Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winter Blitz

Back in Sudbury...

So that had to be the best weekend of this weekend, like for real 100% not lying! Like I am almost 100% in love with my friends, Guys I miss you!

Okay so Winter Blitz was awesome like every year, and I am going to go next year! Also I would like to throw out a big thanks to Mike and Gwen Drenth for putting on an AWESOME youth Retreat, you guys are the coolest, and another big thanks to every one else who may have helped with the weekend, and my last big thanks goes to the Richards for having us crazy guys at there house again! The weekend was cool the people were cool and right now my life seems pretty cool too!

But there is this one thing I truly hate about awesome Weekends... They always come to a close :( and tomorrow I have to work a 7:30... so I am about to kick Ben outta my house and go to bed so goodnight to the computer world and see you later, maybe I'll even post something tomorrow!

Well that is about all I got to say... if you wanna see a cool video "click here" you have to be my facebook friend to see it!!

Nolan Out!

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