Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just another boring day

I'm feeling sadistic today, so I may as well bore you all with the days events.

I got up really tired... which may or may not have been a byproduct of staying up till 3 AM playing Final Fantasy 13, and then went to school only to find out that it was Suave Wednesday, and everybody seemed hung up on dressing like James Bond. Only not really, since they all fail.
Typical day otherwise:
Tech was boring,
Spare was homework,
Adelle was Adelle,
Talon was Talon,
Everybody else was James Bond
Law was Lawish
Calculus was Mathlike
And the bus was yellow.

After that, I got home, found a slightly-almost-humorous video about characters like Link, which you can find here right after this brief disclaimer:

Okay... has a tendency to be really vulgar and profane and all... And this video is only slightly a exception to that. Younger or slightly more sensitive readers be warned (If you do exist... which I highly, highly doubt) that although the swearing here is censored, its pretty easy to understand what their saying.

That disclaimer out of the way, here's a look at just why one should never be a supporting character in a 8 bit RPG.


  1. Mastiff, I am not happy at all. This is not good, making fun of the rpgers.I am very sad now. You know better then to mock them, and so what if the knight terrorized the peasants, and killed two people was it?So what if he stole the wedding dress, the money, and the grandma, he did it all in the name of the quest. You should be ashamed of mocking poor rpgers.Now I am leaving before I say any other harsh words :P

  2. We had this conversation before... Different type of RPG...

  3. Well Mastiff, maybe we have, but still all rpgers are something I embrace, so no being mean to them, or else....I am not sure what, but something dont do the whole "We have had this conversation before..." it irks me :P haha