Saturday, April 24, 2010

30 Days of Death

As the arms of laziness reached up from below to consume the suspecting but all together much to lazy blogger, he stumbled upon a picture of such awesomeness, he had to set fire to his feet to keep the grasping arms away long enough to post this one blog...

Subject: 30 Days of Death; iPhone Prototypes.

30 Days given to a lazy blogger to get his act together. 30 Days until he was ejected from the blogging order. 30 Days of Death (or at least mild pain). A blessing and a curse? Meh? Anywho...

iPhone Prototypes! Lost! LOST! LOST iPHONE PROTOTYPES! Thank you for drunk employees who lose valuable iPhone prototypes. Mr. Gray Powell lost his iPhone Prototype at a bar. Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) has responded in this way. This man is a genius.

Hee hee...

Here is some more information on this beautiful device.

My bloggering is renewed.
Expect more.
Wow Ftw.
Mike Daoust had better not may freely edit my post.

EDIT: I'm not even IN the poll about your least favourite blogger? Should I be happy or offended? Or both? Sheesh...

EDIT: Note that Mr. Daoust has a cruel streak in him. Even after he has quit his wretched game, he insists on editting my posts to be pro-WoW. He is a pagan dog. I mean that in the best of senses.

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