Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Only God Can Judge, Judy...

The comma changes everything. It's crazy what stupid things people go to Judge Judy for, why doesn't she take on interesting problems...

^Rocket Science is when Scientists find things out about space.

So, today I did absolutely nothing in school, except in my music classes where I played guitar. Now I'm fretting about friday because I have to preform and I have NOTHING done. So if you guys have any Christian type songs to suggest it would be well appreciated.

I hope after this weekend all the busyness will stop. Of course that won't be any exscuse to do good in school, because frankly i'm too lazy. haha. If I were as smart as Mike, I would do good.

Anyway that's all for tonight, I'm extremely tired and grumpy LOL, but at least I get pizza for supper. So I'll leave you with this video.

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  1. you are FRETTING about playing a guitar? Is that a pun?