Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Woman's Work Day!!!!

So I have decided today should be proclaimed National Woman's Work Day. Now why should today be pronounced such a day? Well if you would have asked me that question about an hour and a half ago I might not have known......BUT, after several texts I came to a sad, and SHOCKING realization.

I was texting, as I often do and got a text from Katie saying: hey, whats up? I was in the middle of doing the dishes and so replied with such an answer. She then mocked my doing dishes as it is something that I have many times proclaimed "woman's work". I laughed and replied that I was also in the process of doing laundry. I found this humorous that I should be doing two jobs dubbed "woman's work" at the same time. Her next comment left me shaken and in horror. She replied: I bet your making your own lunch as well. I sat on the broken footrest in my basement listening to the washer in complete disbelief. Could it be I was really doing all the things that I expected of a woman? It was hard to believe, hard to swallow....but I gathered myself and put my laundry in the dryer.

So In an attempt to dewomanize myself I'm going to go and spar for an hour. Hopefully beating some people up will restore me some dignity.

This sad story is completely true, and was experienced by me (Benjamin Timothy John Davey) on May 13, 2010.

Ps. I will be doing another Vlog in the next few days..... the topic.....Woman, Past and Present

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