Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life is like Batman

Life... Is like Batman. It's good. Really good. So good that it can sneak up behind anybody and... er... Has neat gadgets or... something... uhm... Well maybe its not like Batman. At all.
But it's still good!

Yesterday I got NO HOMEWORK for the first time I can remember in decades. Centuries even. And I spent the day just doing whatever I wanted for once. Which at first was sitting there with absolutely no idea what to do. However as it turns out I went to the Simard's place, discovered it was David's birthday, played WoW with Philippe (Cant survive social excursions without SOME WoW), and then watched both the Chronicles of Riddick movies with all them. T'was a good time for sure.

I get to go back today and watch the last 15 minutes of Pitch Black, as well as do something that will BLOW ALL OF YOUR MINDS. Or at the very least be a mild surprise. And a Relief I'm sure *looks at Joel*.
Beyond that, today I actually managed to engage in conversation with other living human beings. Did that a few times. And now here I am writing this blog entry when I should be doing Math! Don't tell Mr. Turcotte. Or he will force me to read this all to the class. And that could quite possibly end in bloodshed. Finally, but best of all... Marvel vs Capcom 3 was announced! That's Bloody awesome! And not a single other person in this world besides me cares!

Then tomorrow... I go and become a 10 year old again! Gunna play me some Nerf with Nolan! Just need to get some kind of gun first... Its going to be really awkward going through Walmart carrying a Nerf gun box... Maybe I can con one of my family to do it for me.

You gained +10 Patience points for reading this boredom induced post! Good job!

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