Thursday, May 27, 2010

Banana Phone

So today  at school we just had a fun day. We played a bunch of ridiculous games and then ended the day with a giant water fight. My team name was "Christian Corner" but we called ourselves "CCM" for short (Christian Corner + Michelle) Michelle was a "Sinner" who filled Rachel and Julias spot, since they ditched for Stratford. Which is strange because they were the ones who signed up the team. Go Beermans.. haha

My personal favourite game was the banana olympics. Nolan you'd love it, the teacher even told us to play it at our bible camp, so for senior boys we HAVE to do it. It's pretty simple, it's just a football course except with a banana. By the end there's mushy banana all over.. It's simply the best!

Anyway, I need your guys help on something. I have a performance June 9th, and I need songs. I need a 50's-60's rock song (no Beatles please!), and any other song no specific genre. So just leave your songs in the comments. I might even cover them and post the video on the blog... If you're lucky.

i'm contemplating upgrading my computer to windows 7 but my external drive seems to be missing....

anyway I have to go, TTYL


  1. If your referencing that, you win.

    Also, whyfore not the beetles?

  2. For the 50s rock you should do something by Chuck Berry or Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers. If not them then there is always Elvis or Johnny Cash.
    "Rock and Roll Music" by Chuck Berry is a good one.
    As for the any other song. You should do something by Journey (always awesome!), Styx, Toto, Def Leppard (you know 80s music). If you want more today music go with The Fray, Hedley, and what not.
    "We Built This City" by Starship is a good 80s one