Monday, April 26, 2010

Poll Results: Take Two

In the end, Our poll "Who is your least favorite Blogger?" came out with an outstanding 25 vote total! THAT MEANS THERE ARE 25 PEOPLE WHO WASTE THEIR TIME COMING TO THIS SITE!
 We could (and should) start a small army out of you people!

At any rate, here's the results:
3 Votes (12%)
3 Votes (12%)
9 Votes (36%)
4 Votes (16%)
Chuck Norris
4 Votes (16%)
Abraham Lincoln
2 Votes (8%)

And here's the facts we can gather from this information:
  • Joel is not exactly the most popular of bloggers. Probably because of his personal hygiene
  • Ben is equally as popular as Chuck Norris!
  • 4 people will soon be found without faces. They will have been roundhouse kicked off.
  • One voter is from... The United States? Yanks aren't allowed here! BEGONE OBESE PEST
  • The blog has grown alot in one week.
  • Nathaniel has 0 votes not because he is popular, but because he is nonexistant!
  • The only true winner here is Good ol Abe. Who will be giving a victory speech later today.
    Have a good week all, and expect a new poll up by the end of the day.

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