Friday, May 28, 2010

War of the Words

Okay so for those of you less observant people who don't go and read comments, well you are really missing out...!
What you are about to see REALLY did happen and for proof go here! Now For me to Insult you both for being Incredibly IMMATURE

Keegan said...
YOUR posts are usless
Sorry, But I am going to Interrupt you right here Keegan...
Your opinion doesn't matter because you AREN'T a Blogger on this blog!
Ben Davey said...

I know eh Keegan, he should write biographies in his posts just like you! they are so much more interesting, well not interesting......actually yours are realllllly boring. But I do suppose its more useful.:P

Okay okay, I know I am prolly getting kinda annoying but I have to Interrupt again.
Ben you are really BORING
Keegan said...

A biography is a persons life-story (which you were probably unaware of). My introduction was not a biography, and neither was the account of my day. Besides, do you know what the point of a blog is anyway? To tell about your day, and that's what I did. You even do it, it's just that you're too lazy to write it down and instead put it in video format, thus defeating the purpose of a blog. Oh, and my last post? Amusing - 3 Pure Awesome - 4

Cake you, Disgusting Ur-Quan Slimewad of a helichopter.

Sorry Nolan here again.
Congratulations Captain Obvious you know what a biography is and seriously can't you come up with your own insults?
Ben Davey said...

Well my dear boy of a small mind, I don't think you have to worry since your not a BLOGGER!! Also very little of my Vlogs have anything to do with my day, why? because for the most part its not that interesting. Either way there's no need to diss Joel's posts in such a a bland and pathetic way. If your going to, at least take the time to put some thought and reason into it. Also I do recall Joel getting several higher rating on some of his posts so :P

Hi... Me again, and now I will mock your moment of "Captain Obvious" but thanks for pointing out that Keegan isn't a Blogger... But he is right about the don't Diss Joel part.
Keegan said...
"Your" a mean person! I dissed Joel's posts because he assumed your posts were less useful than his. And I for one don't want to hear about camp (sorry Joel). I'm not a blogger, But I still posted here and don't understand the whole "biography" dissing. If you don't tell about yourself or your day in some way, you are not doing it right.

And my mind most assuredly has a higher capacity than yours. Even if it doesn't I have made more use of the smaller mind that I have. We can start with grammar comparisons.

This time I am getting right to the point!
  1. Don't diss Joel
  2. NBC is the best place on Earth
  3. A Blog is not only for "biography" But for what ever you want to write about
  4. And seriously grammar has nothing to do with mental capacity
Ben Davey said...
K seriously Keegan, How about we go like this. I don't care what a "real" blog is and I know that Joel doesn't and neither does Nolan and I doubt that mike really cares either. Also, this is not a blog for Keegan. You don't like it, make your own!! Also, back to making my Vlogs. I assure you they are far more work than writing one and not in fact because I am lazy (not saying I'm not lazy)So seriously just don't worry about it. And many people actually really do want to hear about camp, its like the best place ever.
I'm Baaaack!
And I agree I don't care if this is "real" blog or not. Wow lucky you didn't get an Insult!
P.s. Don't use me to help prove a point in your argument!
Keegan said...

When did I ever say it was a blog for Keegan? I was just suprised that Joel implied his posts were better. I know he was kidding, as was I (to a degree). I also never said that I did not like this blog. I do. Or did, at the rate this is going. Finally, vlogs wouldn't be tough, but I noticed that you take little five second pieces and put them together in order. Take longer clips and it won't be hard. The effect isn't needed that much.

Oh, and a note: I have never been to camp. I may like it if I ever go, but I haven't yet. But reading about it is almost as boring for me as is for you reading my "biographies". It's all in opinion.


Untill you make a better Vlog series don't criticize other peoples Vlogs... And Once again your Opinion doesn't matter
Ben Davey said...

Well thank you for your opinion, I have no problem with that. However, I wouldn't worry about the vlogs I do them the way I do for my own reasons. You also have remember that a very good portion of the people who actually read this blog(probably around 95%) have been to camp. Including every single one of the bloggers.....well besides maybe Abe.

Ben you suck fuzzy monkey turds!
Keegan said...

Yeah, Abe's too busy slaying vampires for camp...

And I think we set a record for the most comments ever on this blog.

Well there is nothing to Mock on this one... So you get a post where I won't mock you too!
Well I think this is going to be the end of this I also think that both of you are kinda retarded for arguing and I want you both to sit in time out for 10 minutes and then apologize to each other..!
Also I don't want anyone to argue ever again on this blog so please if you have to argue then use MSN or Facebook!

I love you guys and I hope you understand this was a joke!

Nolan Out!