Thursday, May 6, 2010

Communizim Day

Yes, in fact, I am to lazy to blog... 

But Since I feel it my duty to keep you all entertained, I will write a BLOG. Also I spelt Communism Day wrong in the title!

So today while I was living, I noticed that  life can be ruff. Life can also be compared to a pillow. Some times life just gets to hot for you to handle and you feel like everything is going down the toilet. BUT, on the other side of the pillow,  its colder. See where I am going with this? If you just wait awhile and then look at life from a new perspective, it ALWAYS gets way cooler.

Life can be Awesome once you learn how to flip the pillow!!

On a more exciting note, today is in fact Communism Day. YAY! US!

Once Again It is that time of the month were we get to tell you how awesome we are and how come we are so much better then you and why you all smell bad and why you work for us and I am now ending this run-on sentence.

Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why we are so AWESOME!

  1. Because Nolan writes on this Blog
  2. Because Mike is a Shotgun Ninja
  3. Because Ben is a Kick-Boxer(He is like the bouncer for our blog)
  4. Because we are taking over the world and enforcing all young children to work for less then Minimum wage making crappy shoes in a factory or a Mud Hut!
  5. Nathanael Punches Puppies in the face!
  6. Joel is a Drug dealer
  7. We all have Baby chipmunk eating parties
  8. We are Awesome!
  9. WOW and RuneScape are for Communists, This makes us more Awesome
  10. Because we are Communists

Now I know there are so many more reason why we are Awesome Communists but I don't have time to write them all here.

Well I got to work tomorrow at 7:30am... So I am going to sleep

Comrade Out!

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