Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey guess what? The Poll is done!

Its everybody's favorite day of the week again! Whats that? No its not the day where we get to use Joel's face as a dartbaord! That's Friday! Today we just have the Poll results in!

So here they are, for future record:

What is your insult of choice? (24 total)

Coffee Sipper! - 1 (4%)
You smell like Ben! - 5 (21%)
You look like Nolan! - 6 (25%)
You Helichopter you! - 2 (8%)
Disgusting Ur-Quan Slimewad! - 2 (8%)
Cake - 8 (33%)

At first glance it looks like we gained quite a few more people since last time... Unfortunately however, going through the IP logs, I can see that a good number of them are the same people voting more than once. Entire Squads of Angry Robot Gnomes have been dispatched.

Interestingly, Cake seems to have the vast majority of votes. How does one use cake as an insult?
"Cake You buddy! Cake you!"? Or perhaps more like: "You insolent piece of cake!"
I'll leave that up to all you to debate.

In other news, The new poll is up! And I have hereby obligated the winner to NEED to fulfill his duties nomatter how harsh that may be. Hopefully y'all vote well.

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