Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ahhh tis good to own a Blog


I'm going through the amount of traffic this blog is getting, and the amount of newcomers who are poppin' in and out... And I can honestly say that I am most pleased.
At this rate, soon we can capture the interwebs and hold it hostage!

But! onto less serious matters!
Today wasn't even a typical day... It was just really boring! I woke up and found no zombies around... Got dressed for school and found my ugly, but entirely fitting shirt that reads: "You read my T-Shirt, that's enough social interaction for one day" Donning this item, I soon found my way to the depths of school, and fought level 28 teenager enemies all day long. I even went up a level and increased my "Social Tolerance" skill!
getting home, I sat here and began waiting for my dad (and thus the van) to get home so that I could go and visit the Simards (Contrary to popular belief, I do occasionally see the light of day.)
He never came though. So instead I started working on some artwork for this here blog. I'll post them on Facebook when all 3 are done!

And please, for the sake of all things holy, dont quote my line about zombieland. Thats a horrible, horrible quote.

Edit:The images are up! Click for full size!

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  1. it was A GOOD Quote!!!! :D

    And Awesome Pics!!