Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nolan's Life Update!

As you sit here reading this post I can see the excitement oozing out of you! Or maybe that's a zit you just popped. Well it doesn't matter what it is oozing out of you, but I will start with this Blog post now...

I am sitting here in my soon-to-be-cousins house using my Mini-computer in the corner like a loner and being kinda bored. I could be playing Settlers Of Catan but I over played it a few years ago and am now sick of it.

But not to fear I am now talking to some people on MSN and being less of a loner. Though strangely enough I am talking to Ben on MSN and it is kind of a real conversation that consists of more then our normal conversations(Nolan says "you homo" Ben says "you fat homo") which is weird.

We went to Wal-Mart and my cousin Shawna decided to take a jar of salsa and throw it on the ground. Haha. She felt bad to say the least. That was my Wal-mart story. Then we went to McDonald's and got 10 McDoubles it made there night, but the guy behind us in the drive-thru was kinda Ticked Off. We just laughed at him!sleeping

Then we pulled an All-nighter. I FAILED. I am the worst when it comes to NOT sleeping, sleeping is the best thing since sliced bread and I am seriously lacking sleep right now and I am living off of like 5 hours and for me thats not very much! I am about to crash like the titanic into that dang Ice-Burg!

In other News this is what I have done this week so far:
1. Ate McDonald's
2. Energy Drinks
3. All Nighters
4. Trampolines
5. Sanded a Ceiling
6. Cut some grass
7. Chilled with some
8. Etc.

So that has been my week so far...

I would be expecting another Blog post from me soon!

Nolan Out!

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