Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sundays are like a Rich Man's Wallet

Day began normally enough, with me waking up at an absurdly late hour as per my habit, and working on a Law Essay... But, then it all took a turn for the better when I shipped out of my abode and traveld to the land of Sudbury for some football. That went well, I traded in my usual ability to run past anything for the uncanny trait of catching shots that were just not meant to be caught. It was fun, but once again there's so many ways I need to improve. Went home, then straight off to my friend Sharayah's place because she stole all of my Law study notes... After spending an hour or so studying Law there, I came home and just kinda didint do anything until I was so bored I created this article in hopes that I could somehow share this boredom by making you all bored by reading it.
Did that work?


  1. Could you guys like sign at teh bottom so I know who's writing THANKS

  2. It says at the top right below the title. The Fonts hard to read, i'll change the color now.