Monday, May 31, 2010

GIF's truly are Gifts!


A Day From the Past

So I know that my actual written posts are nearly non-existent, but today I have decided to change that.
Today has been a day from the so? well I basically relived a day from many years ago( Besides the fact I was the one driving). My mom came to town for the first time in 4 years and I spent the time driving her around town. We went out for lunch, visited Judie (our old cleaning lady) and Vic and Marg. Something that I might have done when I was about 9 and lived in my old house with my parents. We even visited my old house, which made me somewhat depressed. However, we did laugh at the jerk(a.k.a. frenchy) who bought the house. It seems that his wife kicked him out several months ago. Although this may seem mean, he was a complete jerk and swore at my mom because we weren't out of the house on time. He also hid like a terd when my dad found out. Who says your dad can't be your hero?? Anyway, its been a good day, and I'm going out to eat supper with them now at Mr. Prime Rib....can you say yummmmm... hahaha

Oh Eventful Days


Wow, what a crazy day this was! It was really quick and now i'm sitting here at my computer typing on this blog. So this morning I was at class as usual, then I found out the craziest news ever, which I have to inform Nolan and Ben about later. and then after school me, Jesse, and Brandon got yelled at by some guy because he almost hit us on the highway... There were many swears in his sentences (I won't quote them because of legal issues) and he told us that if he ever saw us again he was going to kick our ***(Bum). :)

Poor Jesse always seems to get in bad situations like this. He was at the pool once and this guy in the sauna just randomly started freaking out on him. It's just cause he's such a well brought up guy that everyone wants to corrupt him.

So there's no news on Chiwanda and rides yet, my phone is upstairs but I will call tonight :)

Anyway I'm out for the count. TTYL

Fine then, Be that Way!

Okay So I am far to busy today to make a real Blog post.
Who am I kidding I am doing nothing today.
I am about to go play Half-life 2 and just don't wanna make a post.
But on the bright side I do have 1 question for you all...

Nolan Out!

Just another week around the bend

Internet Plebians!

I know, I know, I haven't been my regular 'ol posting self lately... But who wants to hear about my life anyway? Certainly not you, Mr. reader. No, you want to be entertained or at the very least, amused.

Well too bad! Go back to your facebook, and your Farmville and your Mafia Wars, because you will get no such amusement here!

Here we talk serious things!

Soo, I think I'm starting to become a mad scientist.
I mean, I know I kinda mostly was before, but I'm showing more symptoms lately. To begin, I've ceased to care about what my facial hair looks like. Combine that with the fact that my hair remains as it looks when I wake up, and you have clear evidence that I am too preoccupied with my scheming to care about personal appearance. Secondly, I've realized that people are a waste of energy. Why talk to the person sitting next to you when you could be jotting down ideas for your next breakthrough? I mean really... Who wants to sit there and waste time with people who obviously don't give a crap about your genius? Especially those girlfolk, they're downright menacing!
Lastly, I've gained the ability to work without sleep. I can go on and on into the night on Pepsi alone, and continue work on the things I know are truly important (These things usually involve explosions).

But yeah honestly, its weird having a beard.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

With a High of 27 Degrees!

Hey I am being different and writing my post on the wrong side of the page :D

So right now life isn't very exciting... Wait let me rephrase that... Life right now is SUPER VERY EXTREMELY OFF-THE-WALL relaxing, and I am enjoying ever minute of it! The weather is also been SUPER VERY EXTREMELY OFF-THE-WALL awesome. It has to be the best weekend since like forever. The weather was so awesome that Me and Ben went to the beach twice, Gotta work on that tan for camp... Ohh Speaking of camp... I found out that I will be working 7 weeks at Northland Bible Camp this year. So that news has made me SUPER VERY EXTREMELY OFF-THE-WALL happy. This will be the best summer of my life. Even better then last year and last year was pretty good, Sad part is I wont be posting very often. 

Anways here is my weekend.

Friday night after Ben's fight, Me, Zach, Nathanael, Ben, and Dan John all hung out all night and watched YouTube Videos . (you guys might like this one)

On Saturday Me and Ben went to the prayer breakfast at the chapel, then to steve's study which was also at the chapel, then to the gym, and then we went to the beach which I mention before and finally we went to College & Careers... Ohh! did I mention that we played Nerf at the chapel after C&C.

On to Today, I went to chapel then I played football and it was fun, I was the best player I got a bunch of touchdowns and made a lot of sweat because I am a Man, Man! Tonight after chapel Me, Ben, and Zach all Skyped with Joel for 2 straight hours and it was the greatest thing since sliced ham.

Anywho that was my weekend and I got to work in th... Scrap that... I don't work tomorrow, I get to sleep in...! It must suck to be in school eh?

Nolan Out!


Who is Keegan?


Oh Hey, I just got back from this really boring leadership camp... It was really just blah. Of course that's only my opinion and I hate "Ice Breaker" games. It's like my pet peeve when we have to play like 40 billion ice breaker games and there's like no free time. When are organizers going to learn that teenagers just want to hang out, not jump around, play tag, OR pretend to be horses. I mean seriously, I went because I was a leader, not to play games.\

The speakers were ok, alot of them were just blibber blabber about believing in yourself, and following your dreams (haven't heard that one before). Although I make the weekend sound crappy there were some really fun parts. I lead an awesome group which contained seven super funny people, and one girl named Dragon who is my new personal hero. I asked her what she can do to be brave and become a leader in her community, and she answered (excuse my language) "Say ****." That's it that's all. TWO WORDS... And those two words became the theme of our weekend. For our group at least. I don't think I have ever laughed that much in my life as I did when I was with my group. We didn't do anything posotive, we didn't learn, we cheated as much as possible, but I know without a doubt that we had more fun than anyone else there. BE JEALOUS.

So basically my group time was awesome the rest of the weekend was poopy.

Oh, and WHO IS KEEGAN? haha I just read Nolans post and he's not being very friendly. Oh and I want to read his blog! Plus by the way, making vlogs is much harder than you think, and Ben's are interesting because he spends alot of time editing out all those pauses and mistakes that people don't care to hear. Jus' sayin'

But really who are you? Exspose your true identity.

Project Moonlaser


Friday, May 28, 2010

Kick, Punch, repeat! x8734987

So tonight I had my first fight in front of people. In my opinion it went very well. However, something I was not expecting was to be in the last fight of the night. Now what does this mean? Well it means that I was the, and I quote "main entertainment for the night". It also meant that I had to sit and watch for two hours while my nerves do havoc on my body.

Anyway, the fight was good, clean and an all around good time. I also don't think I have been that burnt out for some time it was intense.

Here's the video that Nolan was ever so nice as to take. If you can't figure it out, I'm the one wearing the all black pants :p

Classified project

I'll be mostly gone this weekend, working on a very secret and very classified project of the utmost importance...

I'm not allowed to say much about it, but I've received a thumbs up to post a single image:

War of the Words


Okay so for those of you less observant people who don't go and read comments, well you are really missing out...!
What you are about to see REALLY did happen and for proof go here! Now For me to Insult you both for being Incredibly IMMATURE

Keegan said...
YOUR posts are usless
Sorry, But I am going to Interrupt you right here Keegan...
Your opinion doesn't matter because you AREN'T a Blogger on this blog!
Ben Davey said...

I know eh Keegan, he should write biographies in his posts just like you! they are so much more interesting, well not interesting......actually yours are realllllly boring. But I do suppose its more useful.:P

Okay okay, I know I am prolly getting kinda annoying but I have to Interrupt again.
Ben you are really BORING
Keegan said...

A biography is a persons life-story (which you were probably unaware of). My introduction was not a biography, and neither was the account of my day. Besides, do you know what the point of a blog is anyway? To tell about your day, and that's what I did. You even do it, it's just that you're too lazy to write it down and instead put it in video format, thus defeating the purpose of a blog. Oh, and my last post? Amusing - 3 Pure Awesome - 4

Cake you, Disgusting Ur-Quan Slimewad of a helichopter.

Sorry Nolan here again.
Congratulations Captain Obvious you know what a biography is and seriously can't you come up with your own insults?
Ben Davey said...

Well my dear boy of a small mind, I don't think you have to worry since your not a BLOGGER!! Also very little of my Vlogs have anything to do with my day, why? because for the most part its not that interesting. Either way there's no need to diss Joel's posts in such a a bland and pathetic way. If your going to, at least take the time to put some thought and reason into it. Also I do recall Joel getting several higher rating on some of his posts so :P

Hi... Me again, and now I will mock your moment of "Captain Obvious" but thanks for pointing out that Keegan isn't a Blogger... But he is right about the don't Diss Joel part.
Keegan said...
"Your" a mean person! I dissed Joel's posts because he assumed your posts were less useful than his. And I for one don't want to hear about camp (sorry Joel). I'm not a blogger, But I still posted here and don't understand the whole "biography" dissing. If you don't tell about yourself or your day in some way, you are not doing it right.

And my mind most assuredly has a higher capacity than yours. Even if it doesn't I have made more use of the smaller mind that I have. We can start with grammar comparisons.

This time I am getting right to the point!
  1. Don't diss Joel
  2. NBC is the best place on Earth
  3. A Blog is not only for "biography" But for what ever you want to write about
  4. And seriously grammar has nothing to do with mental capacity
Ben Davey said...
K seriously Keegan, How about we go like this. I don't care what a "real" blog is and I know that Joel doesn't and neither does Nolan and I doubt that mike really cares either. Also, this is not a blog for Keegan. You don't like it, make your own!! Also, back to making my Vlogs. I assure you they are far more work than writing one and not in fact because I am lazy (not saying I'm not lazy)So seriously just don't worry about it. And many people actually really do want to hear about camp, its like the best place ever.
I'm Baaaack!
And I agree I don't care if this is "real" blog or not. Wow lucky you didn't get an Insult!
P.s. Don't use me to help prove a point in your argument!
Keegan said...

When did I ever say it was a blog for Keegan? I was just suprised that Joel implied his posts were better. I know he was kidding, as was I (to a degree). I also never said that I did not like this blog. I do. Or did, at the rate this is going. Finally, vlogs wouldn't be tough, but I noticed that you take little five second pieces and put them together in order. Take longer clips and it won't be hard. The effect isn't needed that much.

Oh, and a note: I have never been to camp. I may like it if I ever go, but I haven't yet. But reading about it is almost as boring for me as is for you reading my "biographies". It's all in opinion.


Untill you make a better Vlog series don't criticize other peoples Vlogs... And Once again your Opinion doesn't matter
Ben Davey said...

Well thank you for your opinion, I have no problem with that. However, I wouldn't worry about the vlogs I do them the way I do for my own reasons. You also have remember that a very good portion of the people who actually read this blog(probably around 95%) have been to camp. Including every single one of the bloggers.....well besides maybe Abe.

Ben you suck fuzzy monkey turds!
Keegan said...

Yeah, Abe's too busy slaying vampires for camp...

And I think we set a record for the most comments ever on this blog.

Well there is nothing to Mock on this one... So you get a post where I won't mock you too!
Well I think this is going to be the end of this I also think that both of you are kinda retarded for arguing and I want you both to sit in time out for 10 minutes and then apologize to each other..!
Also I don't want anyone to argue ever again on this blog so please if you have to argue then use MSN or Facebook!

I love you guys and I hope you understand this was a joke!

Nolan Out!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its a Fight, Head Bustin

Sooooo I'm gonna have to go with Nolan on this one, the blog should never be closed down. I don't think the world could resort back to such an amount of non-awesomeness.

Anyway my fight is tomorrow and it should be interesting. Here's a short Vlog on it




No Mike! Is all I have to say to mikes post and here is why...

For one this Blog is way to awesome to be shut down for 0.1 second. Also I will be trying to Post one update a week for the summer and keep all you Non-NBCers in the know about my Life. Yay for Nolans Life!(Feel free to "boo" now)

as for my Day it was quite normal. Nothing to exciting happened. I got to sleep into 1pm today so that was nice.

I also went swimming after I went to the Gym!

And tonight I watched Sherlock Holmes with Irvin. I love that movie!

Here is a List of My top 5 Favorite Movies ever:

1. Dark Night

2. Indianan Jones 1, 2, 3, 4

3. Lord Of The Rings!

4. Sherlock Holmes

5. Star Wars All of them!

So if you ever wanna have a movie party and get me to come play one of those and I am sure to follow... Anywho I work tomorrow Morning and need some sleep!

Nolan Out!

Closing Er up?

Friends, Romans, Bloggers, lend me your ears
Today I came to the realization that we have made it past our prime... We have become dull, uninteresting, slow paced, and generally boring.

As we bloggers run out of steam, you readers run out of interest, which further causes us to run out of steam. And it goes on in a downwards cycle until our inevitable permanent death.

I would propose that we stop this.(Edit: Nolan Says: NO!) 

No amount of motivation or scheming can help us much at this point, so I suggest we simply put the blog away for the summer (I know a lot of you are gone for most of it anyway, so this seems to just work out). We would then have a grand re-opening sometime around when the next school year starts.

Viva la Awesome Blog.

Banana Phone


So today  at school we just had a fun day. We played a bunch of ridiculous games and then ended the day with a giant water fight. My team name was "Christian Corner" but we called ourselves "CCM" for short (Christian Corner + Michelle) Michelle was a "Sinner" who filled Rachel and Julias spot, since they ditched for Stratford. Which is strange because they were the ones who signed up the team. Go Beermans.. haha

My personal favourite game was the banana olympics. Nolan you'd love it, the teacher even told us to play it at our bible camp, so for senior boys we HAVE to do it. It's pretty simple, it's just a football course except with a banana. By the end there's mushy banana all over.. It's simply the best!

Anyway, I need your guys help on something. I have a performance June 9th, and I need songs. I need a 50's-60's rock song (no Beatles please!), and any other song no specific genre. So just leave your songs in the comments. I might even cover them and post the video on the blog... If you're lucky.

i'm contemplating upgrading my computer to windows 7 but my external drive seems to be missing....

anyway I have to go, TTYL

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Sorry


Hi, I'm back, probably not for long though. My life has become filled with non-computerness. I have spent less time on the computer than I ever have before, there are some days where I don't even turn on my laptop. Yesterday all I used it for was to get guitar chords and complete homework.

So now instead of sitting on the computer all night, I go for frequent jogs, i'm actually going for one right after I post this! I also have been reading my bible alot more, my ipod bible I mean... Seriously I think ipod touches are the most useful things in creation, instead of spending hours on your computer you can check up on everything you need within seconds! And the bible app is fantastic offering ever translation and version you can think of! They even have reading plans! I'm currently doing the New Testament reading plan and I'm like four days ahead.

Anyway, boys... your posts are getting a little useless, except mikes death one, but we should avoid USELESS posts... I can't even keep myself to reading them... They want to hear about CAMP.


Seriously though, whoever doesn't have an ipod touch, just get one, I mean they arent that pricey, I got mine for 80 bucks, just look for deals yo!

anyway ttyl!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sad news

Sadly and Tragically, as of May 25th 2010, the person you all know as Mike Daoust has passed from this world.

May his soul forever rest in Continually playing Starcraft Heaven, and be remembered by each and every one of us as the true embodiment of all things a Geek should be.

He died of a fit of happiness following a successful Zergling rush shortly after his entry to the Starcraft 2 Beta. His conscience and arguably soul is now permanently attached to the computer, and all life has faded from his body.

This means that you cant email him and ask him to post more often.
It also means I wont fix your computer.
Now go away. Nothing more to see.

Monday, May 24, 2010

May Long Weekend


So this weekend was kinda busy and I didn't have anytime to make post, I also had no Internet connection. I was hoping That the other Bloggers would have kinda helped me out and make a some posts. Alas, I think they are dead, all of them and I guess Abe is re-dead you could say and they better be dead because that is the only real excuses to have to not post...

I motion that this next week will be a VERY post filled week!

Now on to the real topic of this post... My weekend was a very good weekend and Here are some of the high lights of the weekend.

Saturday was the wedding and most of the wedding was awesome. I was the camera man for the wedding so I got a front row seats, well more like I got to stand behind the wedding party it was kinda awkward, but I got over it. Now between the Wedding Ceremony and the Reception I had to take Zach, he was in charge of sound, and go set up for the Reception... Well we didn't... And it wasn't my fault, My dad gave me faulty directions and we ended up driving all over Jackson till I finally gave up and went back to were the wedding was and called my Uncle(His Daughter was the one getting married) so he came got us and drove us to where we were supposed to go. We were late to say the least, but did get every thing set up and after that little mishap everything went smoothly.

Sunday we drove back to Canada and stayed over night. We visited our Sarlo Grandparents and then Me, Zach, Shelby, and Mel went and hung out with some of the youth at Bellvue park in Sault Ste. Marie. After that we went to our other Grandparents and ate supper, so once supper was done I went and hung out with James Collins(One of the coolest guys alive) and we played COD:MW2. On a side note he has VERY loud speakers and it was VERY AWESOME!

Today we drove back to Sudbury and I did nothing all day it was very relaxing...

Tomorrow I have to work, that makes me sad, but on the bright side I only have 2 weeks left of work and then I am free for the summer! YAY!

Today was also Camp Clean Up at Northland Bible Camp and I am quite upset that I missed it and really wanted to but it just wasn't going to work... me being in America and all it just would have been a long trip. So I hope you all got some work done and am once again very sorry for not being there!

P.S. You guys can't force me to make a Vlog about Environmentalism, I don't care enough, or at all, about the environment... :'(

Saturday, May 22, 2010

When in doubt... SPAM WOW MUSICALS!

Tell me Mr.Martin... Can Runescape compare with the power of Music!?!

No Posts, MADNESS!!

It seems as though the blog has hit something of a dry spell. I would like to think of it as the calm before the storm, the storm being camp of course :D
It could also be the fact that not really anything interesting has happened of late, I mean besides the fact that both me and Nolan have been slacking off on our gym commitment.

In other news its the may long weekend and more importantly camp clean up on Monday :) This is like the cutting of the ribbon that opens the way for camp. Although camp is still several weeks away, its now close enough to say ahhhhhhhhooooooooowaaaaaaaaa!!!! As I'm sure we all are. I remain undecided as to whether I will be going to the clean up. More than likely I will, despite the ridiculous cost of gas. So to all you people in Timmins, if I can drive nearly 4 hours for camp clean darn well better be able to drive 1!!!

So until next time I bid thee all farewell......and get off your butts and DO SOME WORK!!!!

In Honor of all you graduating students out there:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Arizona Ice Tea

I am still in Jackson, but don't worry Ben I'll be able to go to the Gym on Monday(I think)

So today is the day before the Wedding, which means it is REHEARSAL DAY. This has got to be the best rehearsal I have ever gone to. It was an outdoor wedding and for an outdoor wedding you kinda want a nice sunny day, well, we didn't get a very nice day, and by that I mean it DOWN POURED so it was funny watching everyone running for Umbrellas & such, also a couple people found this big tarp and were walking around under it and it looked very funny!

So lets just all pray for Sunshine tomorrow! 

Well for the rest of today we have eaten and sat around and talk, well Not me I kinda just sat on my computer being the anti-social homeschooler that I am. I think I was just trying to avoid the crazy people in my family and I must say when about 93.5% of your family is crazy it is hard to avoid all of them.

So now I am sitting here with my head phones on and I must say it is working very well at keeping the Crazies away...

Okay so my family isn't that bad and they really aren't that creepy, unless you aren't part of my family then you might -Correction- you WOULD think we are all crazy, but would also notice that we all love each other. We are one big happy family, for the most part...

On a Side note I am almost 100% Addicted to Arizona Ice tea. Arizona Ice Tea without a doubt tastes like a Baby Angel!

Well I got to go, I need my sleep for the wedding tomorrow!

Nolan Out!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Can Haz Diploma Naow?

I'm a Grad.

Its a full day, and one of those days that just cant seem normal no matter how you look at it, Which is like, say, Christmas, your birthday, or the last time you got a 25 kill streak in TF2 and got kicked for "hacking".

The day began like any other pretty much. Get to school half asleep, check the hallways for Zombies and/or Mexicans, barely crawl into first period class... But then they started mixing things up! We had to be pulled down to the Gym for rehearsal nonsense. Which took a long time and accomplished very little besides getting me out of class.

Next the grads all went home to "prepare"
Well, see, I'm not exactly the sort who spends 5 hours in front of a mirror fixing my hair, so instead I stayed back and... Helped the Janitor sweep the floors.

I hope that guy gets paid well.

Eventually I made it home, and I was incredibly depressed because I felt like this year was a complete and total failure in my primary objective at school
(Which, by the way, is Social competence, and not as most believe, Zombie Extermination)
Minor Miracle and a few hours later, I found myself at Grad! And yeah, I did the whole Grad thing and got that neat little Cap.
Except I lost mine
So I stole one... It says "Nick Strong" inside. Which is a fairly awesome name so I kept it.

But yeah! This marks the beginning of the end of Highschool... And I've got to say Its good to be here.

Nolan's Life Update!

As you sit here reading this post I can see the excitement oozing out of you! Or maybe that's a zit you just popped. Well it doesn't matter what it is oozing out of you, but I will start with this Blog post now...

I am sitting here in my soon-to-be-cousins house using my Mini-computer in the corner like a loner and being kinda bored. I could be playing Settlers Of Catan but I over played it a few years ago and am now sick of it.

But not to fear I am now talking to some people on MSN and being less of a loner. Though strangely enough I am talking to Ben on MSN and it is kind of a real conversation that consists of more then our normal conversations(Nolan says "you homo" Ben says "you fat homo") which is weird.

We went to Wal-Mart and my cousin Shawna decided to take a jar of salsa and throw it on the ground. Haha. She felt bad to say the least. That was my Wal-mart story. Then we went to McDonald's and got 10 McDoubles it made there night, but the guy behind us in the drive-thru was kinda Ticked Off. We just laughed at him!sleeping

Then we pulled an All-nighter. I FAILED. I am the worst when it comes to NOT sleeping, sleeping is the best thing since sliced bread and I am seriously lacking sleep right now and I am living off of like 5 hours and for me thats not very much! I am about to crash like the titanic into that dang Ice-Burg!

In other News this is what I have done this week so far:
1. Ate McDonald's
2. Energy Drinks
3. All Nighters
4. Trampolines
5. Sanded a Ceiling
6. Cut some grass
7. Chilled with some
8. Etc.

So that has been my week so far...

I would be expecting another Blog post from me soon!

Nolan Out!

A Poem Abut Nolan By Shawna Patton

Shawna Patton

You don't know me I don't know you

but what we have in common is
pretty cool

yes nolan sometimes is dull and lame

thats probably
why he doesn't have a dame

to look at him must be very ruff

to top it all off he's not even buff

when he goes to the gym, one might

that Nolan only uses the 1 pound weights

that brings us
now to his shear awesomeness

which most mistake for straight up

you might wonder how I know him so well

but then
realize its easy to tell

that to be related to him

his cousin
would know that Nolan is dim.

this was a joke I hope you all

as plainly his muscles continue to grow

and his Facebook is
filled with comments from girls

just the thought of his smartness makes
my head swirl

so we all know of the legend of Nolan

is so
totally, cool and awesome

DISCLAIMER: Nolan and awesome do rhyme
all of the time so this you must never deny.

Nolan here, and am sorry for my extreme laziness... I pulled Nathenael and got someone else to write a Blog for me... Feel free to call me a slacker... or a Wietawd...

I'll make my own post later!

Nolan and Shawna out!


So I decided to put off my previous idea for my next vlog and do a kind of remembrance vlog from camp 2009 The video is somewhat long, and for that I apologize. Watch through the whole thing and let me know what you think.

P.S. I borrowed a few pictures from Beatrice's camp album, but shhhhhhhhh... ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Athletes in Action


Hiyoo, so I just got back from athletes in action, had a great time, fed a nice four course meal at teh Dante club and now im kind of hungry thinking about it, while doing homework... LOL

It was an awsome time though, there was some famouse football player who I forget... He was from Hungary or something... And he used to be Muslim!

Cool eh.

So the youthgroup sang 3 songs. In Christ Alone, Seek ye First, and All in All. We all did an awesome job, Julia did a great job doing first harmonies, and it was great to see the turnout of youth prepared to sing.

There was almost 400 people there this year, not as much as last year, but it was a good turnout.

Anyway that's all for today, See you guys soon!

Hey guess what? The Poll is done!

Its everybody's favorite day of the week again! Whats that? No its not the day where we get to use Joel's face as a dartbaord! That's Friday! Today we just have the Poll results in!

So here they are, for future record:

What is your insult of choice? (24 total)

Coffee Sipper! - 1 (4%)
You smell like Ben! - 5 (21%)
You look like Nolan! - 6 (25%)
You Helichopter you! - 2 (8%)
Disgusting Ur-Quan Slimewad! - 2 (8%)
Cake - 8 (33%)

At first glance it looks like we gained quite a few more people since last time... Unfortunately however, going through the IP logs, I can see that a good number of them are the same people voting more than once. Entire Squads of Angry Robot Gnomes have been dispatched.

Interestingly, Cake seems to have the vast majority of votes. How does one use cake as an insult?
"Cake You buddy! Cake you!"? Or perhaps more like: "You insolent piece of cake!"
I'll leave that up to all you to debate.

In other news, The new poll is up! And I have hereby obligated the winner to NEED to fulfill his duties nomatter how harsh that may be. Hopefully y'all vote well.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi, Billy Mays Here

Hi, Billy Mays here!'s not actually Billy Mays here at all. It's Keegan (even more exciting!) making another post from Nathanael's account! So, before I move on to more important matters, I would like to discuss why I am here again so soon:

I sat most comfily on my throne, patiently awaiting the time when I would leap into action on the interwebs. It was then that a knave from the Kingdom of Annoying disturbed me. He requested that I attend some sort of peasant's festival that he called "Youth Group". I of course DECLINED. But it was then that the bribery ensued. With the promise of a shiny quarter and a blog post on the platter, I could no longer refuse. Not patient enough to wait for my royal carriage, I ran as fast as I could to meet the aforementioned knave. When we arrived at the festival, I was happy to see the caravan of peasants and royalty alike, waiting to take me to their villages for multiple feasts and fun times...all I have to say is go DJ go...(and I never did get that quarter!)

So that out of the way, I would like to discuss marketing techniques and sales personell with you. You may be saying to yourself, why on earth talk about such an annoyance? Well, I really have no idea. But just sit down, shut up, and gather 'round the fire anyway.


- Admit it, you just got off the phone with one now. They call you multiple times a day, speak in foreign accents that you so desperately try to understand, and don't take "NO" for an answer. These people are most likely Muslim terrorists sitting on the Canadian border trying to steal your credit card information so they can commit identity theft and cross to our land. Don't listen to their demands.


- Indeed a rarity in our fine society today, but not unheard of! These people are almost as annoying as Jehovah's Witnesses and Exhibit A, but can generally be easier to get rid of. Just beware of the ones wearing lengthy trench coats that are trying to get you to "buy a watch".


- Okay so what's better than Billy Mays shouting about Oxiclean, or Vince Offer about Shamwow? Okay, a lot of things, but these guys really get your attention with their incredible sales pitches. But wait, that's not all! Actually it is...but call in the next ten minutes and get your special two for one deal!

All right, seriously. B-bye now,

1-800-FAKE-NUM. We take Visa and Mastercard.

P.S. I got my AK-47 in the mail. I am impressed at the performance of the gun, but I must say that the complimentary beverage tasted rather of burning. Maybe lay off the cinnamon a bit.

I Hate Spring!

Above title is to be said in the voice of Francis, father of hate.

So yeah, despite Joel's totally invalid claims of having the best weekend ever, I'm pretty sure that I can say mine was better. I came, I paintballed, I acted like a little kid, I made Lauren Woods remove me as a friend on Facebook, and all around I had a massively good time crashing (very important not to call it sleeping over) at Ben and Nolan's place! We discovered a great many new facts too! Some of which would not be appropriate to post here for fear of making Nathaniel burst out vomiting like the phased English gentleman he is... Which of course means I'm going to post them!

  1. When in doubt, Scottish Salute
  2. Rambo does more than just threaten to pull your jugular out with his bare hands.
  3. The best tactic in paintball is to brandish a shovel and run screaming at the flag!
  4. Timothy?
  5. Nazi Germans from WWII used Swastika shaped Razors, with so many blades it was efficient!
  6. The beforementioned Sumo Wrestler/Tightrope walker is named either Mr Big or Mr Amazing.
  7. The beforementioned Sumo Wrestler/Tightrope walker is mine. Not Zachs.
  8. Jenna Wood has interesting uses for Horses
  9. Awesome is Nolan's fish. His name is Awesome, and he is Awesome.
  10. You need to leave the cap on to keep the flavor in Bawls (Credits to Ben for this one)
  11. We all like Nuts (Ya vomiting through your nose yet Nathaniel?)
  12. I am not a Ninja who uses shotguns. I am a Shotgun who is a Ninja (?)
  13. Timothy?
  14. Mr. Big is also a word for poop. When dealing with Mr. Big, be careful not to smear it over your cheeks.

Yes you are allowed to think I am perverted, but I shift that blame to Nolan.

Vlog after Vlog


Hey Y'all, so yesterday I just got home from Overflow, it was probably the best weekend of my life.. No Joke, if you ever get the chance to go please do whatever you can to.

The Theme:
I am compelled by God’s love and grace; by His mercy and His hope; by His righteousness and faithfulness. He has changed my life and I will never be the same.

Because I know the life and freedom He has given to me, and what His Word has promised,

I will let the love of Christ compel me; let it move me to love others lavishly.
I will show grace because I have been shown grace.
I will let the hope I now know shine in a world of despair.

I can’t not respond in attitude, word, and deed to what He has done in my life. I must give, serve, and love.

I am compelled

I Joel Black am Compelled.

Even though the videos are just alot of fun times it was an extremely convicting.

Here's just a recap of what was there:

The Glorious Unseen ---- One of my Favorite Bands

Overflow House Band

Bob Lenz --- Amazing

Brett Ullman - Seriously Check him out

There was tons of other things, it was amazing, but that's all for now.

Going Away...

So I have some news for you guys. I am Leaving For a week. I am going to Jackson MI for a Wedding. Don't feel too sad, I should be able to post while I am there. Don't Text me cuz I wont respond it'll be 0.60$ a text. So I will be giving you updates during the week.

So right now I am packing to go... and I must admit that there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING More Annoying then Packing and getting ready for long trips... Especially long trips into the states.

But going to the States does have it's bonuses like:


Cheap American Snacks

So all in all this should be a great trip!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Overflow Part 1 & 2


A Vlog The Combo Platter!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Recap of my saturday night...


151st Post

The true essence of immaturity is shown through the need to be the 151st poster. My word. Its an obsession.
To be driven to post for the sole reason of being the 151st poster. Do you know what that feels like?
No, you do not.
Thank you, 151st post.
Because of you, I can't even look into a mirror.
Blast your soul.
The soul of a corrupt post. Post...151...
How you-

At this point, the blogger was reduced to a rambling, gelatinous mass and had to be removed from the blog post temporarily.


I was reading a book -GASP-heathentomesofwordsandlettersalljumbleduptogether-GASP- and it made an interesting point (or at least it was a point in the book. It might just be a random fact for the likes of us). The words policeman and polite both come from the same root which means city. Therefore, a policeman was a man of the city, and to be polite was to behave the way you would in the city (which in the ancient times meant you were to behave well). Words are interesting. The many hidden depths and subtleties.


Appetizer (to wet the appetite?)
Main course

In -Driving- #2, we experienced something interesting. A group of younger people stringing an invisible rope across the road. When we neared these people, weilding their invisible rope, they pulled their rope tight! At warning from Nolan, Zach gunned the engine and broke their invisible rope clean in two. We circled around and repeated the process twice (with a result of younger people scurrying into the bush...twice...[All except for one "brave" lad who stayed to swear at us]). I direct you to fig. 1.

Friday, May 14, 2010

150th Post

So "Monkeys that Eat Peanut Butter can get stuck in Mouse traps"... I was Feeling lucky with Google today!

In other News...

This is the 150th Post... Feels like just yesterday when I made the 1st post on this blog of super awesomeness, and it is still hard to believe how many "Fans" we actually have, because in my mind our lives really are quite BORING. Yes I also know that most of you will more then likely agree with me on that fact. But on to more important matters... Like Stuff...

So today I got off work at 11am. Once again I only had a 3 hour shift! ISN'T THAT AWESOME!

As most of you should know it is that time of week again, yes I will head out on my bike(That's a Lie I will get a ride because I am lazy) to go to youth group. Also I know you must all be thinking the same thing, and frankly so am I. And that question is "Am I really still young enough to go to youth group?"... The answer is most likely "No". But once again I will stick it to the man and go because I really don't feel like growing up right now, if anything I wanna get a few years younger, like back when I was 16, and just got my Drivers License, Oh Man! Good times!

Wanna Hear another great thing! TOMORROW WE ARE PAINT BALLING!

And tonight Me, Mike, and Ben are hanging out and it is going to be good times! Some movies, maybe some Pizza and we might even do some thing crazy for the blog, who knows!

Anywho I got to go fill up some CO2 tanks for tomorrow!

Nolan Out

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Picture a teenager, walking down a dark alley.

Picture the rain falling on this teenagar, as he stumbles into the dryness of an overhanging roof.

Picture a duck, caught in a storm, flying into a building, and falling onto a teenager.

Picture a small shack, inhabited by a teenager and an injured duck being slowly nurses back to health.

Picture a travelling circus that has just made a stop in a bustling city, preforming and looking for any talented recruits.

Picture an excited boy follow by an equally excited duck, running/flying into a circus tent.

Picture a boy and his intelligent duck starring in what will soon be the second most famous circus in the nation (second only to the Superstore on Boxing Day).

This teenager is of no importance to this blog.

What is of importance to this blog is sheer awesomeness.

Sheer, unadultered awesomeness.


This awesomeness will continue.

I apperantly have to do my share.

Welcome to post 1.

*Walks off the stage*

he First Thing I say When I Answer the Phone is... WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME!?


You guys are so creative... (sarcasm)... Well Mike was pretty creative.

So I just got back from a sweet soccer game, Roland Michener PWNED Iroqious Falls!!! That's right Daniel... Shame.

So my blog topic today is going to be homeschooling. As many of you know I was homeschooled for the first seven years of my life... I HATED IT. I mean for one... I lived in Kapuskasing, and secondly I lived in the country... AND to top it all off... I had no friends... Well I had SOME friends but they all lived in Cochrane and i'd only get to see them like once-a-month at homeschooler conventions... That's right CONVENTIONS.... I remember Jesse Fontaine used to go to them too but I never talked to him because I thought he was a girl... May I inform you he had a braided pony tail all the way to his buttox. REAL COOL. LOL I remember we used to have a guys snow fort and a girls snow fort, and Jesse came in ours, so Timmy, a gender confused child himself decided that Jesse wasn't allowed in the BOYS snowfort... So he openly pointed out that Jesse was a girl and wasn't allowed in there. Good one Timmy.

Now after all that ranting, I want to hear your opinion... If you were homeschooled, did you like it? Would you ever homeschool your kid? 

That picture is FALSE advertising... Homeschooling does not ALWAYS work... I mean look at me.. LOL


If I could Fly...


Happy Woman's Work Day!!!!

So I have decided today should be proclaimed National Woman's Work Day. Now why should today be pronounced such a day? Well if you would have asked me that question about an hour and a half ago I might not have known......BUT, after several texts I came to a sad, and SHOCKING realization.

I was texting, as I often do and got a text from Katie saying: hey, whats up? I was in the middle of doing the dishes and so replied with such an answer. She then mocked my doing dishes as it is something that I have many times proclaimed "woman's work". I laughed and replied that I was also in the process of doing laundry. I found this humorous that I should be doing two jobs dubbed "woman's work" at the same time. Her next comment left me shaken and in horror. She replied: I bet your making your own lunch as well. I sat on the broken footrest in my basement listening to the washer in complete disbelief. Could it be I was really doing all the things that I expected of a woman? It was hard to believe, hard to swallow....but I gathered myself and put my laundry in the dryer.

So In an attempt to dewomanize myself I'm going to go and spar for an hour. Hopefully beating some people up will restore me some dignity.

This sad story is completely true, and was experienced by me (Benjamin Timothy John Davey) on May 13, 2010.

Ps. I will be doing another Vlog in the next few days..... the topic.....Woman, Past and Present

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So Today after my 3 hour shift ended and while I was working out at the gym, Once again I was thinking about subject of taking over the world again, I know it happens a lot. But this time I was thinking about Creating the most powerful weapon to use to take over earth. But then I realized that I had already done that...

A Helichopter, yes that is right a Helichopter is the most powerful weapon on this earth... well at this time it is!

Let me lay out some of the features of a Helichopter:

Weapons: The Helichopter has a variety of weapons

  • Fully Automatic Nuke Launcher: For those National Security Issues
  • Pea shooters: For Sending Messages
  • Paintball Grenade Launchers: For Paintball, DUH!
  • Water Guns: For Forest Fires
  • Mini-Guns: For killing large masses of people quickly... Okay That is a Lie they are just here to look Cool!
  • Lightsabers: Just because
  • Lysol: For making the world a better smelling place!

Exterior: Looks are everything

  • Comes in a Variety of colors (Click Here for Color List)
  • Chrome,
  • Easy Steps
  • Tinted Windows
  • Remote Keyless entry
  • Spoilers
  • Traction control(Not sure why you need this on a flying Vehicle)
  • Headlights
  • Parachute
  • And lots More!

Interior: Time to get comfy

  • Seats
  • Steering Handles
  • Mirrors
  • Air Conditioning
  • CD Player
  • Tape Player
  • 8-Track Player
  • Record Player
  • Mini Roof Screens
  • Big Screen TVs
  • VCR's & DVD's
  • Floor Mats
  • Heated Seats
  • Cooled Seats
  • Massage Seats
  • Toilet Seats
  • Toilet Paper Holders
  • Showers
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Fish Tanks(Fish Included)
  • Hand Guns
  • Marsh mellows
  • And Much More!

So there you have it, other then the fact that being called a Helichopter is, in fact, an insult and a very big insult at that, I could even dare say one of the biggest insults in the known universe, so big that if you were to call some one that they just might break down crying for the rest of there natural lives while sitting in there closet to scared to come out because people might think they are gay... because you know what people think when you come out of your closet! But other then that I think it would be quite the investment to buy a Helichopter not only for you, but for your whole family and there whole family's Etc. Etc. Etc.

Well there you have it a Basic rundown of Helichopter. If you have anymore questions feel free to Email me...

Nolan Out!

Technical issues

My web space (formerly associated with my PB3D project) Has sadly, and finally been expired. The net result of this is that all of my images that I uploaded to that FTP account (including the Banner to this blog) Are gone.

I'm working at buying a new webspace, but until then enjoy our lack of images!

(Edit: Solved the banner for now. BUT I STILL WANT MY WEBSPACE!)

If I Could Deepfry...Nolan, I would have a real feast!


HAHA, make a picture out of that one Mike! Or not, that would be rather gruesome....

So the topic of this blog today is the top ten useless things we learn in school... Seriously... 

10. DRAMA... K, so what have we gotten out of this other than social embarrassment, don't get me wrong I've taken my fair share of drama classes and they are enjoyable... but if you think about it, you're getting kids interested in a career field that is EXTREMELY hard to get into.

9. BADMINTON... Seriously everyone hates that sport... don't teach it.

8. COOKING CLASS... K, like I took this class, it was so pointless... Although I did learn how hard it was to run a restaurant... So basically it's a dream crusher. They should still have the subject, just incorporate it in girls gym.

7. ART... We don't need that.

6. Don't Use Bad Language... I don't get why they try to teach us this in school, because if you've ever taken an English class, you can clearly see that whoever incorporated not using slang, bad language, or racist comments was illiterate. Every English class I've ever taken has included reading a book with terrible language. 

  • Grade Nine: The Chocolate War... The book was practically about dirty boy things... if you know what I mean. And it was full of racism
  • Grade Ten: There were no foul books. Good ol' Mr. Frey!
  • Grade Eleven: Of Mice and Men... Terribly racist, crude, and rabbits!

5. Alot of Math... Unless you're smart, math past the fifth grade is useless.

4. No Hats Inside... Seriously we aren't in the fifties anymore... We don't need to take our hats off anywhere else.. Plus what if it's a bad hair day... Come on!

3. No Ipods or Cellphones... Completely stupid to ban these things from even entering the building. Like sure ban them during class, but in the halls it should be fine. And if they're scared of people getting pictures while changing or something... WELL... That's too bad. Suck it up. Plus like nobody in their right mind will do that unless they're a Hermaphrodike.

2. Bullying Tips... WOW are they ever useless... like seriously "tell a teacher or parent" NO I don't want to get my arse kicked!

1. SHAKESPEARE... There is no reason to learn this... I will never meet an old english person, so I will never have to read that... it's sooo STUPID!!!!

So there they are... Comment your thoughts and anything you'd like to add.

SENTANCE OF THE DAY: The First Thing I say When I Answer the Phone is...


Yesterday Today

Just because I realize that by this point, you’re all so very fed up with our pointless posts that serve to do nothing more than outline our days events, I have decided to create a post that does nothing more than outline my days events!

This, my friends, is redundancy at its finest!

Aye, so, to begin…

Yesterday began as pretty much any other day might. I managed to somehow defeat the grips of gravity and escaped from my bed. However, I realized that I would once again need to ride my bike to school! The reason for this will become apparent later (I like to make you all wait on pointless details). I got to school, which was not, as I had hoped, infested with either Zombies, Mutants, Nazis, Pythons, Terrorists or even Mexicans. After this initial disappointment, I went on to class. Which was boring, but now my teacher has me helping him with the very type of computer questions that he teaches. So I got to revel in my superiority for a bit. Then lunch, Law class, and Calculus. Boring stuff, and as sadistic as I am, I wont force any of you to read a boring description of an already boring class.

Finally, I hopped on my bike, and went over to the Simards place to see Iron Man later that night! This was good fun, and we discovered that in an alternate reality, Coffee has become the socially frowned upon habit of note, and that anybody caught “sipping” is ostracized and looked down on.

Right! Well, DEAR still isn’t over, so I suppose I need to keep writing don’t I?

Next week is grad week… Probably my least favorite time of the year. Now, a lot of people don’t understand why I hate it… But allow me to put it in my perspective
  • I need to go to the Grad ceremonies, stand around in a ridiculous outfit until its your turn to be handed a piece of paper. HOW MANY PIECES OF PAPER HAVE I GONE THROUGH IN A YEAR!
  • I need to go to Prom, and sit around all awkward and dressed up, as people around me talk about this date or that, engage in dancing (one of the worst ideas that have ever struck mankind) and this goes on for HOURS
  • I need to listen to people talk about all of these grad week parties where they go to intentionally get ridiculously drunk and other such low-moral-fiber deeds.

In conclusion: Not my favorite time of the year!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Blogger: Keegan McCormick

Greetings and salutations! This is Keegan McCormick, doing a guest blog post from Nathanael's account. First, allow me to introduce myself to the mass of people who read this. I'm fourteen years old and am a friend of Nathanael and Nolan. Most of my hobbies are of a nerdish nature, including video games and Nerf. Music is also one of my hobbies (I play guitar), and some of my favourite bands are Sonata Arctica, Metallica, Rhapsody of Fire, Dragonforce, and Power Quest. I'd like to say that I've also been following this blog for a while now, and am overwhelmed with joy to be posting here.

So anyway, I guess part of this "blog" thing is to tell about my day, so...

It started simple. As always, my mom had to try many times to wake me up, before I eventually did. After doing our family bible devotions and after I had ate breakfast, I mozied on down the stairs to start a day of online high school. Yes, online. As in on the computer. Anywho, after doing one quiz, two tests, and working on assignments, I commenced to eat a poptart for lunch, with chocolate milk as my ever-so-delicious beverage. That being done, my mother, my sister, and I made our way to the Ancient History course at the chapel (the learning never ends!). Fortunately, this course is moderately interesting, and people I know attend it too, which is a bonus. After I got home from that, I was faced with the strenuous task of pulling Dandelions from the yard. Boring, eh? But fear ye not, ye supense-filled readers! For I was not alone on my quest! Allow me to introduce you to the "Weed Hound" weed-puller.

So I guess you can kind of call this my weapon to face the threat that are the yellow menaces! So I began to pull up the Dandelions, first by weeding out (no pun intended) the big clusters from the group. Unfortunately, I couldn't get all the small ones as well so I have to do more tomorrow...

After that I had my supper of French Toast and MORE chocolate milk, and finished writing this post. Now I'm off to play some pwnage video games on my ultra high-spec computer!

Peace out,

Sooo Tired


So I was going to take another jog today, but during my nap kristen called and was like "can I come over"... It's tuesday... She didn't even blog about this on kristens thoughts... LOL

There's like nothing to write about anymore, sorry blog readers. Today I learned how to properly wash your hands, yes. YOU are doing it wrong. I have a test on it on friday... YAY.

So... Here are some sexist jokes.

Q: Why did God make women?
A: You think he's gonna wash the dishes? Aw HECK Naw!

Q: How do you know when it's time to get a new dishwasher?
A: When the old one expects you to "do your share"

Q: How long does it take for a man to make dinner?
A: As long as it takes for him to get out the belt!

You think men have it easy? You're dead wrong, they have to work up a sweat to keep taking out the belt and putting it back in again.

Q: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: trick question, feminists can't change anything!

Ok... So those were mean. LOOOL

So you guys are really uncreative with your book title-ing...

but i'll give you another shot.

"If I could deepfry..."


Ahhhh couples, I've got news for you

My short sum up of the couples in Timmins that were ever so entertaining over the weekend.

Monday, May 10, 2010

If I Could Write a Book About...


If I Could Write a Book About...

Finish that sentence by leaving a comment below!

So it's been a whole DAY since I've posted and it's currently 7:30. I'm happy to say that there have been NO meetings this week for ANYTHING! thats a first since like february... Welcome to my life! I'm glad to say that I have nothing much to do until summer :) 

Unfortunately in the fall i'll have to get a job and start saving up for school (I've never really saved money before...) 

WHOA... BACON... Props to Mike for the picture!

The Verdict


If you enjoyed this post, please check out the products in these links.

Edit: Especially: this one

My Bike Can Fly

So today is a Very Depressing Day...

But Lets talk about the weekend before I talk about today!

Well on Friday we went to Timmins. But as most of you know we went through North Bay, and yes normally it would have been a waste of gas to go an extra 2 hours out of our way, but this was different. I bet you wanna know why it was different.

This is why -->

Yes we did go an extra 2 hours to pick up Tyler Fiss, and yes it was worth the extra gas money, he is a funny kid! Also I think Kirsten may have been Happy that we took a detour as well, Just say'n!

The Darkness was the next part of the trip. On Friday night, after spring revival was over for the day we went to this trail, it was Freezing out and it was Pitch black, and even though everyone there lived in Timmins and should be used of the woods, they aren't. Apparently they said it's "Scary" to be in the middle of the woods in the dark, SO scary, That it induced some tears. So as most of you know I am kind of a Jerk, so them, being in such fear, I sprung into action with Danny Aldred by my side(one of the few of us who wasn't pooping his pants) we ran ahead, holding one of the only flash lights and hid in the woods, waited till everyone passed us and ran back and waited for them to come back. Once we heard them coming we turned the flash light on and put it on the ground Danny Lied beside it and I hid beside this Sketchy shack thing and waited for them to get close enough to jump out... And that is what I did... they all Pooped there pants, all but Jeff... And that was our Friday night, It twas awesome!

On Saturday we went back to Spring Revival, Josh Sklar was the speaker and was SUPER AWESOME, He made some very good points. "Changed Charged Challenged" was kinda the theme for the week. We also went swimming and played some sports at the gym. Then for the EPICLY AWESOME part of the day ARTICLE ONE it was an awesome Concert! Also there Bass players Name is NOLAN... It was Great!

Bad Quality, But I only had my Cell Phone!

Then after that we went to Jenna's House and hung out for a while. Also I want all you Couples to remember to leave room for Jesus and keep a BIBLE SPACE!

Sunday was very slow day and we went to Church we ate food at church then went to wendys and I got Ketchup on my shirt, and Nate got put in the Blender(A.K.A Bens Trunk) then we left Timmins, and at McDonald's in New Liskard, dropped Tyler off in North Bay, and went to Sudbury, and I am depressed! :(

Also today while I was biking past all the smokers at Lasalle School I wiped out on my bike and they laughed at me and I asked if any of them got it on tape... and they didn't! Now my hands are all messed up and It hurts!

Well Ben is here and we are going to the Gym. So that was my weekend!

P.S. I hate Couples! I am Now Officially on Relationship Patrol! ALWAYS!

P.P.S. Jeff And Beatrice Are Both Flaming Homosexuals!

P.P.P.S when we were in the Woods Ben got Lost! :P

''We Can't make our own choices, we are Far to dumb...!'' -- Communist Ben

Sunday, May 9, 2010



So Ben and Nolan left about a half hour ago... I would've posted as soon as they left but I had to take a giant dump... Thanks to all the candy we ate... lol, so overall it was an awesome weekend! We did tons of crazy stuff, enjoyed a great conference and the best BAND EVER!!!!! Go Violins! We explored a dark trail (probably one of the best parts of the weekend), and hung out with some good friends! Wooot! I have to give props to Nate Elliot for spending almost the whole day in the trunk today as we blasted Boom Boom Pow through the sub woofers which are also situated in the trunk. The car was already packed... LOL

So yeah the weekend was super duper awesome.. MINUS

-Brandon not being there.

-Couples.... Seriously Ben and Nolan came to see you guys! Spend some time with them...

-Not Enough Shania Twain... There seriously never is.

Some other good things:

-Josh Sklar was a great speaker!

-Kristens reaction... LOL

-Amber <3>

-And ARTICLE ONE!!! Seriously check them out!!!

Anyway I have to get to church for a music practice... I promised myself id go even though im SUPER tired lol. So I'll leave you with a picture of my ROLE MODEL... LOL

EDIT: This is The Matt Piche And his Crazy Violin Solo!

All power to the Readers!

Here at the Awesome blog, we believe that readers should have power. This is why we are arming you all with AK-47s and Molotov cocktails. You should be receiving one in the mail shortly. If anybody asks, tell them its just an airsoft gun or hold them at gunpoint and make them pledge to read the blog religiously.

But asides from that! We also believe that your voice matters! or some such democratic hogwash. *Note to self, stop taking suggestions from Abe* So we have installed a feedback system into the blog. Now if your too lazy to leave a comment, you can simply check off whatever boxes apply to that post! This is convenience at its finest!

The downside is, there's no way to prevent you from, say, choosing "fat" for every one of Nolan's posts. We, in fact, encourage this behavior.

Good day all, and always be on the lookout for that Little Green Man. You know the one I'm talking about.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome to... THE WEEKEND!

It's time for everybodies favorite game show... That's right, welcome all to: The Weekend!

Today on The Weekend, we have contestant Mike Daoust. He is a rather lifeless sort, and the impressive skills he brings to the table should serve him well with today's events! Lets go over to the prize curtain and see what he stands to win!

Behind today's curtain lies... Whats this? Extremely large quantities of boredom! But wait there's more! Along with your boredom, you can also win a reminder of your social ineptitude, a small case full of depression and a brand new jetpack!
Bob, over to you.

Thanks Jim, for the first challenge today our contestant will need to run...
The ring of responsibility!!!
The idea here is that our contestant must successfully surmount all of the obstacles on this course and be done with enough time left on the clock to finish all the rest of today's events. Bonus points will be awarded for style and creative use of firearms. So why don't we take a look at what Mike will be facing? Today's obstacles include: The barricade of pointless homework, Not one, but two servers that need to be reconfigured, a couple of promises-that-need-to-be-kept hurdles, and a giant squid. As always, a large hatchet is provided for getting past the squid.
Back to you Bob!

That's quite the course Jim. Now while our contestant is preparing for his trials, here's a quick word from our sponsors.

Were back, and our contestant is ready to get underway! Over to you Jim.
I think I'll be buying a windows after this Bob. But for now our contestant is starting!
He's off to a slow start! Look at him crawl out of that bed.... Reaching for the nightstand now... He's going for... Yes, the pistol!... Ohh! And he grabbed the Cellphone as well! The poor guy, he'll learn soon enough that a cellphone does you no good on The Weekend!
That's right Jim, here at the weekend, nobody will ever care enough to send him a message or, god-forbid, actually call him.
He's flying off to a quick start, going after the barricade of pointless homework... *gunshots*
Bob, that's yet another contestant who thinks that just by shooting homework, it can get done. Sadly this isint the case though is it?
No Jim, the bullet manages to pass right through the paper without answering any questions or really doing anything at all. It looks like he'll need to manually climb it using the pencils of knowledge.
And quite a climb this is! Look at him fly through it! Its almost as if he had done this very homework before!
Off to a running sprint now towards the hurdles of promises... *More gunshots*
There we go Bob! This contestant really knows how to handle a pistol! By shooting the people he made promises to, he can avoid the hurdles completely! What a brilliant move by Mr. Daoust!
But this isn't over yet Jim, he still has the Giant Squid and the servers to go.
Very right Bob. Those servers have given him a hard time before haven't they?
That's right, word is that he was supposed to have solved them weeks ago!
Well Bob, its a good thing he's paid by the hour.
And here he comes now! approaching the first server... Oh what terror! Its covered in bugs! Jim, nobody said anything about bugs in the server!
Just all part of the unpredictable nature of The Weekend, Bob. Mike will need to find a path over the server while either avoiding or exterminating the bugs. And he needs to remember: some of that pistol ammo needs to be saved for the Giant Squid and besides that he really shouldn't be shooting at the machine he's being paid to fix.
Quite the predicament Jim. But that's all the time we have today. Tune in tomorrow folks to discover whether or not our contestant will be going home with a Brand new Jetpack!
This is The Weekend, have a good night all!