Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to Blogging!

I return!

You were supposed to start cheering for that... not groaning and making pitiful noises...

Well I actually kept myself busy this past weekend for a change! That's right, here are some of the things I did not do:
  • Spend 15 hours in front of this screen making a Zombie Vlog,
  • Finish Overdue Homework,
  • Play Paintball,
  • Play any video games,
  • Do anything resembling being responsible!

Instead! I did some more out of characteristic things:
  • Went to Laurention for some instructions on picking first year courses,
  • Traveled to the middle of bloody nowhere, and visited Jenna and Jon woods! Also saw Adam Corbin and Sam Lenover.
  • Got angry about not playing Paintball
  • Got a job for the Summer
  • Worked on securing some servers for lots of cash!
  • Killed the ghost of Alexander the Great
 So yeah! In all its been a really amazing weekend! MINUS THE WHOLE NOT PLAYING PAINTBALL PART!

Today though, goes and proves that every time anything good happens; you also need bad to counteract it.
The day started off alright, I went to Tech class and found that even though I missed most of last week, they really hadn't done anything anyway. Were really good at not doing anything in Tech! My teacher says if we keep it up, we can join the Canadian "NotDoingAnythingAlon" Olympic team! So that wasn't so bad... But far worse then that was the rest of the day.
I spent second period furiously trying to study for the upcoming Math test, which I had completely neglected. Then I went to Lunch... And kinda just sat there for the most part and didn't talk to anybody at all until I went with Adelle to find my Law teacher... That ended up in me failing horribly and in the end just wasting everybodys time. Then Law class was kinda miserable as I was given 6 assignments to hand in: preferably by tomorrow. Aaaaand finally I went to Math and failed a very very big test.

So yeah, good day in all. Also: This:

Edit: ALSO! DON'T FORGET! this Thursday is the first Thursday of the month... and you know what that means? ITS ALMOST COMMUNIST THURSDAY! WORKERS OF THE WORLD REJOICE!

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