Monday, April 26, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Random. Random random. Random.
Rrrandom. Random. Random random random.

Lets talk about dogs.

There are a few dogs who are owned by customers on my paperroute...They are kind and don't bite unless bitten.

Here's a list:

-Hemi the white furry dog that looks like he's old but is actually young.
-Sydney the mutt. The kind mutt owned by the mean man.
-Meeka the puppy. Very cute puppy. Excited puppy. Puppy whose owners must pay me more often.
-Doug the Pug. No idea if his name is Doug. He has nasal conditions. He sniffles. He is a happy dog.


Lets talk about Smallville.

The people in Smallville seem to have the bad habit of kicking/punching/beating/biting people when they're down. Usually the person on the recieving end of the pain was holding a gun/knife/strange ability that they were trying to use to kill kicker/puncher/beater/biter. Thank heavens for lengthy monologuing that gives the kicker/puncher/beater/biter long enough to get close enough to fight back and...kick/punch/beat/bite. Lots of crunching...and arterial spray...Yummy...

Lex Luthor is really cool.


Lets talk about iPhone prototypes...and Gizmodo...and Mr. Powell...and his drinking "buddies".

What has two cameras, two microphones, and a 3G2 Camo-Case?
Why, its the iPhone Prototype!

Who gets his house raided by police because of slightly illegally obtained technology?
Why, its Jason Chen! Editor of Gizmodo!

Who gets drunk in a German bar (in California? Whaaaat?) with strangers and loses his iPhone prototype?
Why, its Gray Powell (who apperantly still has his job!)!

Who finds an iPhone on a bar stool and tries to take random pictures, call random numbers, and remove its case?
Why, its Gray Powell's drinking "buddies"!


Lets talk about...Mad toy builders...Errr...nevermind...

Chest pain?
Icky Sicky...
Doug teh Pug!
RunescapeWarcraft has Zombies!
Mike Daoust, kills Zombies, edits posts cruely and is fiendishly good looking.
Monkeys can fly if attatched to large explosives. Poor, poor monkeys.

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