Friday, May 14, 2010

150th Post

So "Monkeys that Eat Peanut Butter can get stuck in Mouse traps"... I was Feeling lucky with Google today!

In other News...

This is the 150th Post... Feels like just yesterday when I made the 1st post on this blog of super awesomeness, and it is still hard to believe how many "Fans" we actually have, because in my mind our lives really are quite BORING. Yes I also know that most of you will more then likely agree with me on that fact. But on to more important matters... Like Stuff...

So today I got off work at 11am. Once again I only had a 3 hour shift! ISN'T THAT AWESOME!

As most of you should know it is that time of week again, yes I will head out on my bike(That's a Lie I will get a ride because I am lazy) to go to youth group. Also I know you must all be thinking the same thing, and frankly so am I. And that question is "Am I really still young enough to go to youth group?"... The answer is most likely "No". But once again I will stick it to the man and go because I really don't feel like growing up right now, if anything I wanna get a few years younger, like back when I was 16, and just got my Drivers License, Oh Man! Good times!

Wanna Hear another great thing! TOMORROW WE ARE PAINT BALLING!

And tonight Me, Mike, and Ben are hanging out and it is going to be good times! Some movies, maybe some Pizza and we might even do some thing crazy for the blog, who knows!

Anywho I got to go fill up some CO2 tanks for tomorrow!

Nolan Out

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