Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Eventful Days

Wow, what a crazy day this was! It was really quick and now i'm sitting here at my computer typing on this blog. So this morning I was at class as usual, then I found out the craziest news ever, which I have to inform Nolan and Ben about later. and then after school me, Jesse, and Brandon got yelled at by some guy because he almost hit us on the highway... There were many swears in his sentences (I won't quote them because of legal issues) and he told us that if he ever saw us again he was going to kick our ***(Bum). :)

Poor Jesse always seems to get in bad situations like this. He was at the pool once and this guy in the sauna just randomly started freaking out on him. It's just cause he's such a well brought up guy that everyone wants to corrupt him.

So there's no news on Chiwanda and rides yet, my phone is upstairs but I will call tonight :)

Anyway I'm out for the count. TTYL

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