Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Work Work

(The title is said like an Orc peon And MUST BE READ AS SUCH MENTALLY)

Have I ever complained to you all about how I don't have enough to do?


Well that's because I have plenty. Which means I can complain about THAT instead!

First of all, I have a longstanding PHP project worth between $500-900 that I've been at for a week now. Its alot harder then even I had anticipated, but soon I will be victorious over the evil that is an SQL Database.

Next Up, I've got to make a car powerd only by a mousetrap for Tech Design at school... Its going... interestingly, but it needs to be done for tomorrow morning, so I have alot to do tonight for sure. YOU IN THE BACK, STOP YOUR SMIRKY COMMENTS ABOUT ME PUTTING THINGS TILL THE LAST MOMENT.

There's also this special effects stuff I need to do for Sam Desrosier... But uhm, thats a later thing. Much Later.

Last of all, I've got to make a instruction manual for some water dispenser used in the mines... This is worth about $200-400. Nothing too hard here, but it could be a bit of work to make sure everything necessary gets put in there.

So in other words, I'm not finishing Final Fantasy any time soon.

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