Monday, May 17, 2010

I Hate Spring!

Above title is to be said in the voice of Francis, father of hate.

So yeah, despite Joel's totally invalid claims of having the best weekend ever, I'm pretty sure that I can say mine was better. I came, I paintballed, I acted like a little kid, I made Lauren Woods remove me as a friend on Facebook, and all around I had a massively good time crashing (very important not to call it sleeping over) at Ben and Nolan's place! We discovered a great many new facts too! Some of which would not be appropriate to post here for fear of making Nathaniel burst out vomiting like the phased English gentleman he is... Which of course means I'm going to post them!

  1. When in doubt, Scottish Salute
  2. Rambo does more than just threaten to pull your jugular out with his bare hands.
  3. The best tactic in paintball is to brandish a shovel and run screaming at the flag!
  4. Timothy?
  5. Nazi Germans from WWII used Swastika shaped Razors, with so many blades it was efficient!
  6. The beforementioned Sumo Wrestler/Tightrope walker is named either Mr Big or Mr Amazing.
  7. The beforementioned Sumo Wrestler/Tightrope walker is mine. Not Zachs.
  8. Jenna Wood has interesting uses for Horses
  9. Awesome is Nolan's fish. His name is Awesome, and he is Awesome.
  10. You need to leave the cap on to keep the flavor in Bawls (Credits to Ben for this one)
  11. We all like Nuts (Ya vomiting through your nose yet Nathaniel?)
  12. I am not a Ninja who uses shotguns. I am a Shotgun who is a Ninja (?)
  13. Timothy?
  14. Mr. Big is also a word for poop. When dealing with Mr. Big, be careful not to smear it over your cheeks.

Yes you are allowed to think I am perverted, but I shift that blame to Nolan.