Friday, May 21, 2010

Arizona Ice Tea

I am still in Jackson, but don't worry Ben I'll be able to go to the Gym on Monday(I think)

So today is the day before the Wedding, which means it is REHEARSAL DAY. This has got to be the best rehearsal I have ever gone to. It was an outdoor wedding and for an outdoor wedding you kinda want a nice sunny day, well, we didn't get a very nice day, and by that I mean it DOWN POURED so it was funny watching everyone running for Umbrellas & such, also a couple people found this big tarp and were walking around under it and it looked very funny!

So lets just all pray for Sunshine tomorrow! 

Well for the rest of today we have eaten and sat around and talk, well Not me I kinda just sat on my computer being the anti-social homeschooler that I am. I think I was just trying to avoid the crazy people in my family and I must say when about 93.5% of your family is crazy it is hard to avoid all of them.

So now I am sitting here with my head phones on and I must say it is working very well at keeping the Crazies away...

Okay so my family isn't that bad and they really aren't that creepy, unless you aren't part of my family then you might -Correction- you WOULD think we are all crazy, but would also notice that we all love each other. We are one big happy family, for the most part...

On a Side note I am almost 100% Addicted to Arizona Ice tea. Arizona Ice Tea without a doubt tastes like a Baby Angel!

Well I got to go, I need my sleep for the wedding tomorrow!

Nolan Out!

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