Thursday, April 29, 2010

I hate silence like Francis hates... Well, everything.

You know, there's 5 bloggers here... That's alot of people working on one Blog... So then, why is it that we went an entire day with no updates?

I've taken the liberty of murdering every other blogger here.

BUT! The good news is, I've replaced them with loyal robot clones, who for all intents and purposes act and seem exactly the same as the original! Not even they realize that they're robots!

*subtle hint* Hopefully these superior robot replacements will start posting more consistently.*end subtle hint*

On a entirely different subject, Left 4 Dead 2 DLC came out not too long ago... Its pretty brilliant in its own right, but I happened across this promotional trailer about it. And in case you are unfamiliar with our tattooed friend's love of hatred: Please see enclosed link

Also, went on a field trip today... It was kinda fail, but it was nice going on a trip and actually having people to talk to for once. Keeps me from getting all depressional-like.

Stay safe and watch for mutants at all times!

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