Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I got kinda broad and all my MSN conversations kinda died, so I figured I'd post a Blog update...

So today was the 2nd day back to reality and it wasn't bad. I worked at 8 and got off at 3 then, I got home, I showered and ate supper, yummy! Then I went to the gym and am sore because of it. Now I am sitting here at my computer using MSN wishing you guys would talk to me and watching TV... So you could kinda say that my life is kinda boring right now! But I am enjoying every second of this boring life! Ohhh! Before I forget, I should say normally on Tuesday nights I end up going to the theater, but right now I am broke so I'm at home which is lucky for you guys so you get to read all about my boring life...! Which also reminds me that most of you reading this smell bad!

Nolan Out!

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