hands of the recipitors of previously stated papers. Once every two weeks that is. Today would have been a good collecting day if it wasn't for Mr. Goyette (Gouyette? Goyete? Something strange...and French...). Mr. G talks. He talks ALOT. About everything. Todays topic was about kids and their lack of respect/intelligence/obedience/money/etc. This, therefore, results in him noticing that I am in the kid age group and, as a result, applying this to me. It hurts the soul.

Now comes the fun. Me, my dad, and my little bro(ther) are going down south to pick up a new van. After vaccuming the old van, we set out. Supper is the first stop. Food is a gift from above. Litterally. Its also epic to have hot peppers on the side. LOTS of hot peppers. In a container. To munch upon. Num num! AGH! HOT! Drinkpepsidrinkpepsi. Still hot. Blast.

Health bill passed due to coniving Democrats. Blast them all.

Adventures in Odessy (Christian radio show) is epic. Its funny. It has good teachings. It has fairly good stories. It is for ALL ages. Really. My dad listens to them (although he often says its due to the shuffle on his iPod. Do not believe this.). I listen to them. My entire family listens to them. Nolan J. Sarlo listens to them.

Did you know there are two kinds of Agnostics? Ordinary Agnostics (those who don't know if God exists) and Ornery Agnostics (those who don't know if God exists, and don't want YOU to know if He exists either!). Bible Messages are fun to listen to. Go. Download some now. Hunt down Zach. DO IT!

I had more pepsi. Mmm. Smile, Mr. Orangutan.

Ever blogged at your grandparents house? Its fun. I taught them a new word: Vlog. Vlogging is blogging for people who admit they can't spell, whereas blogging is blogging for people who will never admit the can't spel. Neato.

This is Nathanael Martin. Signing out.
*Made you look.*
*Orange Publish Post Button*
*Orange Orangutan*

Late... Need... Sleep...!

So it's quite late right now and really need to go to bed, but I also want to watch another episode of "the big bang theory". Man that show makes me laugh! So I think I am going to download all the seasons of "the big bang theory", and while I'm at it maybe even "corner gas" and some "CSI". Sound good? YES! Well I have to work in the morning! So Goodnight to the Internet...!

Nolan Out!

P.S. Piracy is Bad!

Just another boring day

I'm feeling sadistic today, so I may as well bore you all with the days events.

I got up really tired... which may or may not have been a byproduct of staying up till 3 AM playing Final Fantasy 13, and then went to school only to find out that it was Suave Wednesday, and everybody seemed hung up on dressing like James Bond. Only not really, since they all fail.
Typical day otherwise:
Tech was boring,
Spare was homework,
Adelle was Adelle,
Talon was Talon,
Everybody else was James Bond
Law was Lawish
Calculus was Mathlike
And the bus was yellow.

After that, I got home, found a slightly-almost-humorous video about characters like Link, which you can find here right after this brief disclaimer:

Okay... has a tendency to be really vulgar and profane and all... And this video is only slightly a exception to that. Younger or slightly more sensitive readers be warned (If you do exist... which I highly, highly doubt) that although the swearing here is censored, its pretty easy to understand what their saying.

That disclaimer out of the way, here's a look at just why one should never be a supporting character in a 8 bit RPG.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I got kinda broad and all my MSN conversations kinda died, so I figured I'd post a Blog update...

So today was the 2nd day back to reality and it wasn't bad. I worked at 8 and got off at 3 then, I got home, I showered and ate supper, yummy! Then I went to the gym and am sore because of it. Now I am sitting here at my computer using MSN wishing you guys would talk to me and watching TV... So you could kinda say that my life is kinda boring right now! But I am enjoying every second of this boring life! Ohhh! Before I forget, I should say normally on Tuesday nights I end up going to the theater, but right now I am broke so I'm at home which is lucky for you guys so you get to read all about my boring life...! Which also reminds me that most of you reading this smell bad!

Nolan Out!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nathaniel? Or a human shaped collection of Pokemon?


In other news:
Today I had God teach me a lesson in humorous Irony, I had to sneak through a house (full of sleeping people who might kill me if I woke them up) to pick up a friends homework assignment, and submitted what could possibly be the only Law project ever that has its own loading bar (which you can find here, if your really bored:

Edit: I totally did not abuse my powers and make corrections to Nathaniel's first post. Such a thing would be as horrible as Eating Hands or Killing the Lovely Elderly Couple from 2B

Dear reading populace of people,

Dear reading populace of people,

Date: March 22, 2010

Mission: Write a Blog post.

Additional Info: Oh my word, how do you write a blog?

Nathanael M. is sitting at the computer. He has no school today due to a birthday party. He is living the life of the geek. A combination of Star Trek, Runescape (betterthenWoWineveryway) Wishing he was amazing enough to play WoW, Lord of the Rings, and Paint.Net fill his morning/afternoon (its all a blur!)/ late evening. He is content. One hand on the mouse, one hand on the computer, and one hand on the tuna casserole. He is making wallpapers based on various internal organs. *doo-boop* an MSN message comes in. How odd, Nathanael thinks to himself, that one "Ool" is messaging him about Kidneys. Then he reads the message...a AWESOME blog...and so it begins. Email/Passwords/Cellphones/Blogs/Madness/Livers/More Star Trek/Activites/Youth Conferences/Scary News Paper Customers/Geekage/Sore Eyes/Too much text/Stop it!/The slash button is so inviting!/AAAGH!


This is Nathanael Martin. Signing out.
*Give it a rest!*
*Orange Publish Post Button*

Another Blogger?

I Hired another Blogger today! Wootz! But I'll let him Introduce himself!

Blitz of a Winter Variety Part Conclusion

And now here I am at home, looking back at what was probably the best week I can ever remember having. Words cannot describe how amazing this March Break has been, so instead I will provide you all with a picture representation of how I feel AND simultaneously awnser the long asked question of whether Dinosaurs are immune to zombies!

Blitz of a Wintery Variety part Deus

Sometimes you’re just really wrong. In a good way.
(At the actual time of this writing, its right after Saturday of the Blitz, and despite my BEST attempts to hack through this wireless network or hook up a satellite uplink, I have no internet with which to post this. Same as the previous one, just as a sidenote)

Today I went to the Blitz really worried about my social ability, especially in groups.
See us technologically orientated types don’t get a whole lot of practice with the whole “talking to other living beings” thing. This was made all the more discouraging because of a bonfire a few days back, where I just ended up not talking to people at all whilst dreaming of Warcraft and Warlocks. Dead ones.

But as it turns out, I'm not as totally hopeless as I had once thought.
I met a real friend in one Sam Lenover, who really just a great guy even if he is a hordey, and managed to actually talk to him and Jenna Wood for long periods of time. Which, as mundane as that might sound to most of you normal folk out there, is actually pretty impressive for me.
Also, we wrestled. That was fun, but I fail.

Now i'm off to go to sleep, or at least the next best thing, as Nathaniel Martin and I are discussing Perverted Cats late at night. So I bid you all adieu, and I pray that you all forgive me for using a french word in this conclusion.

The Blitz of a Winter Variety.

(Article was written March 19th)

March Break is brilliant. Really it is.

This week can be compared to going through a shooting gallery, where the targets are all warlocks, and blasting each one of their pudgy-smelly faces to little warlocky bits. With a shotgun.

Been keeping really busy, working on making my law project as epic as possible, working on special effects, playing WoW, the usual… but beyond that, I’ve been adventurneering beyond the house quite a bit too! I went to Laurentian University for a tour and saw Sir Michael Wright, who is smart enough to be taking the same course as me next year! The very same day I went to the Simard’s, learnt that EVERYTHING is better on fire (with the singular exception of yourself, but only then from your perspective) and did a ton of other stuff around the week.

Including killing this one Warlo-… OK Yeah I'm growing as tired of that as you are.

Just now I’m at the Winter Blitz staying at the Billets house, and I can honestly say this is one of the best days I can remember in a looong time.

I’ve been trying to level my SOCIAL level up a bit this year (And my STR rating, but that’s from weightlifting and thus a different story. I’m going to hit level 4 soon though!) And it’s really starting to show in my capacity to talk and interact with people. I’m not level capped now, for sure, but I’m definitely improving. (I'm begining to suspect that my Green Linen Shirt has some hidden +social bonus on it... thats the only reason I can come up with)

On a serious note: I thank God for the Christian brothers and sisters out there… They give me hope that this world still holds some good in it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winter Blitz

Back in Sudbury...

So that had to be the best weekend of this weekend, like for real 100% not lying! Like I am almost 100% in love with my friends, Guys I miss you!

Okay so Winter Blitz was awesome like every year, and I am going to go next year! Also I would like to throw out a big thanks to Mike and Gwen Drenth for putting on an AWESOME youth Retreat, you guys are the coolest, and another big thanks to every one else who may have helped with the weekend, and my last big thanks goes to the Richards for having us crazy guys at there house again! The weekend was cool the people were cool and right now my life seems pretty cool too!

But there is this one thing I truly hate about awesome Weekends... They always come to a close :( and tomorrow I have to work a 7:30... so I am about to kick Ben outta my house and go to bed so goodnight to the computer world and see you later, maybe I'll even post something tomorrow!

Well that is about all I got to say... if you wanna see a cool video "click here" you have to be my facebook friend to see it!!

Nolan Out!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Group 1 Crew

So I'm back! Did you miss me? Good!

So today is going to be a good day! You know why? Because I got to sleep in, and what a Nice sleep in it was! I also get to mock Ben because he has to go to school early and doesn't get to sleep in. HA! In your face! So no that I got that off my chest I shall get on with the rest of this blog update :D

Oh! I guess I should also mention that Beatrice is coming to my house today, and I'm still trying to figure out if it is a good thing or a bad thing! Haha!

Well I guess I might as well put a bit of a plug about yesterday night. Yesterday night we went to the Simards house were we had a Bonfire, and to hang out with Allie and Chelsie it was a good time to say the least. And just remember everything is better on fire!!

Well that's About all I got to time say today, And by that I mean to say is that I have more important things to do and by more Important things I mean... Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 here I Come!! :D

Nolan Out!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whats Always Here and Never Leaves?

So today at work... I worked. Shocking Isn't it!! Some of my Co-Workers might not say I was working but, I really was! So After I got off work I came home had a nice LONG shower, Gotta get rid of that grease it's nasty I tell you. This one time after work I peeled a layer of grease of my arm, BARF!

I AM MAD AT MARCH BREAK! You wanna know why... you don't really have a choice I am going to tell you either way... I hate March Break because I don't get one! How is that even fair everything should close down for this week, or at least A&W should close down for the week so I can not go to work, I would be very happy if that happened. I am going to start a World Wide Petition to get everything to stop for March Break, EVERYTHING! Okay BAD idea, at least I thought of an idea, better then you, you didn't even think of one, STUPID!

Well Tonight I have to go back to that evil place that makes me feel pain, I truly hate the man who invented the Gym, what an Idiot!

Okay so I am going to shut up and stop the ranting :P

Nolan out!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gotta Keep Up!

So I have noticed that Mike has started to catch up to me in blog post so I figured I would at least try and keep up!

So today I was at chapel and it was awesome as always. Tony spoke at chapel for the second service and I have noticed that I REALLY enjoy when he speaks he is always clear right to the point, and doesn't care if he makes people feel uncomfortable with what he is talking about. I think that is why I enjoy it so much, think it challenges me with what he talks about, witch is always good. So that was my day at church...

and right now I am sitting here with Ben, Zach, Shelby, and 5 empty pizza boxes so it is was a good day all in all. But all good things must come to a end, and tomorrow I work at 8am... Sad, but true. But hey this week should be good the whites are in town and some Timmins People are coming here on Thursday.

Well thats about all I have to say tonight!

Nolan Out!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chronicles of a Geek on March Break: Chapter 3

Chronicles of a Geek on March Break: Chapter 3

Today was most intresting, in it I found myself.... Oh scrap it all, I'm sure your all sick of that blatherwash.

Jon came over and ruined my plans of actually doing homework. Later, I visited my Grandma in the Hospital, then went over to Jon's place and got his workout equipment. I set up a full routine for myself, and hopefully I have the commitment to follow through with it.

Other then that... WoW, Video game talk, tech work, and the usual stuff.
There, that was brief, to the point, and had no big words. You all happy?
Chronicles of a Geek on March Break: Chapter 2

Day one of my brief break from the icy grip of school found me doing something interesting... After doing some of my leftover work from school (God forbid they should give us complete freedom), I decided upon something... Different. Something completely groundbreaking.... Something that would break all precedents...

I, Mike Daoust, Would go OUTSIDE. And GO TO A FRIEND'S PLACE.

Having set my mind on this task, I went about preparing. First I got my computer ready to go with me, because of course I doubt I could survive very long without it... Next, I carefully prepared my emergency communication device (Known more commonly as a Cell Phone) and proceeded to board the small transport heading to my destination. I stepped outside, into the intermediary area between the vehicle and home, and was greeted as always by the strangest of wonders. A tall ceiling known as a sky, a large light known as the sun, and seemingly endless limits of space. Perhaps someday i'll explore this, but that might require more courage then I have.

Moving on, eventually I arrived at this other family's house. I went on to try to set up my computer, but alas! I had forgotten a DVI connection cable for the monitor! I panicked, and probably nearly killed myself... but eventually it was decided that the best thing to do would be drive back and get the all important connector. The rest of the day was mainly uninteresting, consisting mostly of playing the Virtual Entertainment Game known as "World of Warcraft" and staying up until I was too tired to continue.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Chronicles of a Geek on March Break: Chapter 1

Chronicles of a Geek on March Break: Chapter 1

I begin this journal with much excitement, for it isn't often that I have the luxury of time needed to record my thoughts. Indeed, That vile institution so referred to as "highschool" is an all consuming beast that sucks the life out of even the most stalwart of young people. For those of you unfamiliar with this evil system, I will explain a little:

To start, hundreds upon hundreds of nearly innocent young people are horded onto transports and forced to enter the highschool building itself, which upon entering, we are individually assigned to go to a small space designated as our "locker", and prepare for the coming day. We are, by now, trained to obey the command of a bell, wrung by some unseen overseer who dictates when its time to move from one workstation to the next. We all go throughout the day sitting, listening, and working for our superiors (known as "teachers" for a reason that still boggles my mind) Until eventually we are all marched back onto transports and returned home to accomplish our assigned work.

All of that, ended yesterday in a celebration of all that is good known as the March Break.

Now we are given temporary freedom for a week! We are permitted to stop and enjoy this strange planet outside of the school building! I'm sure many of you other school goers out there are sitting here now and thinking to yourself "But what else is there in life Mike? Is not school all that there is?" Well I argue that you Sir are wrong! And I will record my adventures in this daily journal!

Even should I not survive this week, I hope this log proves once and for all that life does exist outside of the school.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So here is another blog Post for you guys...

A day in the Life of Nolan Sarlo:

I wake up to the Sounds of Music play, Zach Left the Music Running all night again, and to the sound of a very loud buzzing sound, yes its my Alarm clock. I slowly roll over to see that the clock shows the time 7:25, and my clock is 8 Minutes fast and I am to lazy to fix it so I am at least 8 Minutes early for stuff. After I shut off my alarm I slowly, and when I say slowly I mean ever so slowly, like a heard of turtles slowly. But once I get out of bed I put on my VERY sexy A&W Uniform on and go upstairs and make myself a PB&J sandwich, and pour a glass of milky Goodness. Then I rush out the door, because by this time I am usually late for work. Now I am at work and because I don't want to bore you out of your mind, and your mind will melt out of your head if I told you what I do at work. So after I get off work I go home, eat and go to the Gym, I ran 3 Miles in 30 Minutes, yes be proud to be my friend, then I went home used Facebook for a while then went to Bible Study at my Church. After Church I went to... Can you guess...? If you guessed Ben's House you were right, and I am sitting here using Dan John's Computer and and talking on MSN and Posting on my Blog and Kinda talking to Ben...

So there you go You just got a Short but sweet glimpse into the VERY exciting Day to Day Life of Nolan Sarlo! :P

Nolan Out!

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Gym? Whos Gym?

I got dragged to the Gym by Nolan and his accomplice Ben today... Kinda just failed at a bunch of stuff and surprised myself by how completely and totally pathetic my strength is. It all kinda felt like going back to Karate all over again, except without the annoying Whitebelt Jerk that wouldn't leave me alone. I also don't ache as much as I thought I would, which probably says I should have pushed myself harder. I really do think that I need to exercise at home a bit... For now I just need to develop the form needed to actually benefit from the gym at all.

After that, went to the movies. Was good. Bruce Willis can be a funny man. And as you can see by the fragmentation of my sentences, I am beat. So G'night all.

Monday, March 8, 2010



And I would really like to say that Mike IS a Shotgun Ninja!
Here are my reasons why I know this!
1. He was in Karate
2. He can catch objects flying toward him with his back
3. It is near impossible to hit him with anything
4. He can make this Blog look AWESOME!
5. He can Teleport
6. He has Magic Powers
7. He can go 43.7678 days with out eating
8. He has Paintball stuff
9. He can fit in little places
10. He Used to be SUPER Anti-Social, and now he isn't! :D

Haha! Found another picture!

Look at It!

This is what happens when you get a Square Root!

Of Warlocks and Shotguns

I write this from the depths of a dark, cold office somewhere in the middle of a highschool... Hiding from the vile hordes of teenagers and teachers that await me outside of the blessed protection of this room...

I'm beginning to just accept the fact that my hatred of school is eclipsed only by my hatred of Warlocks and Rogues who use stabby things.
(And I hate Warlocks. I really do.)

While I'm here, I figure I'll play around with the site template a bit and fix up the XML later when I get home (EDIT: This is now done, looks pretty nice besides for a Light-forsaken logo that has a nasty habit of making my eyes bleed) You can all thank me in the form of donations. Large ones.

Moving on, I would just like to state that Nolan was incorrect in saying I am a Shotgun Ninja.
Firstly: Ninjas don't use shotguns
Secondarily: I don't use Shotguns.
LastOfAll-ly: I'm not a Ninja.

But my time draws to a close. have a good day all of you! Unless your a warlock, then you can burn.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


My Ride is back in Sudbury... Opps I Mean.. Ben is back in town. But that's not the only news, The new blogger is on, and I guess the secret is out... SO the new Member of this super crazy awesome blog of superness, IS.... Drum Roll...! MIKE THE SHOTGUN NINJA!

And he is a Shotgun Ninja... Picture Proof :D

I also put the Winter Run video up on Facebook -- Click Here

And I had about the same kinda weekend as Mike, since he was at my house all weekend... It was a good time... I gotta work in the morning so I am going to bed!

Nolan Out!

P.S. I have also give'n Mike permission to work his Magic on the blog if he wants, so if you come to this blog and it looks really awesome one day, blame Mike!


Oh look! A Blog!

Now that I'm writing here, is there anybody left to actually just READ the blog? Speak up now... No? Ah well, an imaginary audience is better then a really stupid one methinks.

So this was an amazing weekend for sure! Got my nose busted, hurt my foot again, felt strangely out of place at C&C, lost some counterstrike games, and even blew $5 on Silver City arcade tokens!
(Note to self: Never touch House of the dead again unless its free)
Admist all this excitement, I also conned Nolan into letting me take ove- Erm, Contribute to this blog! Which means you may or may not get to hear all about my empty and dull life!

As if hearing about how lifeless Nolan is wasn't enough!
Final note: If you comment on this post you get a cookie!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

PLus+ 1

We are adding another Blogger to this blog... But Instead of telling you who it is, I'm going to let you wait and then you'll see! I Know I can be a Jerk!

Well This weekend has been pretty good, Mike and Steve both came over and are staying here the weekend and in about 5 mins we are going to C&C so I have to make this quick!

Here is a Riddle Post Answer in the Comment Box:
"My first is double twenty-one but twice of twenty-two,
Decipher it and you will see that statement is quite true.

My next two are just three apart, or, looking at the link,
You'll have the answer easily and will not have to think.

My fourth is so more ways than one, so long as you can spell,
While my fifth splits first and second, so what is it? Can you tell?

It may seem like these words of rhyme are nonsense things to say,
Though the five together are right here (two ways) so what are they?"

P.S. Football at the Ex Center Tonight!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today I am going to talk about "Dumicity"
  and most of you won't know what that word means since I made it up, So let me explain this word to you.

The Word Dumicity

Lets Break this Word down...

The Root of this word is dumb, and in some uses of the word dumb it can mean "stupid" or "stupider." And the suffix -acity is a complex noun suffix meaning “quality of” or “abounding in the characteristic of.” So the logical Definition of this word would be described as the following. "How dumb a person is, or how Dumacious a person is or can be."

Now that we know what Dumicity means, I will now show you a step by step process to figure out how Dumacious a person is.

Step 1: How tall are they?
1'0-4'0 gives you -4 Points
4'1-5'3 gives you 2 Points
5'4-6'3 gives you 4 Points
6'4- and Beyond gives you -1 Point

Step 2: Whats there Hair Color?
Brown gives you 4 Points
Blond gives you 5 Points
Red gives you 3 Points
Gray to White gives you 8 Points

Step 3: How many Letters In 1st Name?
1-3 gives you 1 Point
4-6 gives you 3 Points
6- and Beyond gives you 6 Points

Step 4: How Many Facebook friends?*
1-100 gives you 3 Points
101-400 gives you 5 Points
401-700 gives you 1 Point
701- and Beyond gives you -4 Points

Note* If the person doesn't have Facebook it is a Automatic -7 Points

The Higher your Dumicity ranking the better. The highest being 24 and the lowest being -7

Post how Dumacious you are below :D