Monday, May 31, 2010

Just another week around the bend

Internet Plebians!

I know, I know, I haven't been my regular 'ol posting self lately... But who wants to hear about my life anyway? Certainly not you, Mr. reader. No, you want to be entertained or at the very least, amused.

Well too bad! Go back to your facebook, and your Farmville and your Mafia Wars, because you will get no such amusement here!

Here we talk serious things!

Soo, I think I'm starting to become a mad scientist.
I mean, I know I kinda mostly was before, but I'm showing more symptoms lately. To begin, I've ceased to care about what my facial hair looks like. Combine that with the fact that my hair remains as it looks when I wake up, and you have clear evidence that I am too preoccupied with my scheming to care about personal appearance. Secondly, I've realized that people are a waste of energy. Why talk to the person sitting next to you when you could be jotting down ideas for your next breakthrough? I mean really... Who wants to sit there and waste time with people who obviously don't give a crap about your genius? Especially those girlfolk, they're downright menacing!
Lastly, I've gained the ability to work without sleep. I can go on and on into the night on Pepsi alone, and continue work on the things I know are truly important (These things usually involve explosions).

But yeah honestly, its weird having a beard.


  1. I would just like to say: Not all girls are menacing.

  2. stop menacing with us!! :D Bahaha!