Saturday, March 6, 2010

PLus+ 1

We are adding another Blogger to this blog... But Instead of telling you who it is, I'm going to let you wait and then you'll see! I Know I can be a Jerk!

Well This weekend has been pretty good, Mike and Steve both came over and are staying here the weekend and in about 5 mins we are going to C&C so I have to make this quick!

Here is a Riddle Post Answer in the Comment Box:
"My first is double twenty-one but twice of twenty-two,
Decipher it and you will see that statement is quite true.

My next two are just three apart, or, looking at the link,
You'll have the answer easily and will not have to think.

My fourth is so more ways than one, so long as you can spell,
While my fifth splits first and second, so what is it? Can you tell?

It may seem like these words of rhyme are nonsense things to say,
Though the five together are right here (two ways) so what are they?"

P.S. Football at the Ex Center Tonight!


  1. The answer that you seek to find, in words, is now shown here,
    To understand the clues read on, I'll try to make it clear.

    The twenty-first of letters is U in the alphabet,
    Double it, W is the letter you would then get.

    Now the twenty-second letter of the alphabet is V,
    When written twice together a W it could be.

    I hope I've explained the clues to give W as letter one,
    Now let's move on, there's four more letters to be done.

    The second and third letters are three from each other,
    But to scour the alphabet to find them, you needn't bother.

    If you were looking carefully you'd have seen in the third line,
    The linking word, OR, fits this criteria just fine.

    This makes the second O, and R would be the third,
    Which gives us W, O and R as letters of this word.

    The fourth letter in the alphabet is fourth in the answer too,
    Which makes the fourth one D, only one more left to do!

    Finally the fifth lies between the first and second,
    In the alphabet, S splits W and O, that's what I reckoned.

    Combine the five, see that they've been used here a lot?
    And in the seventh line, sixth word, the answer even got a spot!

    So now you know the answer and those clues are less absurd,
    It's amazing what you can do with a word, oops, I mean WORDS!