Thursday, May 6, 2010

Communists? As if my day couldent get any worse

Friends and Neighbors, for twoscore and 20 years this inhabitance we call earth has dealt with the plague of "communism". America, and indeed all of the free world has fought and bled to ensure that we all remain a free society. Therefore, If I may be permitted, I ask you all a humble question: Why do we celebrate this day? Why do we make light and jest at this most ungodly of governmental practices?

Fellow free men, consider the fact that I, of all people, know exactly what it means to fight against slavery. (Be that in the traditional form or Vampiric one) Communism, and the socialist government is nothing more then another form of slavery and the removal of individual freedoms!... Furthermore I would remind you all...

*You wake up some hours later to discover the long rant over, and you have acquired politically induced headaches*

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