Monday, May 10, 2010

My Bike Can Fly

So today is a Very Depressing Day...

But Lets talk about the weekend before I talk about today!

Well on Friday we went to Timmins. But as most of you know we went through North Bay, and yes normally it would have been a waste of gas to go an extra 2 hours out of our way, but this was different. I bet you wanna know why it was different.

This is why -->

Yes we did go an extra 2 hours to pick up Tyler Fiss, and yes it was worth the extra gas money, he is a funny kid! Also I think Kirsten may have been Happy that we took a detour as well, Just say'n!

The Darkness was the next part of the trip. On Friday night, after spring revival was over for the day we went to this trail, it was Freezing out and it was Pitch black, and even though everyone there lived in Timmins and should be used of the woods, they aren't. Apparently they said it's "Scary" to be in the middle of the woods in the dark, SO scary, That it induced some tears. So as most of you know I am kind of a Jerk, so them, being in such fear, I sprung into action with Danny Aldred by my side(one of the few of us who wasn't pooping his pants) we ran ahead, holding one of the only flash lights and hid in the woods, waited till everyone passed us and ran back and waited for them to come back. Once we heard them coming we turned the flash light on and put it on the ground Danny Lied beside it and I hid beside this Sketchy shack thing and waited for them to get close enough to jump out... And that is what I did... they all Pooped there pants, all but Jeff... And that was our Friday night, It twas awesome!

On Saturday we went back to Spring Revival, Josh Sklar was the speaker and was SUPER AWESOME, He made some very good points. "Changed Charged Challenged" was kinda the theme for the week. We also went swimming and played some sports at the gym. Then for the EPICLY AWESOME part of the day ARTICLE ONE it was an awesome Concert! Also there Bass players Name is NOLAN... It was Great!

Bad Quality, But I only had my Cell Phone!

Then after that we went to Jenna's House and hung out for a while. Also I want all you Couples to remember to leave room for Jesus and keep a BIBLE SPACE!

Sunday was very slow day and we went to Church we ate food at church then went to wendys and I got Ketchup on my shirt, and Nate got put in the Blender(A.K.A Bens Trunk) then we left Timmins, and at McDonald's in New Liskard, dropped Tyler off in North Bay, and went to Sudbury, and I am depressed! :(

Also today while I was biking past all the smokers at Lasalle School I wiped out on my bike and they laughed at me and I asked if any of them got it on tape... and they didn't! Now my hands are all messed up and It hurts!

Well Ben is here and we are going to the Gym. So that was my weekend!

P.S. I hate Couples! I am Now Officially on Relationship Patrol! ALWAYS!

P.P.S. Jeff And Beatrice Are Both Flaming Homosexuals!

P.P.P.S when we were in the Woods Ben got Lost! :P

''We Can't make our own choices, we are Far to dumb...!'' -- Communist Ben

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