Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Can Haz Diploma Naow?

I'm a Grad.

Its a full day, and one of those days that just cant seem normal no matter how you look at it, Which is like, say, Christmas, your birthday, or the last time you got a 25 kill streak in TF2 and got kicked for "hacking".

The day began like any other pretty much. Get to school half asleep, check the hallways for Zombies and/or Mexicans, barely crawl into first period class... But then they started mixing things up! We had to be pulled down to the Gym for rehearsal nonsense. Which took a long time and accomplished very little besides getting me out of class.

Next the grads all went home to "prepare"
Well, see, I'm not exactly the sort who spends 5 hours in front of a mirror fixing my hair, so instead I stayed back and... Helped the Janitor sweep the floors.

I hope that guy gets paid well.

Eventually I made it home, and I was incredibly depressed because I felt like this year was a complete and total failure in my primary objective at school
(Which, by the way, is Social competence, and not as most believe, Zombie Extermination)
Minor Miracle and a few hours later, I found myself at Grad! And yeah, I did the whole Grad thing and got that neat little Cap.
Except I lost mine
So I stole one... It says "Nick Strong" inside. Which is a fairly awesome name so I kept it.

But yeah! This marks the beginning of the end of Highschool... And I've got to say Its good to be here.


  1. Did you just get a Bleep-Bloop?


  3. And no, not yet. That cometh soon.