Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If I Could Deepfry...Nolan, I would have a real feast!

HAHA, make a picture out of that one Mike! Or not, that would be rather gruesome....

So the topic of this blog today is the top ten useless things we learn in school... Seriously... 

10. DRAMA... K, so what have we gotten out of this other than social embarrassment, don't get me wrong I've taken my fair share of drama classes and they are enjoyable... but if you think about it, you're getting kids interested in a career field that is EXTREMELY hard to get into.

9. BADMINTON... Seriously everyone hates that sport... don't teach it.

8. COOKING CLASS... K, like I took this class, it was so pointless... Although I did learn how hard it was to run a restaurant... So basically it's a dream crusher. They should still have the subject, just incorporate it in girls gym.

7. ART... We don't need that.

6. Don't Use Bad Language... I don't get why they try to teach us this in school, because if you've ever taken an English class, you can clearly see that whoever incorporated not using slang, bad language, or racist comments was illiterate. Every English class I've ever taken has included reading a book with terrible language. 

  • Grade Nine: The Chocolate War... The book was practically about dirty boy things... if you know what I mean. And it was full of racism
  • Grade Ten: There were no foul books. Good ol' Mr. Frey!
  • Grade Eleven: Of Mice and Men... Terribly racist, crude, and rabbits!

5. Alot of Math... Unless you're smart, math past the fifth grade is useless.

4. No Hats Inside... Seriously we aren't in the fifties anymore... We don't need to take our hats off anywhere else.. Plus what if it's a bad hair day... Come on!

3. No Ipods or Cellphones... Completely stupid to ban these things from even entering the building. Like sure ban them during class, but in the halls it should be fine. And if they're scared of people getting pictures while changing or something... WELL... That's too bad. Suck it up. Plus like nobody in their right mind will do that unless they're a Hermaphrodike.

2. Bullying Tips... WOW are they ever useless... like seriously "tell a teacher or parent" NO I don't want to get my arse kicked!

1. SHAKESPEARE... There is no reason to learn this... I will never meet an old english person, so I will never have to read that... it's sooo STUPID!!!!

So there they are... Comment your thoughts and anything you'd like to add.

SENTANCE OF THE DAY: The First Thing I say When I Answer the Phone is...



  1. The First Thing I say When I Answer the Phone is... WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME!?

  2. The first thing I say when I answer the phone is: Get a lif-Oh! Sorry Mom...