Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who is Keegan?

Oh Hey, I just got back from this really boring leadership camp... It was really just blah. Of course that's only my opinion and I hate "Ice Breaker" games. It's like my pet peeve when we have to play like 40 billion ice breaker games and there's like no free time. When are organizers going to learn that teenagers just want to hang out, not jump around, play tag, OR pretend to be horses. I mean seriously, I went because I was a leader, not to play games.\

The speakers were ok, alot of them were just blibber blabber about believing in yourself, and following your dreams (haven't heard that one before). Although I make the weekend sound crappy there were some really fun parts. I lead an awesome group which contained seven super funny people, and one girl named Dragon who is my new personal hero. I asked her what she can do to be brave and become a leader in her community, and she answered (excuse my language) "Say ****." That's it that's all. TWO WORDS... And those two words became the theme of our weekend. For our group at least. I don't think I have ever laughed that much in my life as I did when I was with my group. We didn't do anything posotive, we didn't learn, we cheated as much as possible, but I know without a doubt that we had more fun than anyone else there. BE JEALOUS.

So basically my group time was awesome the rest of the weekend was poopy.

Oh, and WHO IS KEEGAN? haha I just read Nolans post and he's not being very friendly. Oh and I want to read his blog! Plus by the way, making vlogs is much harder than you think, and Ben's are interesting because he spends alot of time editing out all those pauses and mistakes that people don't care to hear. Jus' sayin'

But really who are you? Exspose your true identity.



    Those are the links. Copy and paste.

    Also, please stop swearing.

  2. Dont worry about it Nathanael I Got it... :D HeHe
    And Joel don't worry about Keegan he is a cool kid :D