Sunday, May 9, 2010


So Ben and Nolan left about a half hour ago... I would've posted as soon as they left but I had to take a giant dump... Thanks to all the candy we ate... lol, so overall it was an awesome weekend! We did tons of crazy stuff, enjoyed a great conference and the best BAND EVER!!!!! Go Violins! We explored a dark trail (probably one of the best parts of the weekend), and hung out with some good friends! Wooot! I have to give props to Nate Elliot for spending almost the whole day in the trunk today as we blasted Boom Boom Pow through the sub woofers which are also situated in the trunk. The car was already packed... LOL

So yeah the weekend was super duper awesome.. MINUS

-Brandon not being there.

-Couples.... Seriously Ben and Nolan came to see you guys! Spend some time with them...

-Not Enough Shania Twain... There seriously never is.

Some other good things:

-Josh Sklar was a great speaker!

-Kristens reaction... LOL

-Amber <3>

-And ARTICLE ONE!!! Seriously check them out!!!

Anyway I have to get to church for a music practice... I promised myself id go even though im SUPER tired lol. So I'll leave you with a picture of my ROLE MODEL... LOL

EDIT: This is The Matt Piche And his Crazy Violin Solo!


  1. Pretty sure that has to be one of the worst band album covers I've ever seen. They bluescreened most the hair out.

  2. oops. it removed my comment. anyways what i said was, glad my reaction was amusing joel! haha

  3. i do believe u spelt my last name wrong joel
    the trunk was awsome
    i was surprised to findout i could hear after words :D

  4. also i agree with mike
    theyre hair looks like ghosts