Monday, May 24, 2010

May Long Weekend


So this weekend was kinda busy and I didn't have anytime to make post, I also had no Internet connection. I was hoping That the other Bloggers would have kinda helped me out and make a some posts. Alas, I think they are dead, all of them and I guess Abe is re-dead you could say and they better be dead because that is the only real excuses to have to not post...

I motion that this next week will be a VERY post filled week!

Now on to the real topic of this post... My weekend was a very good weekend and Here are some of the high lights of the weekend.

Saturday was the wedding and most of the wedding was awesome. I was the camera man for the wedding so I got a front row seats, well more like I got to stand behind the wedding party it was kinda awkward, but I got over it. Now between the Wedding Ceremony and the Reception I had to take Zach, he was in charge of sound, and go set up for the Reception... Well we didn't... And it wasn't my fault, My dad gave me faulty directions and we ended up driving all over Jackson till I finally gave up and went back to were the wedding was and called my Uncle(His Daughter was the one getting married) so he came got us and drove us to where we were supposed to go. We were late to say the least, but did get every thing set up and after that little mishap everything went smoothly.

Sunday we drove back to Canada and stayed over night. We visited our Sarlo Grandparents and then Me, Zach, Shelby, and Mel went and hung out with some of the youth at Bellvue park in Sault Ste. Marie. After that we went to our other Grandparents and ate supper, so once supper was done I went and hung out with James Collins(One of the coolest guys alive) and we played COD:MW2. On a side note he has VERY loud speakers and it was VERY AWESOME!

Today we drove back to Sudbury and I did nothing all day it was very relaxing...

Tomorrow I have to work, that makes me sad, but on the bright side I only have 2 weeks left of work and then I am free for the summer! YAY!

Today was also Camp Clean Up at Northland Bible Camp and I am quite upset that I missed it and really wanted to but it just wasn't going to work... me being in America and all it just would have been a long trip. So I hope you all got some work done and am once again very sorry for not being there!

P.S. You guys can't force me to make a Vlog about Environmentalism, I don't care enough, or at all, about the environment... :'(

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