Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day From the Past

So I know that my actual written posts are nearly non-existent, but today I have decided to change that.
Today has been a day from the so? well I basically relived a day from many years ago( Besides the fact I was the one driving). My mom came to town for the first time in 4 years and I spent the time driving her around town. We went out for lunch, visited Judie (our old cleaning lady) and Vic and Marg. Something that I might have done when I was about 9 and lived in my old house with my parents. We even visited my old house, which made me somewhat depressed. However, we did laugh at the jerk(a.k.a. frenchy) who bought the house. It seems that his wife kicked him out several months ago. Although this may seem mean, he was a complete jerk and swore at my mom because we weren't out of the house on time. He also hid like a terd when my dad found out. Who says your dad can't be your hero?? Anyway, its been a good day, and I'm going out to eat supper with them now at Mr. Prime Rib....can you say yummmmm... hahaha

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