Thursday, May 13, 2010

he First Thing I say When I Answer the Phone is... WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME!?

You guys are so creative... (sarcasm)... Well Mike was pretty creative.

So I just got back from a sweet soccer game, Roland Michener PWNED Iroqious Falls!!! That's right Daniel... Shame.

So my blog topic today is going to be homeschooling. As many of you know I was homeschooled for the first seven years of my life... I HATED IT. I mean for one... I lived in Kapuskasing, and secondly I lived in the country... AND to top it all off... I had no friends... Well I had SOME friends but they all lived in Cochrane and i'd only get to see them like once-a-month at homeschooler conventions... That's right CONVENTIONS.... I remember Jesse Fontaine used to go to them too but I never talked to him because I thought he was a girl... May I inform you he had a braided pony tail all the way to his buttox. REAL COOL. LOL I remember we used to have a guys snow fort and a girls snow fort, and Jesse came in ours, so Timmy, a gender confused child himself decided that Jesse wasn't allowed in the BOYS snowfort... So he openly pointed out that Jesse was a girl and wasn't allowed in there. Good one Timmy.

Now after all that ranting, I want to hear your opinion... If you were homeschooled, did you like it? Would you ever homeschool your kid? 

That picture is FALSE advertising... Homeschooling does not ALWAYS work... I mean look at me.. LOL


If I could Fly...



  1. homeschooling does work... take me for example... okay... Bad Example... There really aren't any good examples... so maybe it doesn't work! :S Baha!

  2. Also... if I could fly, I would need wings!

  3. If I could fly, I'd adpot the name "Pigeon Hunter". Keeping the cities clean, one winged rodent at a time.

  4. If I could fly, I would not be disallowed to fly.