Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Omniscient Insane

Date 11:43, March 24th, 2010

Mission: The Omnsicient Insane

Additional Information: Tired morning; School is mean; Guitar hurts the left hand; Scary paper customers; Collecting generalizied abuse; Hot peppers on the side; Driving rules!; Blasted Democrats!; Adventures in Odessy is for all ages; The kinds of Agnostics; Mmm Pepsi; Blogging at my grandparents house.


Good morning,

Tired morning actually...Ever noticed how that when you get a good (long) sleep, you're always more tired in the morning then when you have a bad (short) sleep? No? Shut up. It happens! Trust me.

School is mean. Very mean. It is mean because it forces you to work even it if it IS for your own good. Sure this is what will make sure you don't spend your life frying roadkill on a stolen skillet on a rail car thats going to Alaska, but really, its MEAN! Goodness.

After the cruel school (rhymism FTW), there is guitar (at least on Wednesdays) lesson. At a guitar lesson, you learn about guitar and talk about the cosmos (and technology). Also, at guitar, your left hand will start to ache due to excess tension in previously stated left hand. This is bad. This means your hand is tense and will DIE! Maybe...

After guitar, you must deliver your papers and rip the money from the hands of the recipitors of previously stated papers. Once every two weeks that is. Today would have been a good collecting day if it wasn't for Mr. Goyette (Gouyette? Goyete? Something strange...and French...). Mr. G talks. He talks ALOT. About everything. Todays topic was about kids and their lack of respect/intelligence/obedience/money/etc. This, therefore, results in him noticing that I am in the kid age group and, as a result, applying this to me. It hurts the soul.

Now comes the fun. Me, my dad, and my little bro(ther) are going down south to pick up a new van. After vaccuming the old van, we set out. Supper is the first stop. Food is a gift from above. Litterally. Its also epic to have hot peppers on the side. LOTS of hot peppers. In a container. To munch upon. Num num! AGH! HOT! Drinkpepsidrinkpepsi. Still hot. Blast.

Health bill passed due to coniving Democrats. Blast them all.

Adventures in Odessy (Christian radio show) is epic. Its funny. It has good teachings. It has fairly good stories. It is for ALL ages. Really. My dad listens to them (although he often says its due to the shuffle on his iPod. Do not believe this.). I listen to them. My entire family listens to them. Nolan J. Sarlo listens to them.

Did you know there are two kinds of Agnostics? Ordinary Agnostics (those who don't know if God exists) and Ornery Agnostics (those who don't know if God exists, and don't want YOU to know if He exists either!). Bible Messages are fun to listen to. Go. Download some now. Hunt down Zach. DO IT!

I had more pepsi. Mmm. Smile, Mr. Orangutan.

Ever blogged at your grandparents house? Its fun. I taught them a new word: Vlog. Vlogging is blogging for people who admit they can't spell, whereas blogging is blogging for people who will never admit the can't spel. Neato.

This is Nathanael Martin. Signing out.
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*Orange Orangutan*


  1. You try too hard Mr. Nathaniel. Also, a Vlog is a Video Log.

  2. I didn't started small but ended in a book of random nothing! Also, I know what a vlog is...its a blog for people who can't spell!

  3. :P Something I should Look into! :D