Friday, March 12, 2010

Chronicles of a Geek on March Break: Chapter 1

Chronicles of a Geek on March Break: Chapter 1

I begin this journal with much excitement, for it isn't often that I have the luxury of time needed to record my thoughts. Indeed, That vile institution so referred to as "highschool" is an all consuming beast that sucks the life out of even the most stalwart of young people. For those of you unfamiliar with this evil system, I will explain a little:

To start, hundreds upon hundreds of nearly innocent young people are horded onto transports and forced to enter the highschool building itself, which upon entering, we are individually assigned to go to a small space designated as our "locker", and prepare for the coming day. We are, by now, trained to obey the command of a bell, wrung by some unseen overseer who dictates when its time to move from one workstation to the next. We all go throughout the day sitting, listening, and working for our superiors (known as "teachers" for a reason that still boggles my mind) Until eventually we are all marched back onto transports and returned home to accomplish our assigned work.

All of that, ended yesterday in a celebration of all that is good known as the March Break.

Now we are given temporary freedom for a week! We are permitted to stop and enjoy this strange planet outside of the school building! I'm sure many of you other school goers out there are sitting here now and thinking to yourself "But what else is there in life Mike? Is not school all that there is?" Well I argue that you Sir are wrong! And I will record my adventures in this daily journal!

Even should I not survive this week, I hope this log proves once and for all that life does exist outside of the school.

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