Thursday, May 13, 2010


Picture a teenager, walking down a dark alley.

Picture the rain falling on this teenagar, as he stumbles into the dryness of an overhanging roof.

Picture a duck, caught in a storm, flying into a building, and falling onto a teenager.

Picture a small shack, inhabited by a teenager and an injured duck being slowly nurses back to health.

Picture a travelling circus that has just made a stop in a bustling city, preforming and looking for any talented recruits.

Picture an excited boy follow by an equally excited duck, running/flying into a circus tent.

Picture a boy and his intelligent duck starring in what will soon be the second most famous circus in the nation (second only to the Superstore on Boxing Day).

This teenager is of no importance to this blog.

What is of importance to this blog is sheer awesomeness.

Sheer, unadultered awesomeness.


This awesomeness will continue.

I apperantly have to do my share.

Welcome to post 1.

*Walks off the stage*

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