Saturday, May 15, 2010

151st Post

The true essence of immaturity is shown through the need to be the 151st poster. My word. Its an obsession.
To be driven to post for the sole reason of being the 151st poster. Do you know what that feels like?
No, you do not.
Thank you, 151st post.
Because of you, I can't even look into a mirror.
Blast your soul.
The soul of a corrupt post. Post...151...
How you-

At this point, the blogger was reduced to a rambling, gelatinous mass and had to be removed from the blog post temporarily.


I was reading a book -GASP-heathentomesofwordsandlettersalljumbleduptogether-GASP- and it made an interesting point (or at least it was a point in the book. It might just be a random fact for the likes of us). The words policeman and polite both come from the same root which means city. Therefore, a policeman was a man of the city, and to be polite was to behave the way you would in the city (which in the ancient times meant you were to behave well). Words are interesting. The many hidden depths and subtleties.


Appetizer (to wet the appetite?)
Main course

In -Driving- #2, we experienced something interesting. A group of younger people stringing an invisible rope across the road. When we neared these people, weilding their invisible rope, they pulled their rope tight! At warning from Nolan, Zach gunned the engine and broke their invisible rope clean in two. We circled around and repeated the process twice (with a result of younger people scurrying into the bush...twice...[All except for one "brave" lad who stayed to swear at us]). I direct you to fig. 1.

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