Monday, April 12, 2010

I Could Get Used to This Whole "Life" thing...

So, some of you naysayers might say, Mike: I think we understand by now that you're a very lifeless geek who has forgotten what the sun looks like.

To you, dear sirs, I reply Nay!

Well... Fine.
Your right 98% of the time. But today happens to be part of that other 2%!

I woke up and determined in my mind that I would do something completely uncharacteristic, something that I would have never even thought to do before. Something foolish, and almost asking for trouble.
No I didn't go and start a Horde Character. Go buzz off.

On the advice of a friend, and on a personal challenge to try and be more courageous, I decided to ask a friend to prom. And, as it turns out, that most certainly did take all of the courage I could muster.

"But Mike!" (Says you), "why would you go and do such a thing? What about the poor lass that you asked! Why even ask if you could go with her and thus cause her prom to just be embarrassing?"
Truth be told, I don't know. Call it an intentional lapse of judgement. I figured that just once in my life, maybe I could just go and do something on a whim, and not think it to death.

The end result was a no, of course. But she had very valid reason to decline. (And truth be told it's a bit relieving).
But! My efforts were not without fruit. Later in the day I was asked to go on a bike trip with her! Which we did, and that was probably the best thing I'll do all month.

Course by the end of it, I could tell that she was really just kinda annoyed. So methinks that I have exhausted this line of circumstance. But, I'm very glad to see that despite my social ineptitude, sometimes taking a small step out in courage can mean a world of a difference. (End Cheesy Moral)


  1. i saw a REAL girl today and even asked her out OMG
    poor girl

  2. Yup. That's the post in a nutshell.