Friday, April 30, 2010

Ben is about to beat me so I am going to make this quick! :O

Temporary awayness.

My time is short, so i'm afraid this post will need to be also.
I hope to keep really busy this weekend,  meaning games of paintball, homework, jobs, possibly a trip to sturgeon falls... So I wont be posting a whole lot unless some spare time pops up.

Have a good weekend all! And get in touch if any of you are up for a game of paintball tomorrow.

Thursday, April 29, 2010



this picture's cute.. k

Hi, so I haven't posted in ages, annnd I've just been super busy... This post will be all negative

just warning you.. LOL

so I have to perform tommorow, and I really don't want to at all... I just finished up a school fundraiser, and i'm getting sick, yay for nasaly voices... WAIT. I have decided NOT to sing tomorow night... yes that's right.

I absolutely hate my life right now. like really...

I've worn myself out, and it's time I say goodbye to volunteering (except camp <3)

but im excited for nolan and ben to come up... I MISS YOU GUYS.

Bloggin' About My Mom

She makes really good chocolate cake. So good it must be captalized. Chocolate Cake.

She suffers us and says that she "am not doing it for the good of my health!*"

She makes quilts.

She is awesome.

Enough about her.


Sickness. It sickens me. I detest it. But it must love me due to the frequency with which it visits and the duration that it stays. Blast you sickness. Blast you. On a side note, certain sicknesses like Pneumonia have pros that outway the cons (depending on your standing on the topic of symptoms). No school. No throwing up. VS Fever. Cough. Small chance of death. No brainer.


A thought has struck my conscience at great velocity, provoking minor pain and major thought. This thought is on the topic of career choice. Do some people wake up one day and think "Hey. I would love to be a crafter of cheap notebooks†!"
Are you sure there is not some man with a gun/knife/bomb/syringe/intoxicating drug/snake behind you, forcing you to become a crafter of notebooks† (cheap notebooks) due to some odd sense of revenge/justice (often the same thing)?


I like books...These tomes of knowledge (useful or otherwise) can be wasters of time, bestowers of knowledge (aaagh. Word repetition), and detachers of retinas. Books filled with awesomly cool people like Grand Admiral Thrawn. Truly. Epic.

Also epic...
And This


This is Nathanael, signing out.
Oh wait...
Thats the way of the pagans.
Ta ta.
New Skill.


†Tire/Desk/Chair/Fertilizer Bags/Zippers/Etc.

P.S. I want to hear teh funny joke 0.0

P.P.S. Go Abe Go! Have a garlic stick on me.

P.P.P.S. I did send you my picture!

[Note that this has been found written in the blogger's will due to his unfortunate and untimely death, Mike.]

Thinking About Taking Over The World? Then This Blog Post is for you!!

Here is a Step-by-Step Processes on how to take over the world. it is also the Program I am currently using and it seems to be working just fine. But I am kinda stuck on step 4, Not sure which one I should get, any advice in that matter would be much appreciated...

Step 1: Evil
You must be at least 86.4% Evil for you to even stand a chance at taking over 1 Continent, But to take over the whole world you need to be at a minimum of 98.9% Evil. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Step 2: Money, and lots of it!

Chances are if you have a passing grade on step 1 then you should already be good to go on step 2, Since Money is the Root of all evil. But if for some reason you don't have lots of money here are some Sub-Steps you can do:
A. Kill a Rich Uncle
B. Get a Job
C. Rob a Bank
D. All of the Above

Step 3: Fear
  • Option 1.
You will Need some kind of massive weapon(s) that can destroy large areas of land at a time, like whole city's and such. Or you could go for the alternative, which is a bio-weapon of some sort that will kill people or at least turn them into Zombies. the effect of these weapons will make people fear you, and when people fear you they also listen to you and when they Listen to you you have POWER!
  • Option 2.
Or you could always try and do it the "honest" way and try to win an election or something and become President and then unite the world.
Side Effect Of this Option Include, People thinking you are the Anti-Christ, Going soft, Or Death.

Step 4: Henchmen
Now when taking over the World you will Notice that you will be VERY busy and wont have much time to do Fun stuff anymore, like playing with your kids and wife, but not only will you have no time for fun stuff with the family but you will also have limited time to do your own dirty work. This is where Henchmen come in. You Will Need to buy Henchmen, I always use, I find it is a great site for buying Henchmen. Now when Shopping for henchmen you will need to keep an eye out for a few things. Size, Brains, Ninja, or Just plain Sketchy. Now I will go over the Pros and Cons of these different type of Henchmen
  • Size has, and still is a classic thing to look for when buying Henchmen. Pros: Great for helping Move stuff, beating people up, and Getting them Darn Cookies off the top shelf. Cons: Dumb
  • Brains are always nice to have. Pros: Can help with your Evil plan Cons: NOT Great for helping Move stuff, Not Good at beating people up, and Forget about Getting them Darn Cookies off the top shelf.
  • Ninja... Pros: YOU HAVE A NINJA ON YOUR SIDE! Cons: N/A
  • Just plain Sketchy... Pros: Cheap! Cons: Lots...

Step 5: Plan & Purchase
Now you need to make a plan, buy your weapons and buy your Henchmen... this step is easier said then done and will take time. Unless you already know what you are going to do! In that case what are you waiting for go to Step 6!!

Step 6: Execute
Start putting your plan into action, get them weapons ready for attack. Also don't forget that you wont really be doing anything but just sitting there telling your henchmen what to do, that is why you bought them right? So just sit back and watch the magic Happen!

Step 7: Rule
Congratulations! You are now the ruler of the world. But don't get to excited, now that you own everything I'm sure there will be an uprising soon, so keep an eye out for them rebels, and when ever they try to beat you down... Just remember WWDVD, What Would Darth Vader do? So go ahead and blow up there Country and Have FUN!

Until Next time!

Nolan Out!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


It is my deep and humble honor to share this moving picture with the rest of this very fine community. Allow me to confirm for each of you present here today that this is indeed the absolute true story of my war against the only force on this planet more divisive then slavery:
Perchance some of you are wondering whether the portrayed publication is indeed a real book, to you sir, I say: yes it is, and you had best well go and purchase it with all due haste.

I hate silence like Francis hates... Well, everything.

You know, there's 5 bloggers here... That's alot of people working on one Blog... So then, why is it that we went an entire day with no updates?

I've taken the liberty of murdering every other blogger here.

BUT! The good news is, I've replaced them with loyal robot clones, who for all intents and purposes act and seem exactly the same as the original! Not even they realize that they're robots!

*subtle hint* Hopefully these superior robot replacements will start posting more consistently.*end subtle hint*

On a entirely different subject, Left 4 Dead 2 DLC came out not too long ago... Its pretty brilliant in its own right, but I happened across this promotional trailer about it. And in case you are unfamiliar with our tattooed friend's love of hatred: Please see enclosed link

Also, went on a field trip today... It was kinda fail, but it was nice going on a trip and actually having people to talk to for once. Keeps me from getting all depressional-like.

Stay safe and watch for mutants at all times!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mood Rings!

Today was a very uneventful day. Just more or less a normal day. Woke up at 6 work till 3:30 went home took a nap went to the gym! So there isn't really anything new to report today...

But I want you a guys to hear this VERY important thing for guys to know...

P.s. Wanna hear a funny joke?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ahhh tis good to own a Blog


I'm going through the amount of traffic this blog is getting, and the amount of newcomers who are poppin' in and out... And I can honestly say that I am most pleased.
At this rate, soon we can capture the interwebs and hold it hostage!

But! onto less serious matters!
Today wasn't even a typical day... It was just really boring! I woke up and found no zombies around... Got dressed for school and found my ugly, but entirely fitting shirt that reads: "You read my T-Shirt, that's enough social interaction for one day" Donning this item, I soon found my way to the depths of school, and fought level 28 teenager enemies all day long. I even went up a level and increased my "Social Tolerance" skill!
getting home, I sat here and began waiting for my dad (and thus the van) to get home so that I could go and visit the Simards (Contrary to popular belief, I do occasionally see the light of day.)
He never came though. So instead I started working on some artwork for this here blog. I'll post them on Facebook when all 3 are done!

And please, for the sake of all things holy, dont quote my line about zombieland. Thats a horrible, horrible quote.

Edit:The images are up! Click for full size!


I am not in control of

Only God Can Judge, Judy...


The comma changes everything. It's crazy what stupid things people go to Judge Judy for, why doesn't she take on interesting problems...

^Rocket Science is when Scientists find things out about space.

So, today I did absolutely nothing in school, except in my music classes where I played guitar. Now I'm fretting about friday because I have to preform and I have NOTHING done. So if you guys have any Christian type songs to suggest it would be well appreciated.

I hope after this weekend all the busyness will stop. Of course that won't be any exscuse to do good in school, because frankly i'm too lazy. haha. If I were as smart as Mike, I would do good.

Anyway that's all for tonight, I'm extremely tired and grumpy LOL, but at least I get pizza for supper. So I'll leave you with this video.

Yet another Vlog


Monday, April 26, 2010

So this one time at Poop Camp...


The Twins are At my house, So that means we had some crazy awesome food! and When I say crazy awesome I mean SUPER CRAZY AWESOME! We went to Food Basics and bought Food! The Food we made was almost As awesome as Chuck Norris! So I guess you are kinda wondering what we made?

We Made Nachos! And Man I think they were on steroids, They were the BEST nachos I have ever eat'n!

In other News I am Officially 191lbs, That means I have lost 20lbs since I started working out! I can also bench 200lbs! WHOA I AM A TANK!!

Below are Some of very Important things to know!

01 Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.
02 Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.
03 Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting infers the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.
04 If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris you may be only seconds away from death.
05 Chuck Norris used to have 4 pet turtles. He let them go into the wild, these are now known as the Ninja Turtles
06 When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.
07 Chuck Norris built a time machine and went back in time to stop the JFK assassination. As Oswald shot, Chuck Norris met all three bullets with his beard, deflecting them. JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement.
08 Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.
09 They once made a Chuck Norris toilet paper, but it wouldn't take crap from anybody.
10 A blind man once stepped on Chuck Norris' shoe. Chuck replied, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Chuck Norris!" The mere mention of his name cured this man blindness. Sadly the first, last, and only thing this man ever saw, was a fatal roundhouse delivered by Chuck Norris.

Edit: Okay so just after I posted this some creepy Person added me on MSN... I think it is a robot... but she wants me to go on a Web cam with her... and she is being very sketchy... So I blocked her!

Blah Blah Blah

Random. Random random. Random.
Rrrandom. Random. Random random random.

Lets talk about dogs.

There are a few dogs who are owned by customers on my paperroute...They are kind and don't bite unless bitten.

Here's a list:

-Hemi the white furry dog that looks like he's old but is actually young.
-Sydney the mutt. The kind mutt owned by the mean man.
-Meeka the puppy. Very cute puppy. Excited puppy. Puppy whose owners must pay me more often.
-Doug the Pug. No idea if his name is Doug. He has nasal conditions. He sniffles. He is a happy dog.


Lets talk about Smallville.

The people in Smallville seem to have the bad habit of kicking/punching/beating/biting people when they're down. Usually the person on the recieving end of the pain was holding a gun/knife/strange ability that they were trying to use to kill kicker/puncher/beater/biter. Thank heavens for lengthy monologuing that gives the kicker/puncher/beater/biter long enough to get close enough to fight back and...kick/punch/beat/bite. Lots of crunching...and arterial spray...Yummy...

Lex Luthor is really cool.


Lets talk about iPhone prototypes...and Gizmodo...and Mr. Powell...and his drinking "buddies".

What has two cameras, two microphones, and a 3G2 Camo-Case?
Why, its the iPhone Prototype!

Who gets his house raided by police because of slightly illegally obtained technology?
Why, its Jason Chen! Editor of Gizmodo!

Who gets drunk in a German bar (in California? Whaaaat?) with strangers and loses his iPhone prototype?
Why, its Gray Powell (who apperantly still has his job!)!

Who finds an iPhone on a bar stool and tries to take random pictures, call random numbers, and remove its case?
Why, its Gray Powell's drinking "buddies"!


Lets talk about...Mad toy builders...Errr...nevermind...

Chest pain?
Icky Sicky...
Doug teh Pug!
RunescapeWarcraft has Zombies!
Mike Daoust, kills Zombies, edits posts cruely and is fiendishly good looking.
Monkeys can fly if attatched to large explosives. Poor, poor monkeys.

My fellow Citizens

Friends and Citizens, today we come together to celebrate another successful demonstration of that democratic process that we all hold dear. In a display of the voice of the common people (and might I add of incredibly good taste) I have been nominated as your most popular speaker at this... "website" was it?

While I attest that I don't recall ever publishing an article to this fine establishment, I assure you all that I am nonetheless equally as grateful for everybody's show of good faith in the electoral process.

Since I have been given new life (And a, to use modern vernacular, "frikkin sweet" firearm to replace my arm!) I have made every attempt to be the same Man of honesty that history records me of being. With your support at my back, soon we will see this nation returned to its former glory!

Oh, yes, and also, please vote for the Cyborgs With Large Guns party during your next national election.
Thankyou, and Godbless

Abraham Lincoln

Poll Results: Take Two

In the end, Our poll "Who is your least favorite Blogger?" came out with an outstanding 25 vote total! THAT MEANS THERE ARE 25 PEOPLE WHO WASTE THEIR TIME COMING TO THIS SITE!
 We could (and should) start a small army out of you people!

At any rate, here's the results:
3 Votes (12%)
3 Votes (12%)
9 Votes (36%)
4 Votes (16%)
Chuck Norris
4 Votes (16%)
Abraham Lincoln
2 Votes (8%)

And here's the facts we can gather from this information:
  • Joel is not exactly the most popular of bloggers. Probably because of his personal hygiene
  • Ben is equally as popular as Chuck Norris!
  • 4 people will soon be found without faces. They will have been roundhouse kicked off.
  • One voter is from... The United States? Yanks aren't allowed here! BEGONE OBESE PEST
  • The blog has grown alot in one week.
  • Nathaniel has 0 votes not because he is popular, but because he is nonexistant!
  • The only true winner here is Good ol Abe. Who will be giving a victory speech later today.
    Have a good week all, and expect a new poll up by the end of the day.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    A Really boring Vlog Attempt


    My apologies Internet peoples, but here is yet another Vlog. A very uninspired one at that, just a typical moment of life over in this corner of the world.
    I had to post at least one Vlog before the trend died...
    Actually scrap that, I hope this kills the trend.

    Sudbury Saturday Night!

    The Video below is a result of what happens when me and Ben get very bored! 15 kilometers Thats a long walk/hike and Man I was tired when it was done... We also took some pictures, but to see them you'll have to be a friend of Ben on Facebook..! :D

    Also Nathanael its good to have you back! :D

    P.s. Funniness Below!

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    30 Days of Death

    As the arms of laziness reached up from below to consume the suspecting but all together much to lazy blogger, he stumbled upon a picture of such awesomeness, he had to set fire to his feet to keep the grasping arms away long enough to post this one blog...

    Subject: 30 Days of Death; iPhone Prototypes.

    30 Days given to a lazy blogger to get his act together. 30 Days until he was ejected from the blogging order. 30 Days of Death (or at least mild pain). A blessing and a curse? Meh? Anywho...

    iPhone Prototypes! Lost! LOST! LOST iPHONE PROTOTYPES! Thank you for drunk employees who lose valuable iPhone prototypes. Mr. Gray Powell lost his iPhone Prototype at a bar. Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) has responded in this way. This man is a genius.

    Hee hee...

    Here is some more information on this beautiful device.

    My bloggering is renewed.
    Expect more.
    Wow Ftw.
    Mike Daoust had better not may freely edit my post.

    EDIT: I'm not even IN the poll about your least favourite blogger? Should I be happy or offended? Or both? Sheesh...

    EDIT: Note that Mr. Daoust has a cruel streak in him. Even after he has quit his wretched game, he insists on editting my posts to be pro-WoW. He is a pagan dog. I mean that in the best of senses.

    Kraft Dinner


    Hey, so yeah I haven't posted in writing in a long time, but i'm not going to post all my video blogs on here, if you want to check them out SUBSCRIBE to my channel! If you don't have a youtube account then make one ASAP.

    So today I woke up thinking it was friday... haha, I was all hyped up thinking I was late for school. Dang. So to settle down I made KD, with EXTRA CHEESE. MHMMMM. While I was making it I videotaped LOL. VLOGGED it.

    There's not much to write about htough, tonight i'm going swimming and yeah that's about it. My life is average. hahaha


    Joel did you forget how to type? Haha! Don't Forget you are still allowed to type up blog posts!

    Anywho last night was AWESOME!!
    I Hung out with Ben and we watched Sherlock Holmes, it was a great movie, and if you haven't watched it, I am promoting it because it was so awesome! Also when you watch it make sure you buy chocolate milk it will make it that much more awesome!

    that being said, here are my Saturday plans. Right now I think Me, Ben, And Dan are going out for breakfast at a restaurant, which one I don't know yet but will tell you later!

    Well Ben is ready so I think we are going to leave!

    Nolan Out!



    Friday, April 23, 2010

    2 4 1(Two For One)


    So Like I was saying above I went to work today, Nothing Special there but tonight I have lots of plans!

    1. I'm going to Youth Group

    2. Underground Cafe and/or Ben's House

    3. Movies With Ben and Maybe Sam

    4. Stay up late

    5. Sleep In!

    HA! Don't you wish your life was as awesome as my life? Well your life isn't as awesome as mine so stop crying and go on living your pathetic excuse of a life!

    WHOA! that was a mean streak! Any who I do have to bike to Youth Group So I better head out!

    Nolan Out!

    P.s. WE ARE OVER 100 Post on the Blog/Vlog! Thanks For Reading/Watching! Looking Froward for the next 100!

    A non-vlog post!

    Greetings internet plebeians, I welcome you all once again to another exciting post. Guarenteed to be 100% video free!
    I've been rather sick for the past few days, something I attribute to withdrawals from quitting WoW. I'm just starting to get over it now, but I cant guarantee that you wont catch it by reading this post: As you all know, colds have mutated in the last 10 years to be communicable over the internet.
    At any rate, I've not been spending my time wastefully! I've been trying all sorts of non-COD related games and I've been working on a few projects that are turning out... interestingly.

    In other news, I today confirmed that Lauren Woods did not in fact vanish off the face of the planet! This dispelled all my conspiracy theories... Previously I believed that really she was abducted by aliens who wanted to learn the Human language, and what better way to do so then to abduct the one person who is unlikely to ever be silent, even in the case of alien abduction!

    Reality is always so much more boring then fiction. Its sad.



    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Me a Vlog???



    Okay so today was a very Awesome day, and I would just like to say,
    I am going to make this whole post rhyme, It's going to be more Awesome then Einstein!
    With my mind I will combine words that will make your head spin, you will Actually fall in love with Huckleberry Finn... WIN!

    Today at the Dub I was cleaning out the grease Tub
    So that I could make your burger with ease. But then I sneezed!
    And out came some snot, this happens more often then not!
    It got on your food, that put you outta the Mood!
    So you asked for a drink, one that didn't stink!
    You got Orange pop... ?? ...ORANGE?!?

    When I got home I felt relief, what could I say, I smelt like beef,
    So I took a shower, because I had the power, when I was done I smelt like a flower!
    Now this verse is coming to a close, and yes it really blows!

    Now I am going to the Gym, I might even go for a swim!
    I want big muscles, so I am going to have to hustle!
    And I will lift big weights, so one day I can get a hot date!
    Now I am going to the "Y", so I can work out my thighs, so one day I can jump and touch the sky!

    Oh My! look at the time I am afraid I must fly!
    Time to go Bye-Bye!

    Nolan Out!

    Facebook Vlog?


    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    It's done.

    I... did it.

    I actually did it...

    I quit WoW today.

    You'll all need to excuse any typos in this post, i'm currently going through withdrawals and shaking heavily.

    Today, in WoW I got my last piece of Tier 10 armor... Now I suppose none of you uneducated folk know what that means. But in short basically, I've run out of things to do. Every boss is down, every dungeon completed far too many times... Every aspect of the game explored and every piece of reasonable gear obtained.
    I'm done.

    I decided this week that after I got my last T10 piece, I would simply equip it, head to the tallest point in the game, and log out. Never to play the game again until the next expansion comes out.
    I did just that today.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010


    So second post on the new blog, I have realized that if I intend to keep up with the likes of Joel.....I will have to have no life. But since I am still trying to convince myself that I have one I will probably not keep up with amount of posts :p

    Anyways, I was so unfortunate as to find myself sick last night. This presented itself as an unfortunate time to get sick as it is my last week of school WOOT WOOT! So I made the decision that I should not stay up until 1:00 or 2:00 A.M. as I often do, and turn in early. However, true to my nature and my recent addiction to House, I was probably in for another late night. At approximately 10:45 my computer saw fit to take things into its own hands and went all blue screen on me :P I took it as a sign that it was time to go to bed.

    My computer was not fried just desperate to sleep.
    I am feeling slightly better and will hopefully be better by tomorrow.

    Happy 4/20 Everyone!


    You blog readers are just plain RUDE. I AM NOT THE WORST BLOGGER... Mike has RIGGED it... Oh and I warn whoever voted Chuck Norris, is going to die.

    So yeah. Today I went to school like a good boy, did a really hard math test that would probably be super easy for anyone who isn't mentally challenged... It was factoring, and I got to use a graphing calculator. (Mike will LOL at this...)

    So basically that's about it, I get to do some really cool songs for Performance class though, I'm doing Melody for the Islander by Nightwish, and then i'm doing Proud Mary (my personal favourite) and lastly, Pride and Joy.

    I think a nuclear attack is happening... The power just went out and I heard a gunshot, and I can't sign into my email!! They've cut off our sources! And now my cat wants to play... He gets really bossy when he wants you to play with him, he'll follow you all over and attack your feet if you don't. it's kind of hilarious. He also loves taking picture, it's quite the entertainment, but I can't have him around the computer too long or he'll paw at the screen trying to get the mouse.

    Yesterday if anyone didn't notice the video on the youtube homepage, you can view it here. It pretty much proves Beyonce and Jay-Z are possessed. If you haven't seen the five part series on youtube I suggest you watch it. Basically this video is titled "Young Forever" although they sing "Forever Young". "Young" is the suspected name of the spirit that leads Beyonce and Jay-Z. This is portrayed in the music video "Crazy in Love" where it alludes to Jay-Z and Beyonce being possessed in the back seat of a car, and something about a rising Phoenix. Beyonce also is known as "Sasha Fierce" a person she "does not know, and wouldn't want to know". Those are her words from her mouth. She also said that she "wouldn't like" Sasha if she met her. Also she is often seen giving the Eye of Horus to her fans. If you don't know what that is than research it, but basically it's a Curse. Lastly in her video "VideoPhone" she is seen wearing a dress with the symbol for the Eye of Horus imprinted on it. Coincidence? I think not.

    Life is like Batman

    Life... Is like Batman. It's good. Really good. So good that it can sneak up behind anybody and... er... Has neat gadgets or... something... uhm... Well maybe its not like Batman. At all.
    But it's still good!

    Yesterday I got NO HOMEWORK for the first time I can remember in decades. Centuries even. And I spent the day just doing whatever I wanted for once. Which at first was sitting there with absolutely no idea what to do. However as it turns out I went to the Simard's place, discovered it was David's birthday, played WoW with Philippe (Cant survive social excursions without SOME WoW), and then watched both the Chronicles of Riddick movies with all them. T'was a good time for sure.

    I get to go back today and watch the last 15 minutes of Pitch Black, as well as do something that will BLOW ALL OF YOUR MINDS. Or at the very least be a mild surprise. And a Relief I'm sure *looks at Joel*.
    Beyond that, today I actually managed to engage in conversation with other living human beings. Did that a few times. And now here I am writing this blog entry when I should be doing Math! Don't tell Mr. Turcotte. Or he will force me to read this all to the class. And that could quite possibly end in bloodshed. Finally, but best of all... Marvel vs Capcom 3 was announced! That's Bloody awesome! And not a single other person in this world besides me cares!

    Then tomorrow... I go and become a 10 year old again! Gunna play me some Nerf with Nolan! Just need to get some kind of gun first... Its going to be really awkward going through Walmart carrying a Nerf gun box... Maybe I can con one of my family to do it for me.

    You gained +10 Patience points for reading this boredom induced post! Good job!

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    A Super Awesome Vlog 3


    Here is that Information!

    Buy Tickets Here!

    Saturday June 5, 2010 7PM
    Sudbury, ON
    Glad Tidings Tabernacle

    If you think "I've seen the Newsboys", you haven't seen them "BornAgain".

    Traveling to Toronto, Ottawa & Sudbury in June, the tour will feature special guests including Audio Adrenaline’s Mark Stewart and Will McGinnis. After 18 #1 singles, 2 GRAMMY’s and multiple Dove awards, members of AudioA are back with a full band to introduce "the Know Hope Collective". This is your first opportunity since 2006 to see AudioA in Ontario, and a chance not to be missed.

    VIP Seating - $50
    Artist Circle - $35
    General Seating - $25

    Call for Group Rate - 1-877-700-3130

    Groups - 10 or more GET $5 off ticket
    (Artist Circle & General Seating Area)

    Groups - 25 or more GET $7.50 off ticket (General Seating Area)



    So this will be a short post, but basically about the new poll. Sorry Mike I had to vote you the worst because you don't love COD... Hahahahha <3>Fun Fact About COD: In America you are recommended to be 18 to play the game, yet you can join the army at age 16. Ironic.

    They also named a fish after the game... and they're worried of it's extinction. Since it's that good.

    So I hear there is a newsboys concert coming to Sudbury? Nolan should fill me in on this.. maybe a possible trip up to see y'all. 

    The Votes are in!

    So our first poll results are pretty much in... Here's what we ended up with

    What does this blog need? - Results

    More Awesome! - 3 Votes (25%)
    More Political Commentary! - 0 Votes (0%)
    Moar Cowbell!!! - 1 Vote (8%) (Kudos to whoever voted on this!)
    More Racism - 5 Votes (42%)
    More Free T-shirts - 3 Votes (25%)

    Soo uhm, Yeah. We'll make it a priority to be much more racist in the future. Seeing as that's what popular opinion says and all. Nolan! Ben! Joel! I leave this in your somewhat-capable hands.

    And of course, the poll has been updated! This time with a reverse popularity contest. You can all blame me for any infighting that ensues.

    The WEE Hours of Monday

    So as the weekend abruptly ends, I have a feeling of sadness come over me, there's only one more day off, because of the PD day of course... Then when I go straight back to school on Tuesday I am confronted with a math test... A hard one that is... I did an open book quiz on it and miserably failed... Although, as I recap my weekend it wasn't so bad...

    What I Learned so Far:

    -"Some Mixers can be calibrated to only work for 5th gen ipod nano's"... Which in fact is not true, mixers can't be calibrated for any ipod, and simply can only be plugged in through the headphone jack to play. Also, the mixer the person tried to convince me that it was "5th gen calibrated" was made about 5 years before the 5th gen even came out.

    -Movies... Are really boring haha... I watched 6 this whole weekend.. Left behind, 1, 2, and 3, Bedtime Stories, and Sherlock Holmes... That's only five but whatever. Sherlock Holmes is extremely confusing by the way... and boring may I add.

    -And basically that's all I learned... Tomorrow on my day off I plan to open my mind and do some math studying ahah. but I won't bore you with that. I have also decided to make a vlog that will actually be interesting... haha sorry nolan :) <3>

    Oh by the way you should incorporate Brandon into this blog to add a little Negativity, he'd fit right in with the NAZI theme.

    but that's about it so i'll leave you with a blonde joke.

    A man was in his front yard mowing grass when his attractive blonde neighbor came out of the house and went straight to the mailbox. She opened it then slammed it shut and stormed back into the house. A little later she came out of her house again, went to the mailbox and again opened it, and slammed it shut again. Angrily, back into the house she went.
    As the man was getting ready to edge the lawn, she came out again, marched to the mailbox, opened it and then slammed it closed harder than ever.
    Puzzled by her actions the man asked her, “Is something wrong?”
    To which she replied, “There certainly is!”
    My stupid computer keeps saying, “You’ve got mail!”

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    3xB (Bens Blogs Back)

    So I rejoined the blog, after some time away and the destruction of the former blog I am back! So yeah, schools done in a week so I should have more time to write whatever super exciting...or super boring stuff is going on in my life :p At the moment I am sitting at Nolan's doing nooooothing haha as always. We played some football which was a good time and yeah lots of not much.

    But don't worry soon the posts will become more exciting, also there is a News Boys concert coming to Sudbury so pretty sure if your not there, well there won't be any "news" for you anyway :p

    So to all you Blog followers out there, the blog is now just slightly more exciting and a lot more cooool.



    This project will be the death of me.

    It's... 4:51 AM...
    Sleep... Deprived...

    Been working on this... Project since I got up...

    Is it worth it?... I've managed to combine Flash, 3D, After Effects, Animated Texturing, and Wii Remotes all into one School project...

    Its the Uberproject. And it will be the death of me.

    Edit: I have no intention of ever shaving my head.

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    A Weekend of Hungry.


    Hi, so I haven't posted in TWO days... and the reason behind it is the 30 Hour Famine. To be truthful I hate not eating... Sorry to say everyone... but, as the SoPo (Southporcupine) Pent Youth Pastor said : "Kid's in Africa would be ashamed at us not taking advantage of our food." Very true... It should be a 30 Hour FEAST. Although there were some highlights of the weekend, we had great speakers, an amazing presentation by a pastor named Mike about his missions trip to Africa, Rachel to run some silly games, and raising overall $3000! BUT... The biggest highlight of the weekend is that I pwned Jeff at SUMO wrestling!... Ok maybe not pwned... but y'know.

    Anyways, tonight around 6:30 I joined the likes of Nolan and SHAVED my head. Not tottally bald as you can see from the picture, but real close! I like it so much better, plus I save money on hair gel! Fancy that. It's now 11:33 PM and there's breaking of bread in the morning so I have to go to bed at a reasonable hour to make it there... Why is church so early? They would get more people if it started at like 2:00 in the afternoon.

    ALSO, I got this program called Rocket Dock, it's absolutely the solution to all PC's... I love it, it's basically the mac dock that everyone loves, you can get Rocket Dock here... you can also get your own PC version of photobooth by following this link.

    It's Nerf Or Nothing!

    Okay Guys here is the Deal, I AM IN LOVE WITH NERF!

    Like twice this week I have played Nerf with Nathaniel, Keegan and Zach, And I won ALMOST all the time, I'm like Jack Bauer its true... well since I just got back from Nerf I am very sweaty and stink bad, also if anyone every gets some extra money buy a Nerf Gun and come play Nerf with us! WOOT!

    well I'm gone! Gotta Shower and the C&C tonight!

    Nolan Out!

    A Super Awesome Vlog 2


    Here is also a Cool Video I found... Same Guy who made the other ones!

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Oh, uhm, is it my turn?

    Do we have like a rotation going on between posts now? Why do I feel strangely compelled to post, as if it's somehow my turn to do so?

    Right, so, news... Uhm...
    Well life's been rather disinteresting lately. Started on alot of projects, did alot of homework, worked on a few jobs... Just the same ol regular stuff really. Nothing any of you would care about.
    Well... there was that one incident with the flaming dog and a pitchfork... But I'm sure none of you want me to bore you with that tale.

     I also discovered that my Math teacher is probably a mad scientist, and confirmed once again that hanging around Christian folk is always a million times better then being around the world.

    Now if you will all excuse me, I've experiments to run and there's research to be done[On the people who are still alive!]

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    A Super Awesome Vlog


    Where Are You Christmas?


    Dear Mike... COD will never die... George Bush even likes it... He liked it so much that he decided to start a real war... K that was a crappy joke.. haha

    But Mike! THE WAR IS NOT OVER. 

    I just realized how bad I am at writing haha... So i'll distract you with CELINE DION WORKOUT VIDEOS!!!  She's simply the best... Sorry Tina Turner... That's basically what I do with my free time... Watch Celine Dion videos... Just Kidding. Really though, all I do is youtube, but at the moment youtube isn't working with my favourite internet browers 'Opera' because I downloaded the new flash... Thank you Adobe.

    Skyping, as we all know, is the new craze now-a-days, but it really bothers me how you can't do like big conference video calls yet... kind of stupid. So, today I was on with my friend Mallory, and she decided to impersonate a 'Who' from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. haha she's going to kill me for posting this picture of her.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Super Awesomeness Comics Episode 2

    In response to Joel's completely ridiculous and uncalled for claim that I play too much WoW, I created the second comic for this site! Which can be found HERE.

    I know its REALLY simplistic... But see, I was working on a better one, and I realized after drawing a face for 3 hours, that it really probably just wasn't worth the effort, so I just went and threw that piece of monkey poo together. If your interested, the original art-in-progress can be found HERE

    An Introduction to Joooel.


    SO.... I wrote a whole post. AND IT WAS IN THE WRONG WINDOW...


    Hi i'm Joel... I am NOT Black... but I wish I was.. 

    I'm currently listening to a message my school sent because I skipped today... School is too smart for me. Plus I wanted to catch up on homework... I wasn't actually that sick... Sorry mom <3>

    So i've been reading this blog for awhile now, and I was thrilled when Nolan invited me to write on it. I really like the blog... Minus all the WoW.... Sorry Mike but you need some good ol' COD in ya. COD is the only game I ever play... Like seriously... I could marry COD... hahaha, my Mom absolutely HATES it so she bought my little brother SKATE 2 to make him stop playing it... But unfortunatly I cannot be manipulated by such motherhood. COD IS REAL.

    At the moment I'm watching weird conspiracies, I just finished one about a controlling sex crazy pastor. Preetty scary... It's called "Twisted Faith" you can find the link to the video here. I love conspiracies... My personal favourite is "Obama the Anti-Christ" or "Beyonce Possessed?". You can find both of these on youtube.

    So that's all i'm going to write today... Long post's often get boring so I'll try not to ramble...

    A Man Fell Into a Hole...

    So I forget who showed these videos to me but I figured I'd show them with you guys! Enjoy!

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010


    Little-known warlock facts

    Fact: Warlocks hate puppies.

    Fact: Warlocks have been known to punch babies and kittens.

    Fact: Fear isn't actually something the warlock actively casts at you; it's an aura he projects at all times, a byproduct of his latent anger at society, his parents, the cool kids, Justin Bieber and sun-tans. In fact, the original name of the spell was Surly Suburban Angst.

    Fact: Warlock neighbors drive down property value.

    Fact: Once upon a time, a warlock could defeat a mage in equal combat. This is true!

    Fact: Healthstones make you fat.

    Fact: Warlocks are generally inconsistent from the free throw line.

    Fact: Voidwalkers aren't so much summoned as they are excreted. By the warlock. After too much Thai food. Pro tip: Never go on a road trip with a warlock.

    Fact: It's possible that I'm being unfair to warlocks. It's also possible that I don't care.

    Fact: Warlocks summon minions out of social necessity, nobody else cares enough to talk to them.

    Fact: Warlocks are quite good at several things:
    1. Hockey
    2. Jenga
    3. I made both of those things up. Warlocks aren't actually good at anything.

    Fact: Dogs and little children can sense a warlock's presence.

    Fact: The only way to get a warlock to be useful is with 10 pounds of blackmail and a flamethrower.

    Fact: In PvP, when that felhound runs toward you, it isn't trying to attack you. It's hoping that you will enslave it so it can stop hanging out with the warlock.

    Fact: Warlocks drink their own pee.

    Fact: If a Honda Civic with 4 warlocks inside one day drives off a cliff, it is a terrible waste. The Civic can hold 5.

    Fact: Don't worry when you encounter a warlock. Just take care of the pet first, because it's the larger threat. The warlock isn't an issue because he's alt-tabbed out to the damage-dealing forums, complaining furiously about mages, hunters, rogues, his father's lack of attention and the quality of his favorite album.

    Fact: Warlocks are bad tippers.

    In Zombieland, warlocks were the first to die, since they attempted to set the zombies on fire, resulting in being bitten by FLAMING zombies instead of regular ones.

    Fact: As recently as the last expansion, warlock jokes used to be largely about how overpowered they were. Classics like, "My Death Coil is so OP it has no cooldown. Instead, it tells me when I can use it!" Har har. Remember that, warlocks? Good times. These days, the best warlock jokes are the patch notes. Zing!

    (90% of "Facts" taken from Christian Belt, editor at and my rolemodel for all things anti-warlock)

    (8) La La La La... Fail!(8)


    Wow is it ever good to get that out of my system...

    So as you can see I kinda had a ruff day at work today. When I got to work today I was in a good mood and didn't feel tired at all and that is weird, not feeling tired that is, so I did what I always do and went to get my self a cup of water, I guess that was my first mistake thinking the my 1st PERFECT morning at work would remain that way, Ohh I know what your thinking "it's only a cup of water" and yes it WAS a "cup of water" then I guess it decided it didn't want to be a "cup of water" anymore so it jumped outta my hand and said "I want to be a FLOOR of water"... I guess... And I once again know what you are thinking(I'm a mind reader), you are thinking "So? You Spilled some water" and no worries, that is what I was thinking too. So after that little mishap I just continued on with my day thinking nothing of it...

    Then... Something happened... Well to be more accurate nothing happened, and thats what the problem was, at this point I realized that I had just make a customer wait 6 minutes for an Order that normally takes 1.5 minutes to make everyone was Kinda annoyed at me, and when I say "kinda" I mean VERY annoyed at me, to say the least... Blahhh! But don't worry what happens next is even better... My supervisor decided to get me to make a bunch of Macaroni Salads and I thought to myself "this shouldn't be to hard," THINK AGAIN, after I had filled up all the little containers with macaroni salad I picked them up(Mistake) to bring them to the fridge, well the "picked up" stage didn't last very long and the containers fell and landed on the eggs, FAIL! I was So Mad! After this slip up my supervisor sent me on my break! Thank Goodness!

    The End... NOT you think my Bad day would end there, no that would be to nice! here is a List of the rest of the "Fails" of the day for me:
    1. Dish washer over flowed
    2. Knocked over the Mop bucket
    3. Dropped my sandwich on the ground(Don't worry I ate it anyways)
    4. I slipped and fell in a puddle of water
    5.A&W installed this new safe thingy and the drilling gave me a HUGE headache

    P.S. That Picture is showing how bad my day was!

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    I Could Get Used to This Whole "Life" thing...

    So, some of you naysayers might say, Mike: I think we understand by now that you're a very lifeless geek who has forgotten what the sun looks like.

    To you, dear sirs, I reply Nay!

    Well... Fine.
    Your right 98% of the time. But today happens to be part of that other 2%!

    I woke up and determined in my mind that I would do something completely uncharacteristic, something that I would have never even thought to do before. Something foolish, and almost asking for trouble.
    No I didn't go and start a Horde Character. Go buzz off.

    On the advice of a friend, and on a personal challenge to try and be more courageous, I decided to ask a friend to prom. And, as it turns out, that most certainly did take all of the courage I could muster.

    "But Mike!" (Says you), "why would you go and do such a thing? What about the poor lass that you asked! Why even ask if you could go with her and thus cause her prom to just be embarrassing?"
    Truth be told, I don't know. Call it an intentional lapse of judgement. I figured that just once in my life, maybe I could just go and do something on a whim, and not think it to death.

    The end result was a no, of course. But she had very valid reason to decline. (And truth be told it's a bit relieving).
    But! My efforts were not without fruit. Later in the day I was asked to go on a bike trip with her! Which we did, and that was probably the best thing I'll do all month.

    Course by the end of it, I could tell that she was really just kinda annoyed. So methinks that I have exhausted this line of circumstance. But, I'm very glad to see that despite my social ineptitude, sometimes taking a small step out in courage can mean a world of a difference. (End Cheesy Moral)

    Saturday, April 10, 2010


    So as about 25 of you know I was taking a trip back to Sudbury from New Liskrad, I was there for a Men's Conference, Anyways, I once again sent a Mass Text, but this one was different, it was a text of mass proportion, This Text had a challenge in it. The Challenge was who could tell me the funniest Joke. And Jokes are what I received. Here are some of the rewards I gave to some of the runners-up for these jokes!

    For the Most Jokes sent the winner is Thomas Vezina with like 50,000 jokes :P

    For the Most Sexest Joke we Have Jeffery Simpson

    For the Best Blonde Joke we have Allie White

    For the Most Unoriginal/Pick-On-Nolan Jokes we have Cynthia Burmaster, James Collins, Ben Davey

    For Being the Laziest people we have Mellissa Fong, Stephanie Bergeron, Erica Sachro

    And Now For The Winner! The Best Overall Joke was sent by Dan John, Here is his Joke.
    "So I went to the Zoo, but all the Zoo had was one dog, It was a Shitzu."

    So I thank all of you for keeping me company in the van on my way home from my trip, also feel free to send me Jokes or Texts when ever you get bored!

    Anyways thats all I got to say for now!
    Nolan Out

    This is me! No... Wait, its not?

    I know some of you followers out there may not
    have actually met me face to face... So let me break this blogging silence with a brief article all about me.

    My name is Dykut, I'm a Mage schooled in the arts of Arcane and Frost magic. I'm currently of the 80th level, and I am amazing.

    From my youth, I have wandered around and continued the old Azerothian tradition of killing every animal or horde that happens to draw breath. I then scavenge their corpses to improve myself further.
    (TRUE FACT: Wolves stomachs are a natural source of precious gems, armor, gold, and even weapons)

    As you can see from the provided image, I am a proud member of Azeroth's most brilliant, cunning, and dashingly handsome race: I am a Gnome. And yes. I am BALD.

    I started my travels in the Dwarven Province of Dun Morough, and traveled across all of the known world, spending a year training and journeying from place to place, progressing from one monster to the next. Impressing females of every race with my rugged Gnomish looks and natural Suave.

    In Time, I approached the much anticipated 80th level... In fact, I was just 2 levels away. But disaster struck.

    A human priest by the name of Hone somehow befriended me. And I was TRIXED into helping her level from 19 all the way to 80... A feat that takes months at the least. I did, in fact, hit 80 soon enough, but it was a shallow victory, as I had no time to enjoy the privileges of it.

    Eventually, I began to do things reserved for level 80s. I joined a large guild, and we are currently fighting our way through the beasts of Icecrown Citadel, on our way to killing the Lich King!


    Hang on, I'm being told that... I'm not really a Mage?
    I'm not really Dykut?
    But then how do I know all of this?


    Apparently, my real name is Mike Daoust. And I live a ordinary life consisting of using the computer, staying at home, making small amounts of money from computer based projects, and going to highschool. I don't kill monsters. I cant teleport. I have no rugged good looks (Gnomish or otherwise), and I am more or less socially incompetent.

    I do, however, randomly kill people and search their bodies for loot! IT WORKS! Try it some day!

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Mee Too!

    I wanna write a serious post too...

    Okay where to start...



    OKAY I GIVE UP! Not in the Serious mood right now I guess. I also guess that I don't get in that mood very often! Baha!

    Well it is now time to give you all the run down of my last two days!!

    Yesterday I went for my G2 Exit Exam, and as most of you know I Passed. Few things I messed up on on the test where: Checking my blind spots, lane changing, 3 point turns, and blowing Yellow lights... Now that you see my flaws(Shocking I know, I do have flaws) I'm going to rant about them and tell you why it wasn't my fault!

    1. Checking my Blind Spots
    I did check my blind spots, EVERY TIME, Wanna know why I lost points for this one? I lost points on it because I looked to far behind my shoulder! So like, I was looking over more then just my shoulder, how is that even bad? Like, COME ON!

    2. Lane Changing
    There is not to much to rant on with this on... I kinda did screw up, I wasn't going Highway speed when I Changed lanes, Ha! She told me to go faster! Baha! Big Mistake!

    3. 3 Point Turns
    I know you are thinking "Is it even possible to mess up a 3 point turn?" And I'm going to tell you "Yes it is" Because I did. I don't know what happened I just messed it up!

    4. Blowing Yellow Lights
    Just don't ask... I SAID DON'T ASK...! Fine! I was speeding. Did you know that the speed limit on Barrydown isn't 60? Well it is and I think that is why I blew the light, or at least that is the only GOOD reason I can come up with to why I blew it!

    So learn from my mistakes and don't speed during your driving test, And obey traffic laws and you'll do fine!

    So that was Wednesday...

    Now on to Today!... Okay whats is with this weather eh? But no worry's I think I figured out what is going on.

    Mr. Winter and Miss. Spring had a little date and decided to play a VERY nasty trick on us human folk. And I think the conversation went a little something like this:
    Miss Spring -- "lets let them think it's summer and then once they are all ready for summer, and have taken off all there snow tires, we'll dump about 4000lbs. of snow on them"
    Mr. Winter -- "WHOA, your like a genius, But instead of snow lets make it 4000lbs. of freezing rain/hail/snow/poop"
    Miss Spring -- "I like the poop touch"
    Mr. Winter -- "Thank you!"

    well at least I think it went something like that! Bahahaha!

    Well That was my Blog for the day!

    Nolan Out!

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    For Serious

    First of all, I've got to say, if any of you still read this blog... I need to salute you. You have the patience of a Avid Reputation Farmer and the stubbornness of a bad Deathknight tank.

    Now, normally I cant seem to make much of a serious post. Something about the openness of the internet makes it seem lame to just vent randomly online... Like your seeking attention or pity. I apologize beforehand if that's what this ends up sounding like... But a bloggers gotta post what a bloggers gotta post.

    Had you of talked to me a year or two ago, I would be quite the differnt character! I would be incredibly shy, awkward, reclusive, and maybe a little obnoxious, as I tried overly hard to be social. I'm still like that, of course. People don't change much, as much as I would like to... But i've grown a little I hope.

    What had happened was, as is the case in most dramatic changes, I had met a girl. Course that sounds wrong, because she was never anything more then a friend to me.

    But a friend she managed to be, for well over a year. She talked to me, put up with my weaknesses, encouraged and helped me to grow a little socially. And most importantly, she helped me get over my fear of talking to people as a whole... Plus she played WoW more then I do! YOU DONT TOP THAT.

    But as I tried to grow to be a better person socially, I ended up just becoming a worse person as a whole.

    I began to talk selfishly, because that's what comes naturally to me, talking about myself and my experiences. My opinions became arrogant and bigoted, in all, I became nothing more then a Jerk to the people who had become my friends.

    And so I lost it all. This beforementioned girl and I started a long string of quarrels that ended with her going from the best friend I could ask for, to the only person I know who I can honestly say hates me.

    I don't care how close or what my relation was to her, she was a friend that helped me when I needed it most... And it sucks to lose that. Really it does.

    God opens and closes doors in our lives for a reason I believe and so I don't plan on just sitting here and wollowing about it. I still have other friendships that need to be improved, and I intend to learn from my mistakes.

    Welll, There. You actually read that, and so you have my gratitude. I really rather not become like a certain other namesake of mine So I swear that this will be my last serious personal post. After this, its back to my usual Warlock killing, Ninjashotguneering self. Also, you have permission to kill me.

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    Last Month in Review

    March was quite an interesting month, come to think of it. A whole lot happened in the scope of those 30-some days... Actually, too much happened. Has it really only been a month? Sheesh.
    Time, your cruel sometimes.

    Rather then create the worlds longest blog entry trying to recap on it all, heres a brief, vague, and occasionally eyebrow-raising point form list:

    • Started writing stuff for this blog.
    • Went outside (This being a very noteworthy feat)
    • Began working out, and after nearly a month I can honestly say I have 0 gain
    • Saw the Lich King
    • Watched my best friend grow to hate me
    • Got a new Cell Phone
    • Killed a Warlock or two... or a few hundred perhaps
    • March Break, and all the amazingness therein.
    • Winter Blitz: Best weekend that has ever happened.
    • Began to play games other than WoW
    • Started getting jobs as a professional geek
    • Started to make new friends out of familiar faces

    In all, and In a tone of uncharacteristic seriousness, I can honestly say that its been a really really full month and one that, I believe, God has used to help teach me a ton. I've grown and changed alot in a ton of different ways... All because of life experiences that I've completely missed up until now.
    Even if some of those experiences absolutely sucked... I feel I've come out of them a little stronger.
    Heck, you can say the same thing about working out too! Except I'm even more pathetic at that then I am with being a social person! if that's even possible!

    Saturday, April 3, 2010

    Feeling a Cool Breeze up top


    So I could start this blog post by telling about my trip in the Soo, But I can see you all staring at my hair cut. So I know its not the end of summer, and I did say that I was going to let it grow till them but, I was starting to really get annoyed by it, plus Ben cut his too, so that gave me the right to cut mine before the end of the summer... And come on people it was getting a little to long, they were forcing me to wear a hair net at A&W and it made me look like a dork, Yes I said DORK. But not to fear it'll be back in no time at all.

    Well thats about all I have to say about my hair now on to my weekend in the soo. Yesterday I hung out at Bellvue with all my Friends from the soo, went to scoops the ice cream shop, drove around, music "played" on a crappy train, and was stupid. So all in all it was a good day yesterday, and today was just about as much fun I got to hang out with my family and played games all day. *sighs* Good Times!

    Well thats all I got to say!
    Nolan Out!

    P.S. April has now been chosen to be "shave your head month"

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    UFO Tales: Episode 1

    I began playing a very old game called X-Com (Also known as Alien Defense, or UFO) and its been an interesting play-through so far... So interesting in fact that I have once again decided to bore you all with a useless narrative of it! My apologies in advance.

    It is the near future (Actually the year 2005... Man this game is old...) and mankind is being set upon by its greatest enemy save only zombies... Martians! These little Grey men with blaster pistols seem intent on... well... flying they're little saucers around earth seemingly pointlessly.
    And so, X-Com is formed out of a base in Switzerland. This base, is named DICE. That's right, the same people that brought you Battlefield Bad Company by day, also defends our rears from the ever present alien menace by night. By masquerading as a game development company, they can better hide their new underground base.

    From here, we hired our first team of men to defend mankind from the Alien Polluters. Only the best would do.
    The team went as follows:
    Guile (From Street Fighter)
    Josh Belmont (Modern Descendant of the Belmont... Vampire hunter)
    Gabe Newell (Creator of Half life, also a fat person)
    2 Unnamed Black females. Not sure how they got here.
    And Benjamin Franklin III, who is a clone of a clone of Ben Franklin.

    With this motley crew of both real and fictitious characters, armed to the teeth with modern weaponry and equipment... Surely the little Martians wouldn't stand a chance?

    Well apparently I was wrong Sadly Wrong. We followed a UFO by radar until in put down in a countryside near Southern Germany... We then sent in the Skyranger to set down and drop off the squad.
    There was no aliens in sight, and it was night out there, with poor visibility.
    I now curse whoever's bright idea it was not to give out Night Vision goggles.
    First Contact wasn't much contact at all, more like Josh Belmont getting hit in the chest with a green laser bolt.
    Well so much for the Belmont Clan, I suppose Dracula is dead anyway, so who needs em.
    The fighting kept going on, waging through the nearby cabins and fields of crop... Slowly tracking down the sources of the green laser fire from aliens who obviously had no trouble seeing in the dark... Finally, Gabe Newell, wielding a pair of pistols, got one as it exited a building.
    For all of their technology and differences, a single bullet still seemed more then enough to put them down and keep them there, green blood oozing from the wound.

    With this Alien down, and the source of the laser fire removed, the second half of the Squad (Guile and the 2 unnamed females) advanced on the small UFO itself, doubtlessly guarded by aliens on the inside, just waiting for us.
    The obvious solution? Send the Unnamed Women in first. They have no name afterall, how important can they be?
    They're with Belmont now.
    Leaving Guile there, with either the choice of waiting on reinforcements from Gabe and Ben Franklin, or charging in to the same fate as those before him.
    Guile had a name, therefore he had a higher chance of survival.
    Bursting through the sliding front door, He took a non-lethal shot, injuring him, but not before he unleashed 3 rounds of his own... Not really accomplishing much besides damaging consoles. In a desperate attempt to do SOMETHING, he then pulled out his single issued grenade, primed it, and run out in a flurry of green lasers. (Like all good villains, they cant aim all that well)

    Not much was salvaged from the explosion, and 3 of the squad went down... So obviously some restratagizing needed to be done. First of all, no more would there be fighting at night. The Aliens have far better visibility, and it works to our severe disadvantage. Next, and most importantly, X-com opened a second base in Northern Ontario... No more would they employ lame referential Characters, but instead they began to rely on this generations greatest contribution to the fight against Aliens:
    Nolan Sarlo, Jenna Wood, Sam Desrosier, Talon Spencer, and some Japanese Kid.
    (What... I need some kind of Cannon Fodder... And if I don't give them a Name, I don't get attached)

    Armed with new weapons based on Alien Technology, surely these members would far surpass the swiss team.

    This Theory was tested soon enough, as Aliens had begun to terrorize a small town in South America.

    Moving the Canadian Team over by dropship, the squad was greeted upon opening the door by 3 grey skinned Martians, all of them busy shooting inside windows at a few screaming Warehouse employees.
    Now in a extremely strange, and realistic turn of events... Jenna Wood went berserk (from shock, I imagine. Or Skittle overdose), and started firing without orders. First at her feet, then near the aliens. (Actually i'm not making this up, her Morale bar hit 0 and she went berserk.) Of course the only thing she managed to hit was a civilian.
    Alerted to the teams presence, the Aliens returned fire, and a breif firefight broke out as the squad tried to leave the dropship.
    Talon Spencer made excellent use of the new Laser Pistols, and dispatched 2 of them from his seat. Nolan however, was not so lucky. He left the ramp first, and the Aliens seemed to think he was really ugly, because they blew his face off.
    That Japanese kid died too, but eh. He's a redshirt of sorts.
    It was a hard fight, and Jenna managed to injure herself someway or another, but in the End, Sam Desrosier proved himself to be more then a match for any number of aliens.
    Moving off on his own after that Japanese kid died, Sam used a fence for cover, and systematically destroyed 4 different martians. One shot for each of them.
    The total casualty list for the city was 12 civy deaths, One Sarlo, a redshirt, plus that one screaming woman that Jenna shot.

    That was all for the year of 2005. 2006 began with sights of a new alien, with tough skin and a snake like appearance...However I wont bore you all with another long story of the game.

    X-com itself is a brilliant, brilliant game. Voted by some to be one of the greatest games of all time, surpassing even Ocarina of Time and MGS4. I cant imagine any of you really want to play the game, or even hear another story about it, but at the very least, feel free to vote here with who YOU think is going to survive the longest!

    Thursday, April 1, 2010


    So as you can probably see today is the beginning of a new Era, Communism days! The 1st day of each every second month is now to be "Communism Day." Now I know you are all wondering, "what you we during Communism Days?" And don't fear I will tell you what to do... Simply put... Just tell us how Awesome we are, that's all! Very easy? Very quick! Ohh! And if you don't tell us we kill you! So no fear, just remember to tell us how awesome we are and you'll be fine!!


    P.s. In other News I learned how to play bridge!

    Welcome to the new less-capitalist blog!

    Comrades! So good of you to join us. Come, sit down, have some Vodka.

    Today, we celebrate the formation of a new Blog. A blog devoid of the snares and entrapments of the bourgeoisie. A blog where we may freely and wholly devote ourselves to the betterment of our motherland!

    I welcome you all, to the Blog of Communism!

    Nolanivich Sarloski will be joining us shortly I hope in celebrating this momentous new occasion! Together, we will use our influence as the MOST POWERFUL BLOG ON THE INTERNET to spread the message of social equality throughout all of the world! Soon all nations will be raising the color red and living free of the oppression of Capitalism! This will all be thanks to you! The people!

    Onwards readers of this socialist website! Onwards to the future of this planet... The future of Communism!