Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome to the new less-capitalist blog!

Comrades! So good of you to join us. Come, sit down, have some Vodka.

Today, we celebrate the formation of a new Blog. A blog devoid of the snares and entrapments of the bourgeoisie. A blog where we may freely and wholly devote ourselves to the betterment of our motherland!

I welcome you all, to the Blog of Communism!

Nolanivich Sarloski will be joining us shortly I hope in celebrating this momentous new occasion! Together, we will use our influence as the MOST POWERFUL BLOG ON THE INTERNET to spread the message of social equality throughout all of the world! Soon all nations will be raising the color red and living free of the oppression of Capitalism! This will all be thanks to you! The people!

Onwards readers of this socialist website! Onwards to the future of this planet... The future of Communism!

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