Sunday, May 9, 2010

All power to the Readers!

Here at the Awesome blog, we believe that readers should have power. This is why we are arming you all with AK-47s and Molotov cocktails. You should be receiving one in the mail shortly. If anybody asks, tell them its just an airsoft gun or hold them at gunpoint and make them pledge to read the blog religiously.

But asides from that! We also believe that your voice matters! or some such democratic hogwash. *Note to self, stop taking suggestions from Abe* So we have installed a feedback system into the blog. Now if your too lazy to leave a comment, you can simply check off whatever boxes apply to that post! This is convenience at its finest!

The downside is, there's no way to prevent you from, say, choosing "fat" for every one of Nolan's posts. We, in fact, encourage this behavior.

Good day all, and always be on the lookout for that Little Green Man. You know the one I'm talking about.

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