Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Cold Woods

I remember these books scared the crap outta me..

Hi so, i'm super duper excited for next weeekend when sudbury comes up! It's going to be awesome!
So, as we all know it's time for spring cleaning, and last night a bunch of us kids went out and went through peoples trash, we found a broken guitar, a lamp, and a gun (yes a real one). Then we went down near the bushes, and found some trails. As soon as we got close to one end of the bushes it got like freeeezing cold, sooo wierd, we then decided it was a sign and didn't want to go in... LOL, so on our way home we saw a lawnmower and I actually got it running, then we left it on and ran away.
so that's basically what we did, and when sudbury comes up we'll explore the cold trail.

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