Monday, May 3, 2010

This Week is Going to be Long

Flip I had such a long day lol, well it wasn't too long haha but long enough for me. I got a Healthcare test back and I like majorly failed, so im spending my time correcting that while creating mealplans for a pregnant woman named Florence... Yay... It's kind of rediculous though because its a split College and Mixed class therefore it should be EASY, but the class median is 19.... yes that's 19 out of 100. Fortunately I have a 54... Not too bad, but it just goes to show how ridiculously hard the class is. The teacher is horrible, we only EVER get handouts, she's just a huge bimbo who probably never ever was taught anything about healthcare before in her life. She basically just makes it up as she goes... and you can tell she is. "Some Women are Made... I'd like to think of Myself as Created..." Thank you Beyonce for that. But yeah the teacher has terribly too small pants... and really bad... Idk if I can say this... but CAMELTOE.... it's just bad. Sorry for the crudeness but i didn't know how else to put it.

OMGOSH does the poll vote options represent the bloggers?

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